Daisy Romper and Bonnet from Thrifted Sheet

I made another sunsuit.  These are becoming my go-to summer outfit the more hot and sticky it gets here in Michigan and they’re easy and fast. I am also pretty excited about this reversible baby bonnet.  It’s been in pattern purgatory for weeks, a little too baggy in back, a little too short at the ears.  But finally I cracked it.  And two bonnets for the time invested in one?  Excellent.

If you missed the tutorial for this sunsuit the first time around, you can find it here.  Although be warned, I’ve already figured out a better way to do the bottom.  Hah. Just have to find time to photo/blog it.

The fabric is from a thrifted sheet.  I remember complaining at one point about my lack of good vintage sheet sources.  My cries did not go unheard; my Aunt Jan who is the Queen of Thrift Store Finds came to my rescue with a stack of awesome sheets.  This pink daisy pattern is so cheerful and summery.  Here’s a peek at the inside (outside?) of the bonnet:

Other randomness for today

  • Baby Pants Pattern: I realize that if I don’t produce a Big Butt Baby Pants Pattern very soon, I’m going to have a mob on my hands.  As soon as I get off this computer I am going to work on it.  I know that doesn’t mean anything concrete, but I thought I’d just mention that, for what it’s worth.
  • Privacy Issues: Some of you may have noticed I’ve randomly started omitting my kids’ names (and faces, usually) in my posts.  I’ve been toying with getting rid of their names altogether. After reading this I get more and more anxious every day that I’m going to discover some creep has taken pictures of my kids and put them on their own website or worse.  The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be much precedent or standard anywhere.  When I was a teacher it was easy: you don’t post pictures of your students online unless you have parental permission.  But now that I’m the parent?  My kids can’t speak for themselves, so it’s my call when I put them out there.  And most of the blogs I read have pictures of their kids’ faces and real names.  I’m starting to wonder if that is that being completely irresponsible?  I struggle with this lately.  And as you can tell I have yet to do anything about it. Bah.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Gotta go work on baby pants.

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  1. I have been asking myself the same question lately. It is easy with things that I make that are not meant to be worn. A picture of a quilt doesn't really say anything about myself. But I have been participating in the sew mama sew contest and had to take a picture of me wearing a skirt.
    Now, that is just for myself and I might be a bit too worried but if I had kids I would really really make sure that they wouldn't appear anywhere online.
    That said, I also love the pictures of your kids and the clothing they are wearing and I think that I would really miss them in your postings. But I also understand if you said that you are taking down their pictures.
    Cute outfit by the way!

  2. So cute!! And oddly enough, my sister once made me a quilt with that exact sheet as the back! AND I have a quilt that I made that the back is also the same pattern, only in yellows and oranges! I think that particular pattern and I are destined for each other. Made me laugh to see you use it. It looks adorable.

  3. I hear you Rae – I sooooo miss Katiedid. It's so creepy that there are people like that out there. I've put "faceless" pics of my boy up, and a pic of my girls bum in some clothes, but no faces yet. I would like to live in a world where people don't do creepy things, but we sort of do…..Hard personal choice, for sure! Love the sun bonnet!

  4. Wow- I read that post from Katie Did and, well, wow. I certainly don't blame you for wanting to shield your kids from the craziness. We've talked about it in our family, and if we revive our now-defunct blog, we will have a nickname for the kiddo and won't show faces. It's tough to think through, but the internet doesn't have a 'sicko' filter and even though I WANT to believe people are nice and it's just my mom and my sister reading my blog, it's probably also some creepo who is off their rocker. I think everyone would understand if you made changes. Also, I am whining about the lack of cute vintage sheets available too. Sigh. Thank goodness for aunts and stacks of awesome sheets. This one is adorable!

  5. Very cute! I am sooo looking forward to the big butt pattern!

    I am looking forward to reading what you come up with about your kids . I struggle with this too (and had a bad dream at 3 this morning that almost had me on the computer deleting every blog post ever written by me! ha!) I have been thinking about this alot because as I think about all of my favorite blogs and what I love about them, it is that they are personal. I feel like they let me in on their lives just as a friend would.

    So I have to decide if this is the kind of blogger I want to be, and then decide how to go about that while also protecting my daughter. At this point I write my name across the photos (semi transparent) where her face is clearly visible or use shots like yours where I don't really see her face.

    still working through this…
    good luck!

  6. Love that fabric! It's so great.

    Wow, I just read that post. That is SO scary. I don't use my kids' names, but I have constantly struggled with even their faces all over the internet. I think this very well might have pushed me to the edge to NOT show their faces anymore. It will be so hard as I think they are adorable, but really, their safety is so much more important. I've asked some of the bigger bloggers if they've had anything weird happen to them, with no response. But now I'm stuck–do I go back and crop out their faces on everything? Or just hope that they grow older and no one recognizes them??? Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Rae!

