Ric Rac Baby Dress

I was too worn out from Top Week to participate in Meg’s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge a couple weeks ago, although I had the best of intentions (and check out the fun stuff everyone made, by the way).  But I did succeed in making a couple of things for the baby.  The pattern was the result of messing around with the Itty Bitty Baby Dress Pattern, sizing it up to a 9-month size, adding a back closure, raising the waist.  I can’t say it’s all that interesting, just a basic shape, but I do always appreciate a good back closure when dressing my squirmy child.

UPDATED (2/13): This pattern is now available as the Geranium Dress Sewing pattern in sizes 0-5T; if you’d just like a newborn size you can check out my free Little Geranium pattern, and do check out the tutorial on adding trim if you like the ric rac on the bodice!

um should maybe fix that wonky ric-rac?

Some of you who have been around here awhile might recognize that floral fabric from the Itty Bitty Dress Pattern sample.  You’d think I could cut into some of the NEW designer fabric I have yards and yards of just sitting on the shelf.  But no, for new things I am such a wimp.  I don’t want to risk biffing and wasting the fabric.  You know, all half a yard of it (rolls eyes at self).  Anyway, I gotta use up my little scraps for tiny dresses before my baby girl gets too big.  Or something like that.

Since C is crawling now (at almost 10 months old) her dresses have to be short enough not to get caught under her knees.  Not something you think about much, but 6-12 month size clothes for babies should always take crawling into consideration.  She therefore needed something to go underneath, so I took an old pink knit pajama shirt and turned it into capri leggings.

I used my Baby Tights Tutorial to do this, just chopped off the bottom 2 inches of the pattern (I think? You’d think it’d kill me to write this stuff down occasionally).

I *heart* anything with ric-rac on babies and the pattern’s great.  I’ll certainly use it again, enlarging it as the baby grows.  Though this dress seems a little too boring for me to exert much energy producing it for public consumption, it seems like the sort of thing you could find somewhere else.  But overall: Success!

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  1. Ca-UTE!! I am so with you on the room-for-crawling issue… when I last made a dress for Thing 2 (same age as your C) it was too narrow in the skirt and just bunched up at her waist when she sat down. *so* not cute. I added 2 gores at the sides et voila! Cute again. Love the ric-rac (and the chubby baby cheeks!).

  2. First of all, nothing in that cute of fabric is boring! Also, remember that most of us (or maybe it's just me) don't *create* patterns, so to find something like this is not boring! I love the itty bitty–I've made it twice for friends' babies, but have as of late, run out of preggo friends! Maybe I should get started on my buttercup bag!

  3. I'm feeling…well, a little put-out that all MY old t-shirts are just Jerzees 🙂 Love the texture of those leggings!

  4. I agree, it's completely adorable (and she is the CUTEST baby. ever.) I love what you did for the leggings. I'll bet for another variation you could swap the closure around to the front and add a round collar (oooooh the opportunity for ricrac-y goodness abounds!)

    I'm the same with my fabric – so protective of the new stuff, and for what? I bought it to use!

  5. I love the dress. Using Rick Rack makes all dresses really cute. I know what you mean about using up little pieces while the little one is small, I do the same thing.

  6. I'm with Lisa. For those of us who aren't vastly talented and can't create our own patterns, it's awesome to find things like this! So cute!

  7. Oh gosh, I think it's extra adorable seeing it on C! 🙂
    And, having had to wiggle a teeny tiny baby into the Itty Bitty Dress I think the modifications will be wonderful. I love your pattern, and how QUICK you can put one together. I think the last took me under 1 1/2. That's a good pattern!!

    Happy Week!

  8. This is so cute! Thanks for re-working the pattern; I'm excited to make it for my little girl. She was too big for it when she was born, and I was too lazy, er, I mean busy, to resize it. Something I've done for my girls to deal with the crawling/dresses thing is throw a few clothespins in the diaper bag. When they get down to crawl, just pull the dress up and clip it at their back. Problem solved!

  9. It's perfect! I always appreciate a back zipper, even though my two year old has super long zipper catching hair. Makes fastening fast.

