Spring Top Week Champions!

I’m so happy to be able to finally announce our two winners for Spring Top Week!  Just to recap, a panel of 10 judges scored each one of the 358 tops submitted to our official entry pool and I posted the Top 60 here on the blog for a daily poll last week.  Of the five winners of those daily polls, we had another vote over the weekend to determine the winner.  Our judges also nominated their favorites and then scored those to determine the other winner.  Here they are:

Congratulations to Adrianna, whose ruched cross-over top was a favorite from the beginning both with our judges and our readers:

One of the things I really like about this top is that she made it by draping the fabric on her dressform.  Who actually DOES that (besides Rami on Project Runway)?  I’ve had a dressform for more than a year and still have never figured out how to do this:

The other thing I like is that the shirring effect was almost accidental. Adrianna wrote that she just “broke all the shirring rules and went crazy.”  Wow.  Remind me sometime to post some of the stuff that happens when I just wing it.  I promise it never looks this good.  You can read more about her process: Adrianna blogged about it here on crafterhours.

Nicely done Adrianna!

Congratulations to Lindsay, whose doilied top was our judges’ favorite and came rather close on the reader vote as well!

Lindsay designed this top after another one that was “just a little to flimsy for motherhood.”  I love the simple shape and subtle color. The brilliant thing about it though is the doily — I’ve all been seeing the crochet/lace embellishments all over the place, but what a genius touch:

It really makes the top and the whole thing costed her less than $5 to make…wow!

You can read more: Lindsay blogged about it here on liliash.  Congratulations Lindsay!

Now I know that the cheezy crown graphic I’ve made is more than enough of a prize for these two (and you’re welcome ladies), but I’m happy to say that they’ll also get some nice things from the Spring Top Week Sponsors (also there on the right sidebar).  Here’s a brief description of the prize packages if you’d like to see what these ladies have won (you can also click on this post to see a more detailed list of the prizes and the sponsors).  You’ll both be hearing from me shortly so we can get all your stuff sent your way.  Congratulations again ladies!

I’d like to thank our judges and everyone else behind the scenes for all the hard work they’ve put in over the last month.  Thanks to our sponsors for providing the excellent prizes so that I wouldn’t have to make all the winners prizes myself.  And thank you you to EVERYONE who entered tops and participated by commenting and voting.  You’ve helped make this year a success and inspired many others to switch on their sewing machines!

32 thoughts on “Spring Top Week Champions!

  1. I am a huge fan of that blue shirt! And the doily shirt is beautiful as well! Congrats to the winners!

  2. Congratulations, ladies! And Thanks Rae for hosting this! Idid not get to sew a top but I certainly had fun looking at all the others, voting each day, and of course reading about the tops you made πŸ™‚ My mind is already prepping for next year!

  3. I enjoyed the whole week!! Great inspiration. Thanks for hosting and Congrats to the winners.

  4. There is much shouting and jumping on couches over here (now that the kids are awake)!! Thank you Rae and thank you voters!!! I loved being a part of this!

  5. Spring Top week was great Rae – thanks for putting it together…very inspirational πŸ™‚

  6. Yay!!! Congrats to the winners and ALL the participants this year, sewing and otherwise πŸ™‚ (And congrats to YOU, Rae- it was huge this year, can't wait to see what happens next Spring!)

  7. OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I won! Thanks again for putting on Top Week, it was so much fun to take part in.

  8. Yay, my favorite tops won πŸ™‚

    Congratulations winners! And great job, Rae.

    (So no more tops to look forward to, every morning?Boo Hoo!)

  9. Congratulations ladies! And thank you Rae, judges and all the behind the scenes workers … this was super fun to watch and inspired me to get sewing on shirts for me!

  10. Congrats to both Adrianna and Lindsay! They are both beautiful tops! Thanks for hosting Rae and everyone behind the scenes. I know it must have been a big job.

  11. Two great tops! And I'm so glad Lindsay's top won Judge's Choice. It was definitely my favorite and I was sad when it didn't make the Top 5.

  12. What a fun contest, I'm so happy I joined in. It really got me in the mood to sew more shirts for me! Thanks Rae.
    I loved seeing all the other shirts and getting inspiration from them. Congratulations to Adrianna and Lindsay, you both deserve it!

  13. LOVE the tops. I really like the second top as it would be something I would definitely wear to a summer BBQ! Way to be creative ladies!

  14. Congratulations to Adrianna & Lili Ash- the tops are gorgeous. The voiles would me a Tom Cruise on the sofas moment too…just dreamy! Can't wait to see what is made with them.

    It was such fun taking part in Spring Tops Week, so thank you also to Rae & the judges for organising it all.

  15. Congratulation to the winners.
    All tops are beautiful but Adrianna's is unique.
    Thank you for hosting this contest, there are lots of inspirations.

  16. Congrats Adrianna & Lindsay! You both TOTALLY deserve to win! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talents! And thanks to Rae for hosting a fun contest!

  17. Congrats to both winners and thanks to everyone who made the week happen. I'm so happy to see Lindsay's top win the judge's award–I thought it was the cream of the crop.

  18. Congrats!!! both tops are just beautiful!

    Can't wait for next's years Spring Top challenge! It was really fun!

  19. Congratulations to the winners!!! Your tops are fantastic.
    Huge thanks to those who had worked so hard behind the scenes.

  20. oh congrats congrats congrats!!!!
    BOTH tops are lovely! (as were so many in the pool). I was really blown away with the skill level and design of so many of them. I want your shirts!
    Thanks Rae for letting me a very small but fun part of it πŸ™‚

  21. Well done Rae for running such a great contest. Congratulations to the winners. I think I might have to participate in the next one you run- although here in Chile we are on Autumn/winter weather.

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