Send in the clowns aka Ruffles ‘R Us

I’m not sure anyone noticed with all the voting hubbub around here lately but I didn’t post a top yesterday.  Here’s what was holding me up:

Oh woe is me.  When I decided to try to do a top in a different fabric every day, I should have thought twice about what I actually had in the closet to work with.  This stuff is downright nightmarish, puckery, wrinkly, fraysalot.  And I don’t even know what to call it, but I’m certain it’s some kind of polyester. The words of Heidi Klum on Project Runway keep running through my head: “That’s $300 of POLYESTER!?!” (But didn’t you feel SO bad for Anthony? He was the best.) At least I didn’t commit that faux pas of paying much for it, as I believe this silky solid stuff came from my local craft superstore.  So at least I can call this one a muslin. Phew. 

 it actually looks OK when I edit a little…is there a way to do that in real life?

It’s been so fun to see the trends in clothing show up in this year’s Spring Top Week pool; did you notice how many of the tops in had ruffles?  And yes, I like many others have succumbed to the trend.  I *heart* ruffles.  Lots and lots.  There are so many great ruffled tops in the pool that I would love to own.  But I think this one really goes too far.  It’s too much. It’s almost circus-like. Last night when I walked past my sewing room and caught a glimpse of it on my dress-form, it actually made me laugh. Mr Rae’s comment: “Nice collar.” *grinning*  I bet he can’t wait to take me out on Date Night tonight in this getup, walking a safe eight or nine feet behind me. 

My camera must have felt the same way I do because it seems to be refusing to look directly at it, choosing instead to focus on the shrubs behind.  

So something must go.  Is it the collar? The sleeve ruffles? Or am I wrong about this, is it a win (shakes head no)?  I think the answer to the puckering along the neck and sleeves is probably some kind of elaborate facing. I LOVE the color, and LOVE the neckline (which came, by the way, from my pattern for this top and this top).  The question is if it’s worth all the trouble to make it work?

Today is the last day to vote before the final round.  Scroll down to the next post for today’s tops and weigh in!

47 thoughts on “Send in the clowns aka Ruffles ‘R Us

  1. The collar and sleeve ruffles must go!

    Ha! It looks well-constructed, though. πŸ™‚

  2. I actually love the collar (and the rest of the neckline – great job), but it is competing for attention with the arm hole ruffles. Lose either one and I think you'll like it better. Awesome color on you btw.

  3. ooooh I just had a thought…do you have enough fabric left over for puffed sleeves with a 1" or so seed buttoned band cuff?

  4. LOVE the neckline, LOVE the color. I think it would look sweet with cap sleeves, or maybe something little longer, but without any flare. And no neck ruffle, but that's me…I'm not much of a ruffle girl (yet.)

  5. I like the collar and I like the sleeves, but together it's a lot. I say ditch one or the other.. but not both. What makes the top awesome is how unique it is.. if you take both elements off, it's just another tank top. btw: I really dig it as is πŸ˜€

  6. I really like the lower neckline embellishments. They're very nice. I think you should save that aspect and rethink the rest. It's a little too Elizabethan for me, but that's just me.

  7. Love! I vote for downsizing the collar (a bit shorter and less depth to the ruffles) and changing the sleeve to a cap or a full short sleeve.

  8. I'm liking the "lose the ruffles" add the cap sleeves idea. The color is GREAT and I like the neckline a lot. Looks who's talking here… I've never tried to design a shirt in my life! Haha!

  9. The neckline and color are lovely. Definitely lose the neck ruffles. If it needs more editing, then the sleeve ruffles too.

  10. I agree with Rachel; it definitely has an Elisabethan feel to it. The ruffle on the back of the collar is a bit much for me. But the small embellishment is cute. Maybe trade the armhole ruffles for cap sleeves? I really like the color; I can never wear that kind of pink.

  11. I like the ruffled collar quite a lot…but the sleeve ruffles are too much, and I'm most definitely a ruffle sort of girl!

  12. I love the colour! And the neckline ruffles. Either the collar or the sleeve ruffles should go. Maybe the collar would work better in a different fabric?

  13. I think the collar is too much….if you made it again maybe change the sleeves, but I think for this one taking off the collar ruffle would make it ok. It's really nicely made, though πŸ™‚

  14. Oh poor Anthony!!! That was a heartbreaking moment, huh? I personally love the neck/collar ruffle!

    -not so much the arm ruffles-

    Love the 'date night' comment because my hubby always says I "overdress" for our dates! Give me a break dude, I live in T-shirts/jeans to take care of our beautiful (yet poopy & spitty) kids! haha.

    BTW, I love your "art" of combining patterns. Very impressive.

  15. You could blend the collar ruffle into the neckline ruffle so that they taper into each other.

  16. Keep the collar. Turn the ruffle sleeves into slightly pouffed cap sleeve.
    That's my thought.

  17. Haha! Love that bit about the shrubs. Hehe. You crack me up. Which is so what I needed today. Oh, and, in answer to your question, if some part of it is going to go, my vote is to lose the collar. I think you could still totally work it with the rest intact. Regardless, I love love love the little ruffles around the bib part. Awesome.

