PHEW!  That was a close one!  Adrianna’s top and Sabra’s top were neck and neck, but when I closed the poll this morning, Adrianna was ahead by about 10 votes.  Congratulations to Adrianna!  Congratulations are in order to all of you from yesterday’s group — that was a most impressive set of tops!

OK, dear readers, I need your help again today to pick another finalist.  So here’s Group 2 of the Top 60 you’ll see this week.  Another fine group of beautiful tops!  Take a look:

Row 1: left JJ top in French terry by heather,  center Floral top designed by Tina, right liberty knockoff top by amanda
Row 2: left neck and sleeve gathers by edith, center Surprise Top by Adrianna, right Doilied Top by Lindsay
Row 3: left ruffly top by anna, center Peasant Top by Melanie , right wrap top by katie
Row 4: left ruffle lace tunic by ramona, center Silky twist neck by Kristie, right Yellow cherries top by Karen

    Here’s each top in more detail.  The link above each photo will bring you to the Flickr entry (and more info on the top) or you can click on the photo itself for a closeup.  Voting is on the right sidebar.



    Now VOTE for your favorite!  One vote per person only, thanks!  Vote over on the right sidebar. (UPDATED: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED)

    Just an FYI: I will put up the final vote on Saturday and leave it up over the weekend until Monday night.  The final two (Reader’s Choice and Judges Choice) winners will be announced next Tuesday, a week from today.

    By the way, if your top is going to be featured, Myrnie (who you can thank for managing the Spring Top Week score spreadsheets) has been commenting on your Flickr photos to let you know the night before.  Some of you have noticed this but we just wanted to let everyone know.  Thanks Myrnie!  I just wish we could put ALL of them up. Well I do…and I don’t…you understand.

    CONGRATULATIONS to today’s entrants!

    A special thank you to Katie for putting together today’s mosaic and to Kristin for putting yesterday’s together for me!

    12 thoughts on “TOP of the TOPS: Day 2 (VOTING CLOSED)

    1. Insane!!! Thank you Rae and everyone who voted! I really REALLY appreciate all of the support. I begged Rae for an extra vote so I could vote for my favorite besides my own, but she was a total scrooge on that front.

    2. I really like Edith's "Neck and Sleeve Gathers" top. I'd totally wear that if it fit me. 🙂

    3. These are all so gorgeous!!! I'm a little sad that so few big girls entered the pool! It's so hard to find top patterns that work with large chests, the inspiration would be nice. But I didn't enter one either so I have no room to complain! Next year…

    4. Thanks everyone who voted for my top. I am quite delighted to have made the cut with there being sooo many amazing tops! Thank you, Rae. A fun contest!

    5. All these tops are great! Yesterday I was apparently out of sync with everyone else, but today I'm right on the voting trend. I want to make the "neck and sleeve gathers by Edith" top!

    6. Oh, I can't believe that Sabra only lost by 10!!! That was so close! It was fun to watch them switch back and forth all day. But ugh, to be SO close and not make it to the top 5…sadness!

      These tops are another fun batch!

    7. The top by Edith is AWESOME, I'd love to have one. Guess I need to learn to sew 🙂

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