  7. I'm in the keep it private camp. I use initials for my family and friends and haven't/won't show faces of people other than me. But it seems to be a very personal matter – I've read some blogs where you might as well be a fly on the wall in that household – faces, names, dates, addresses even… My feeling is that's just way too much information and asking for trouble.

  8. I love that vintage sheet (I think I need to tell my great thrify aunts to help find me some!). I can't wait to try the sun romper, really excited. And I so hear ya on the kids names/faces thing. I've thought about it a bit too, but then you see a lot of bloggers showing their kids and their names (ha, like me). I try not to mention their names too much, but I slip on that a lot of times. I try not to even mention when birthdays are or ages. I'm curious to see what you figure out for you and your fam, I'll definitely be thinking about it more myself. And the katiedid stuff, that's just total yuck, and I hope it's not the end of her blog.

  9. I've been cautious about this too! To many creep-o's out there! Even tho my son is older the thought scares me so I try to limit face shots and names.

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  10. I have a set of those sheets!
    They were passed down from my husband's grandma. I've been tempted many times to cut them up but they're still in really good shape and I'd miss seeing them on my girls bed so they remain sheets.
    If I ever find one at the thrift store though, it'll go straight to the scissors!

  11. I have to clarify something really fast that I'm sure you don't care about because you don't seem like you would, but when I said I've asked some of the bigger bloggers, I meant bigger than me, not than you:). That didn't come out right originally! I definitely consider you one of the bigger bloggers!!!

  12. I keep checking back to see if Katiedid is back too. She has definitely given me pause. I've been wondering if I should go more anonymous with my blog. It's tough because all the blogs I find myself returning to show photos of the kiddos and use real names. I've also been a little disappointed lately with some of the bullying and nasty comments I see out there. Anonymous commenters accusing crafters of stealing their ideas. It makes me sad. The internet has sure made the world a smaller place. I love reading your blog and I connected to what you have to say partly because of your images. With that said, today's post shows no faces and is stinkin' adorable!

  13. AHHH!!!! That is my favorite vintage sheet of all time (that I know of… ok, ok, I'm a nerd)!!! I've only ever scored 2 FQs of it… finding a whole sheet of that goodness is like the quest for the holy grail to me. And yes, I will be part of that angry mob if there's no pants pattern at some point. No rush, though. 🙂

  14. Beautiful sun suit and hat! Your sewing is always beautiful! I struggle with the same thing. I've been adamant in the past about not posting my son's little face, or pictures at all, but I also know that my family, friends and readers adore it when I do. I also love the idea that my blog is a snap shot of our life, to have and hold, so I cannot imagine NOT posting pics. So scary, creepy and sad.

  15. Rae – that is adorable!! You know I love bonnets too and what a cutie little outfit.

    Hmmmm…..you've got me thinking about my kiddos in pictures now…..feeling a bit nervous about that as well.

    Great job!

  16. Such a darling outfit. As a parent I struggle with having my child's photo 'out there' Do what feels right for you and your family. If you stop using their names and faces, whats the harm? You can always change your mind. Good luck.


  17. about the kids… I struggle with this issue too. (thanks for the link to katie did by the way). For that exact reason I got rid of my facebook account, I didn't want photos of my little one online. However since then…. I have been active on my blog and put some up of her. I am going to have to be careful from now on, as it is really scarry and quite sad at what people will do with photos we all post. Thanks again for the heads up.

  18. Ooooh, that bonnet is so cute! I love bonnets.

    I have also been thinking about privacy lately. I don't have much of a readership, which means as far as I know not many people are looking at my blog, but it also means there are fewer eyes out there to help me spot and catch picture-stealing creeps.

  19. Rae:
    I love your blog!
    also struggle with the idea of putting pictures of my kids up with their names…
    I try to not use there name and only post pictures of them that are from behind or from the side etc.
    I just (today!) did a post where I have my child's name in various places and I thought really long and hard about it. I felt ok about it because I don't use any pictures of him where you can see his face. But still… Ah I am going to worry now!
    I agree with many of the other posters. Most of my favorite blogs are my favorites because they get a little personal and let you peak into their lives.
    I miss katie did, she had such a pretty blog.

  20. I love this project!! So cute!! I don't blame you for being concerned about your kids' photos being online. Makes me nervous, too, so I'm quite private with my own photos. Go with your gut, and do whatever will make you sleep easier at night! No matter what, I'll keep reading your blog!

  21. I know what you mean about pictures of your kids/family. I originally wasn't going to show my son's face on my blog, but I like the cute photos of him modelling the clothes I make for him. I don't mention his name (or my hubby's), and try to limit the personal information. It certainly is a tough one. I think as he gets older, I will use photos of his face less and less. It's a shame we have to think like this!

  22. You should use some unidenifying blog names. One of my friends has named all of her kids Polly, Tigger, and Sweet Pea to the blogging world. Even all of her siblings and her nephew have them. I know all the people in person, and the younger ones even like having a special mommy-made nickname. Worth a thought!

