Congratulations Wan!  Her ruffle tee won yesterday’s vote and is going on to the next round (the final round of voting will begin Saturday and go through Monday night).

I’m sure you are all very excited to see the fourth group of tops from the Top 60.  Isn’t this so much fun?  I just love seeing all of these every day.  So without further ado, I present Group 4 for you to peruse and vote!

Row 1: left “Day to Date Night” by Sarah @ 2 Giggle, center Ruffle me up! by Meg/BrassyApple, right Yellow floral by QuiltyGirl
Row 2: left Peter Pan & Polka Dots by Caitlin, center Seersucker Smock by Caitlin, right Spring Top #4 by Molly,
Row 3: left Tunic by Hanni, center Melanie’s ruffle shirt, right Wedding Cake Tank by Kate,
Row 4: left  Forget Me Knot by Jessica, center Blooming Peasant Top by Su, right Bird Watcher by Sascha

Here’s a closer look at each of the tops:

Seersucker Smock by Caitlin
Spring Top #4 by Molly
Tunic by Hanni

Now VOTE for your favorite!  One vote per person only, thanks!  Vote over on the right sidebar.

The final vote will go up on Saturday and leave it up over the weekend until Monday night.  The final two (Reader’s Choice and Judges Choice) winners will be announced next Tuesday, a week from today.

Special thanks to Amanda for putting together today’s mosaic!

6 thoughts on “TOP of the TOPS: Day 4 (VOTING CLOSED)

  1. They are all so cute. I wish I could vote for more than one. Fabulous tops!

  2. Oh, they're ALL so great today! Seriously…not fair to us voters at ALL.

    So…I just voted for my friend. 'cause I loved her top da best. *mwah*

  3. Oh, umm…the top image? The collage? It's not showing up. 🙁 But all the solo images are, so it's not a big deal…

  4. wow these are all really cute and very inspiring to a woman who seems to be lacking in cute spring tops lately.

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