It was another close vote yesterday but we have another finalist.  Thanks to everyone for voting and congratulations to Edith!  And a fantastic job done by everyone, what an impressive top crop! 

It’s time to reveal our third group of tops from the Top 60.  Enjoy another fine group of beautiful tops and please help me narrow them down to another finalist.  Here they are! Voting is on the right sidebar, scroll down below the sponsor buttons.

Row 1: left gray ruffle top by wan-nabe, center Tunic ‘F’ from Stylish Dress Book 1, by Sylvie, right Ruffle Tank by Zaaberry,
Row 2: left “In Full Bloom” by Sarah from 2 Giggle Boxes, center MensShirtRedobyJordanAtBlueprintCrafts, right Boxy to Foxy by Meg/Brassy Apple,  
Row 3: left Stripe play by Sarah, center Ruffles…can we call it a cardigan?  by Raining Gumdrops, right Shiver Me Chic by Jessica,  
Row 4: left Spring Leaves Maternity Top by Kelly, center Ruffled collar with red trim by Uniquety, right Turquoise Linen Ruffle Top by Perdoozy

Here’s each top in more detail.  The link above each photo will bring you to the Flickr entry (and more info on the top) or you can click on the photo itself for a closeup.  Voting is on the right sidebar.

Now VOTE for your favorite!  One vote per person only, thanks!  Vote over on the right sidebar. (UPDATED: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED)

The final vote will go up on Saturday and leave it up over the weekend until Monday night.  The final two (Reader’s Choice and Judges Choice) winners will be announced next Tuesday, a week from today.

Special thanks to Anna of noodlehead for putting together today’s mosaic!

19 thoughts on “TOP of the TOPS: Day 3 (VOTING CLOSED)

  1. I have been waiting to vote for Kelly's maternity top. That is hands down my favourite in the competition.

  2. So excited to be among so many talented ladies and beautiful tops! This is such an honor! Good luck everyone!

  3. This is so exciting! Thanks Rae for such a great contest, I have had so much fun looking at all these tops and I am so thrilled to make it to the finals!

  4. WOO HOO! I can't believe I actually made it to the next round. This is so fun. THANK YOU!

  5. adorable tops! i reallllllly want kelly to do a little tutorial on that maternity top. i LOVE it! such great stuff everybody is making!!!

  6. I'm so excited to be in the top 60! Gosh, could my top have been in a tougher pool?!! There are seriously most of my absolute favorite tops of this competition up here today!!!

  7. Everyone has made such gorgeous tops. I wish I would have found some time to make one. It is definitely inspiring me.

  8. congratulations to all the entries today, it is a tough decision…I love all of these tops!!
    Thankyou Rae for hosting this fun event, I am amazed at all the tops entered, there is so much talent.
    Thankyou thankyou for all who voted for my top yesterday.

  9. This is so inspiring! Forgive me if I'm nuts, but it doesn't seem like the voting list match the pictures…?

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