  23. oh my goodness this outfit is sooo cute! And that bonnet is to die for! I would love love love a tutorial for the bonnet…I would PAY for it! 🙂 Please please pretty please! 🙂

  24. I'm a big supporter of protecting your family identity online. I think many bloggers are so reckless with the information and photos they post online. While I'm a bit more lax about what I post about myself and my husband, I don't post anything about my daughter on a public blog. And I've asked friends and family not to post about her on public blogs either. It's definitely something worth thinking about and deciding where you draw the line. I'm not going to say no one should post photos of their kids online, but everyone should at least think about what is right for their family.

  25. I would love, love, love it if you made that ridiculously cute bonnet pattern available. adorable!

  26. Geez, it's so creepy, it comes to my mind too, since i post my daughter pics on my blog and on my facebook account. Now i'm thinking to remove all of her pictures.. maybe replace them with faceless photos instead. And names, maybe initial will be better. The world can be so cruel huh.
    Btw, I love the sunsuit & bonnet, pretty pattern, pretty fabric.

  27. Why oh why can't I find sheets like that? About the pictures and names, it's tough. I made the decision from the beginning to not show anyone's face or use anyone's name, but I am a very paranoid person (and hey, I own it). I agree with another comment, even without faces, the pictures are super cute. That bonnet, so sweet. Have to tell you, my word verification is booty:) Which reminds me, I'd like that pattern too!

  28. My granddaughter is a cloth diaper baby. Looking forward to the big butt pattern, lol. Love your blog and patterns! The romper and bonnet are just precious.

  29. Seriously adorable romper and bonnet! Love them. And I totally get the kids' names/pictures issue. For me, I leave out their faces and names entirely which makes me feel (maybe seem…) totally paranoid and I do think the blog loses something for it. But I feel better that way. It's a big discussion for sure.

  30. Oh please, please, please add the bonnet pattern to your list! It is wonderful.

  31. Oh, I read her post…that was seriously creepy. It's just….gah. So very, very wrong. I agree- there are so many people out there using real names, faces, PLACES. Just to prove a point to myself one night, I looked up addresses for as many bloggers as I could, using the names and locations they gave me on their blogs, and using whitepages.com. Oh man. I found them, where they worked, their ages, and sometimes grandparents in the same town if they had the same last name, and that's just the SIMPLE search, no extra reports. (My only comfort is that my husband has/had so much family in the area, and the records are so screwed up, that it would be hard to decide which house is actually mine.)

    But on a much happier note: Cute romper, and I love the bonnet 🙂

  32. Oh, one more thought: A friend mentioned that she limits photos of her daughter, not for her daughter's safety, but because her daughter isn't being given a choice. When she's in high school, will she appreciate embarrassing baby pictures (or any pictures at all?) freely available on the www?

  33. I have never, put a photo or either myself or my children on my blog. I don't name them either. sometimes I think this takes out a vital part of a blog (the sharing of the personal) but I am a private person, so want to guard what I have. I was absolutely disgusted with what happened at the What Katie Did blog, I'm not surprised she has not blogged since. That is sad, as she had a beautiful blog.

  34. she looks like Holly Hobbie! I love it! absolutely adorable. I need to go read katie's story.

  35. I was just wondering where to purchase pul fabric? Either on line or in a local store?? (I'd prefer a local store but so far I haven't had any luck with that) Thanks so much…you can email me or reply to this comment.



  36. this is from a vintage sheet? ! awesome. i have got to find myself some good vintage sources

  37. SO CUTE! but now i'm wondering…how to make the bonnet? it looks so sweet and i want to put one on my daughter's head and smooch her face!

  38. I LOVE that bonnet, I didn't think I was a bonnet person until I saw that bonnet! Actally, I'm probably still not a bonnet person, but I could change for THAT BONNET!

    We're expecting our first little one soon, so the privacy thing will have to be thinked about, I'm thinking faces but not names, I already use DH for the Darling Husband.

  39. Love the sunsuit and the bonnet. Tryed it myself. It's just so cute! I linked you so you get all the credit for the great design!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. Hey Rae,

    I read that post from KatieDid, too, and thought about what I want to share about my life etc. on my blog. Tough decisions to make!

    The sunhat and romper are SO CUTE! You did a fabulous job, as always. Great idea to use a thrifted sheet.

  41. She is so cute and adorable. She looks pretty on that outfit. I will buy one of that outfits for my beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing your post.

  42. I, too, know someone this exact same thing happened too. Absolutely change your children's names and be mindful of which photos you post. You can also add a watermark to your photos.

    It is so sad that there are such creepy people out there.

  43. I love the sundress and bonnet, and I love the thrifted sheet usage! Yay for thrifted sheets!

    I haven't been putting my children's faces on my blog posts (although I don't have a bunch of posts yet anyway). But I have been using my family's real names- I am thinking I might go back and nickname them. It is scary. I wish it wasn't.

    Oh the big butt baby pants pattern! Ohhhhh I can't wait!

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