Here they are folks, the first group of tops of the Top 60 you’ll see this week!  CONGRATULATIONS  to these fine entrants, and feel free to take a button to help promote your top.  Please tell your friends and family that they’ll only be able to vote for one day (until about 7 AM EST tomorrow morning).  You’ll need to vote over on the right sidebar, scroll down past the sponsor buttons.

Row 1: left Brave New Top by Sabra,  center chambray top by amanda, right Ruched Cross-Over Top by Adrianna
Row 2: left Ruffle Top by Sarah Seitz, center the shouldhaveironedit shirt by Olive-olive, right Hokidoki’s Simplicity 2601
Row 3: left sweet top by chia, center green olive sleeveless by portia, right summer top by Tonya
Row 4: left BWOF 04/2009-112 by Katie(Kid MD), center liverpool tunic by heather in liberty scarf, right Hello, Spring by Sarah

Here’s each top in more detail.  The link above each photo will bring you to the Flickr entry (and more info on the top) or you can click on the photo itself for a closeup.  Voting is on the right sidebar.

Now VOTE for your favorite!  One vote per person only, thanks!  Vote over on the right sidebar. (UPDATED: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED)

Special thanks to Kristin of See Mommy Sew for putting together today’s mosaic.

20 thoughts on “TOP of the TOPS: Day 1 (VOTING CLOSED)

  1. I wish I could vote (even if the choice is difficult to make) but there is nothing on the right sidebar!? You should take a look at it and fix it before all the Americans wake up and want to vote!

  2. Thanks Rae & judges for including my top! What a thrill. I am in very good company. I know I SHOULD vote for mine, but I really like this other one… 🙂

  3. I just meant to help you, Rae!
    I know it must be a lot of work.
    Sorry if I did not use the right tone (I am French and it is not always easy to explain things in a foreign langage)

    Now I have to make a choice and vote!

  4. That is so cool…how the voter thing shows you the scores after you place your vote!

  5. I am so honored to be included! So many great tops, it is hard to decide if I should even vote on my own!!!! Thanks so much for doing this, Rae and the rest of the judges! I feel like I have won just being in the top 60 LOL

  6. Beautiful tops. Hard to choose but I will pick hokidoki's simplicity as my fave. Great job ladies.

  7. got my vote in for today…..
    the suspense is killing me!!!!
    for tomorrow that is!!!!
    good luck everyone….. x

  8. Such pretty tops! I am in awe (and will have to work so much harder next year!). I'll have to do some serious study to decide which one I like best.

  9. Wow this is really hard – so many pretty tops! I can't decide between 2 of them!

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