Seaside Sundress for Baby Evy

It’s a little crazy how many friends I know with babies who have just arrived or are arriving soon. I’ve had baby sewing on the brain.  I know the shift from boy-sewing to selfish-sewing to baby-sewing can be a bit abrupt around here (I haven’t forgotten the plea of one reader who wrote something like “don’t forget the boys!”) and I have a few baby-related posts coming up here before I switch back to the men.  Just a warning.

Here’s a little sundress that I made for a dear friend’s baby, Evy, who just arrived a few weeks ago:

It shouldn’t shock anyone that these prints are from Mendocino by Heather Ross.  I say that so often around here I feel like a broken record. What can I say? I’m a sucker for sea creatures. The fish fabric is actually a very very pale pink but I don’t think you can see that in the picture. The pattern for the top is something I sketched out on a piece of paper, measured across to make sure it would fit a 3-6 month old, and then just went for it.  The nice thing around ties on the shoulders is that then the only part of the dress that really needs to fit is the underarm circumference.  So the hope here is that it will fit Baby Evy sometime around mid-summer. 

And I’d just like to repeat since I got comments saying “congratulations” the last time I posted new baby stuff: Baby Evy is NOT my baby.  *shudders at hypothetical thought of getting preggers again only a month after having C last summer…shudders again at hypothetical thought of being preggers again EVER*

The bloomers are the same pair from Little Stitches by Amy Butler that I made last summer, only reworked (this time I read the directions….sometimes you just have to do it) so they should actually fit a real baby.  C never actually wore them because they didn’t clear the cloth diaper enough to be practical.  As Evy is also a cloth diaper babe, I’m hoping these will finally get some wear.  This outfit was so fun and easy, will definitely have to make another one soon.  If you want to make something similar, you could try the Popover Sundress pattern by Liesl of Oliver+S. 

Congrats to Josh and Michelle and big brother Sam!!!

20 thoughts on “Seaside Sundress for Baby Evy

  1. Lovely, Rae. We must be on the same wavelength as I just made a popover sundress for my girl.

  2. cute little fish for cute little baby!
    congratulation, tha's such a great outfit

  3. Tie-on sundresses are so great for any little girl, but they're such a boon for new parents grappling with dressing babies. You forget how unhelpful new babies are – all flailing limbs and little fists. I have a couple cut out for my much bigger but unhelpful on a whole new level little girl – the recent hot weather was so inspiring but now that normal spring service has resumed in the UK the cut-out dresses are languishing in the pile.

  4. So cute. I love the fabric…I need to learn to make some dresses for my little girl!

  5. cute cute cute!
    I have way too many gifts to sew…and I've totally been pushing them off.
    Maybe you've inspired me 🙂

  6. Where did you get the fabric? I've been looking for some from this line and can't seem to find it.


  7. I suck at commenting, but thought you should know how much you inspire me. I love your projects and enjoy your voice.

  8. What a beautiful dress!
    Would you be offering the pattern for sale in the near future?
    I would love to buy it!


  9. I love the sundress and I am really new to sewing. But, would you please tell me where I can find this pattern?
    Thank you so much!!

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