  10. Adorable! Love the leggings and the dress is a great design. I received a serger for xmas and am trying to figure out how to quickly and easily sew a cotton gather (skirt) to a cut off tshirt. I have 2 girls who are requesting dresses, so I think this will be the fastest and easiest way to make them! Always love your inspiring projects…

  11. what an adorable baby you have there! I totally agree with the Crawler stage needing shorter dresses, one doesn't always want to be putting little girls in pants because dresses are too long. Looking forward to your updated pattern. I want to use it for my new Grandbaby due in November (our Summer in Australia)!

  12. Adorable! Can't believe my little granddaughter grew out of Itty Bitty already. Time to move on to another creation.

  13. The dress is adorable. The leggings make it extra cute. The length seems perfect for babes in motion.

  14. Cute, cute, cute!!
    Must..have..baby…girl…soon…or otherwise start dressing my kiddo in dresses, ah ah ah just kidding!
    Sometimes the simple things are the greatest 🙂

  15. *squee*!!!! I've been thinking about fiddling around with that dess pattern to make a different top shape, but never got around to it.

    Absolutely adorable. 🙂

  16. Ooh…you had me at 'ric rac'! Turned out fabulous Rae! It's such a darling dress, but paired w/the new leggins it is perfection:) What sweetness! And I completely agree w/the length for those crawling infants. I just used the itty bitty pattern and cropped it into a top paired with floofy pantaloons. That pattern of yours' is golden:) Thanks!

  17. Hi Rae, this is sooooo adorable… I like the pattern soooo much..especially the ric-rac

  18. I LOVE the fabric! The dress is super-cute, but I don't care how basic the pattern is: the fabric makes it amazing to me. Geez, my son is only 5 months old (just rolling over!) and you're making me want a little girl already!

  19. RAe=that soft pink ric rac is to die for! Now I just need a little girl 🙂 Our family only makes lots of boys!

  20. What an adorable outfit! And I think that pajama top was really meant to be those capri leggings.

  21. Normally I detest Ric Rac on principle, but you have managed to make it adorable. The fabric, the cut, the BABY, oh bliss!

  22. So cute,the dress looks great that length. Love the little shoes, they look comfy for a little one.

  23. Thanks guys! For those commenting on the shoes, they are Stride Rite, and I believe they are actually a boys sandal style, haha. E wore them when he was a baby and they got handed on down…

  24. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I wanted to make the Itty Bitty for my daughter, who is now almost 7 months, but it was way to cold in MN for her to wear it when she was born! Is the new pattern up yet? I cannot wait to make some cute summer dresses for my daughter with this tutorial! Thanks! I just love your site!

  25. Totally adorable. And I've loved the Itty Bitty pattern; the marker version suits my pen-and-paper preferences just fine!

  26. Did you put the newer, digital version of the Itty Bitty Dress on your website? Am I missing it somewhere? I'd like to make a 6 month size and saw that the new version has sizes up to 9 months. Thanks.

  27. I too am looking for the pattern for the ric rac baby dress. Can someone tell me where I can find it or if the digital version has been put up yet. My granddaughter is 2 months old and I would love the 9 month pattern – just in time for summer. Thank you.

  28. Love your blog! You said that you made a new version of the itsy bitsy dress pattern. I'd love to make it for my daughter for Easter. She's size 9 months right now. Where can I find the pattern? Thanks – Tamar koalahugs85@yahoo.com

  29. looking for the pattern for the ric rac baby dress. Has the digital version has been released or would it be too much trouble to email it? I would love the 9 month pattern. I can't believe I found this beautiful pattern!!! Thank you! Thank you! alcoluk@optonline.net

  30. Though my mother has sewn beautiful things for me my entire life, I never sewed a stich until my first child was born. Though I’ve had great fun sewing burp cloths and pillowcases, I have no idea how to read a “traditional” pattern and never ventured into the world of clothing. Then I discovered your website and was thrilled when I managed to actually produce an adorable itty bitty dress for my daughter. Unfortunately, she happens to be a whiz at untying the straps and her dress spends more time around her ankles than on her shoulders. I’d love to know how to make this modified version – is it posted somewhere, or could you possibly send it to me? Thanks so much!

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