  18. I'd figure out a way to get the part of the collar that's standing up to lay down. Or just take it off completely.

    I'm not so sure about the ruffles around the sleeves. Maybe try the collar adjustments first and then see how it looks?

  19. I like the ruffle detail below the collar bone, maybe if you did that smaller ruffle all around. The color is great and it does look very well constructed. I would keep working on it. And lastly I loved Anthony too and was so sad, both time, that he got kicked off.

  20. It is a great colour, but I'd lose the collar and shorten the length of the ruffle on the sleeves so they are a capped sleeve, and don't go all the way around. I love the front section!

  21. I THINK that I might like the sleeve ruffles, but, sadly, I'm having trouble getting past the collar. That's just a bit much, methinks. I agree with other commenters, maybe if it would just lay down a bit? I don't know if I'd go through with fixing it, I'd probably just pick it off.

    I really, really love the neckline, though.

  22. I love the color too. I think the collar and sleeve ruffles are just too long for the shirt. If you shorten them to be about the same length on the neckline I think it would work better.

  23. well, the other commentators seem to have it – lost some of hte ruffles. colour is pretty. front neck detail is pretty. the neck ruffle is a bit much. the shoulder ruffles look a bit like mini wings.
    I wonder how this top would lookin a really soft stretch fabric sot he ruffles fall softly?
    meanwhile, a small sleeve sounds like a great idea if you can swing it.
    look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  24. Ruffles rock!! If there's anything that needs to be taken away it's the sleeves – but I love the collar!! Cute color too

  25. I love the neckline. I think the small neckline ruffle makes the larger ruffles look off balanced & busy. You might be able to do a smaller ruffle at the collar. I would do a simple sleeve like everyone else is recommending.

  26. The back collar needs to go, although it might work if it were completely sleeveless. If you keep the arm ruffles, is there any way to make them narrower? More like the front yoke ruffles?

  27. Heh. Like all these differing comments are going to help you change your mind! LOL

    ANYWHO…I would let the sleeves out to make little flutter sleeves. Something really simple, so you've got ONE main ruffle, instead of three.

  28. Awww, wasn't Anthony the best. I loved him. To me it is the sleeves. I'd agree with going with a cap sleeve or something similar.

  29. I would honestly take the large ruffles off the sleeves, replace them with small ruffles, and then tack the large ruffle down somehow. And for some reason, It's screaming "Put lace on me!" But I don't know where.

  30. PS: Are you going to do a summer top week too? I had to miss out the spring top week since I was traveling cross country during the whole month of April.

  31. I actually like the collar, but I would shrink it a bit so it isn't so tall. Then, I, too, think the sleeves need to go. A neat little cap sleeve would make all the difference I think. πŸ™‚

  32. Maybe if you thread some elastic through the arm ruffles to make 'em simmer down a bit? I like the collar ruffle, my own self. You know, since you asked for my opinion. (Susan)

  33. I love the collar ruffle, hate the sleeve/armhole ruffles. πŸ™‚ But I think it would still be cute if you took both sets off.

  34. It's definitely the addition of the armhole ruffles that wreck it. The neck will work if you tone it down to just that, no sleeve… I think it would be fab as a tank, even worn with a little jacket if you're antsy about your arms.

  35. i like the neckline, but i think that the armhole ruffle is making the armhole appear too big, too long, causing it to become disproportional to the rest of the top.
    thank you for showing us you are unsure about some of your creations, too πŸ™‚
    you're an inspiration to me

  36. I agree with those who say to lose the sleeves. I think it could be totally sleeveless or with a very subtle sleeve.

  37. oh my gosh. I love it love it love it!
    I don't think you should take anything off. But I think it look good tucked in with your jeans, or sort of dressed up….that way it looks less costumey. It's really fun!
    And yes, Casey's comments would have been very similar to Nate's πŸ™‚

    Very cool miss rae!

  38. Not that I'm a fashion expert (anything but!) but I think this shirt would be far improved if you (like some other said) lost the sleeve ruffles (I also like the idea of little puffed sleeves…), and I also think perhaps it would look less circus-y in a natural color, like the color of unbleached muslin or a light brown.

    Of course, I don't have the patience to even attempt to sew clothing yet, so I'll just go be quiet:)

  39. At first, I thought the collar was a little much. And then I thought – No. I want to make this for me and wear it with my brown skirt (I have one in particular I love) and do a fancy up-do in my hair and that collar would be awesome! So, I think take the ruffles off the sleeves, I like the cap sleeve idea, or even puffed sleeve with a band.

  40. I didn't read everyone's comments so someone might have said this already. try to tack the collar down before you get rid of anything. i think it may fix the over-ruffled feel if the collar isn't standing up so much.

  41. Since I am a ruffle lover, too, I would keep some of them. I would actually keep the collar (it's fun!), but do away with the sleeve ruffles. All together it is a bit much.

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