Back to work *sigh*

 our little beach baby (wearing thrifted-sheet-turned-Big-Butt-Baby-Pants)

We had a wonderful holiday weekend.  It was a little busy; we hung out with my seesters and their husbeasts and went to see Cinematic Titanic in Ann Arbor (any MST3K fans out there?) then drove over to West Michigan to spend time with Mr Rae’s parents.  Hard to decide if the best part there was their pool, fabric shopping at Field’s, or swimming in the most beautiful lake in the world?  Of course I’m biased but if you’ve never been to the amazing beaches of West Michigan, you are truly missing out.  Having lived in the Bay Area for a couple of years and vacationed on both the East and Gulf coasts, I understand the appeal of the ocean.  But fresh water and white sand with no kelp, jelllyfish, or sharks?  Now that’s what I call a good beach.

 What did you guys do? I love hearing what everyone’s up to!

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  1. That's a beautiful beach! I used to go to Grand Haven's beach with my best friend when we were growing up. It was so much fun! So glad you guys had a great time!

  2. I saw you were from MI and with that dutch last name knew you must be from West MI. I am on my way to GH tomorrow from the East coast and I must say I still prefer the beaches of Lake MI. Love your blog!!Do you have any great fabric shopping suggestions? My mom lives in Spring Lake so I know there is a fields there.

  3. Yea Michigan! I miss the Lakes. I went to college at da Tech up in Houghton. But spent a great deal of time in the Manistee area. I do miss it.

    We shared time with old friends and new over a relatively laid back 4th weekend. Quite a change from the last 7 years or so.

  4. What a beautiful weekend (and the baby ain't bad, either). I've never been to MI, but really want to one of these days! It sounds dreamy. We headed north to Indiana to visit my in-laws (just about to blog some pictures). They live way out in the country, so the kids got to run around and get dirty to their little hearts' content.

  5. I agree, the great lakes are the best!

    We went to a lake for the weekend too…but unfortunately, I live in Alberta where our lakes are shallow, swampy, and gross. But it was fun. We were with family at their cabin.

  6. I moved from Rochester, Mi in December to Calgary, Alberta, and let me tell you, seeing those picture makes me long for Michigan! I miss it so much!

  7. This weekend we didn't do much, but I did create a nifty tool for quilting that's posted on my blog.

    I've never been to a beach where the water wasn't salty in some way or another. I've heard great things about the beaches of the Great Lakes, and while visiting my cousin north of Chicago on our way home from our road trip, we didn't go see the lake.. which makes me sad!

  8. EEEK!! MST3K!! YES!! I had no idea about Cinematic Titanic… I must go email my "MST3K junkie" brothers right now!

    The beach looks GORGEOUS. There are no beaches to speak of where I live, so I'm a bit jealous! :o)

  9. That looks like Tunnel Park. We were there this weekend too! It would have been a dream to meet you.

  10. I can't believe I lived in MI for 4 years and never made it to a west 'coast' beach! Your photo makes me realize what I missed out on. It looked fabulous!

  11. I loves me some MST3K! The theatre Rifftrax have been hilarious.

    We spent the weekend at an in-laws new place – 60 acres of lake, field, house, pool and anything else you can imagine. I was in the hammock by the lake.

  12. We spent two weeks each summer at my great-aunt's cottage in Holland; 80 steps down to the beach from her front door. No beach has ever lived up to that one since! Oh, how I miss those weeks at the lake.

  13. I agree: Lake Michigan! Let me know if you come back to town and would love to enjoy Tunnel Park. I'm a fan.
    We chilled and partied with my mom's family on Monday. The kids were like fireworks: lots of excitement for a short period of time. . . everyone enjoys watching them for a short period of time. . . then there was nothing left except the ashes.

    Love you!

  14. Holland is my favorite place in the world. Big Red, Tunnel Park and can I hear an amen for Captain Sundae? *sigh*… hubby lived almost on Lake Michigan his senior year at Hope. Those were the days.

    We were on Lake MIchican as well, but much further north and can't wait to get back!

  15. What a beautiful beach!!

    We're just settled into the new place…and of course, Siu Jeun came down with a case of the Snotty Drools on Monday. *sigh* Teething? Cold? Both? Not sure, but he's kind of MISERABLE. LOL

  16. I totally agree about the beach… we lived in Vermont for 4 years and the sandy beaches of Lake Champlain were to die for! I miss it every day.

    Do you have a pattern for the Big-Butt-Baby-Pants? I remember you mentioning them several times but I just can't recall. We could use some around here with my little's cloth-diaper-bum around here :).

    Thanks for sharing your adventures and ideas!

  17. Husband and I took our 5 kids to a friends lake house for the day. It was great to stay up and watch the fireworks. Although it was a bit chilly up in the Inland Northwest and we weren't able to swim.

  18. Gotta give a shout out to MI beaches! MI is the only place you can live all your life, spend most of your vacations "up north" & still find NEW beaches to visit! Oh, and I just love that adorable beach hat!

  19. Another Michigander here! We spent the weekend Downriver with my inlaws and my sister and her family, but we went to Holland and Saugatuck last year and loved it! The beaches were huge and amazing! The west side of the state is just beautiful!

  20. Hey, MI is almost as good as MN! πŸ˜‰ And Lake Michigan is… er… Great (pun intended). πŸ™‚

    We made a trip to Chicago in April to see a certain orange lover we know there. Right now I'm house breaking a new kitten. And my 3-yr-old granddaughter is here at the moment, "helping" me. It's pretty wild and crazy to say the least. πŸ˜‰

  21. Nothing like a Michigan white sand beach…spent our weekend at the cottage "Up North" on the Eastern Michigan shores …a little in-land lake with 24 family members. But we also had the fun of a day at the sandy shores of Lake Huron. The best of both worlds! Summertime in Northern Michigan:)

  22. Yea Michigan! I went to college in Holland (Yeah Hope!), was in the metro Detroit area for husband's medical school, and now I'm living in A2 – where we plan on settling down and raising our 1 year old daughter. Totally love it here!

  23. We were in Ann Arbor last week! I'd never been and it was a great little country feeling town. That beach looks very nice. There is definitely an appeal to fresh water!

    We spend the long weekend back here in Boston though. And, of course, at the beach. What else would one do in Mass on a hot day?

  24. We were in Ann Arbor Saturday for my cousin's wedding reception, spent the 4th in Kzoo and then Monday in South Haven- the best beach in the world!!!!!
    Love Michigan!!!

  25. This will sound sooo Californian of me but I never even imagined people in Michigan going to the "beach". Clearly you've got it better than us. No monster waves, yucky salt water, freezing cold water temp, fog (well maybe you have that too, but judging by that photo I'm thinking you were not worried about the impending fog bank). We did not go to the beach this year for the 4th, see above mentioned for the reasons, but we did enjoy a small town parade.

  26. West Michigan. I am from Holland. what beach were you at? It looked familiar. Linda Gerig

  27. I saw your beach picture, thought how familiar it looks and immediately remembered you live in Michigan. Was that near Kirk Park by chance? I grew up in Grand Haven and spent all my summers on the beach. And I agree – Lake Michigan is better than any ocean. I have a shirt that reads "Grand Haven, like Key West, only cold."
    I can't wait to be back later this summer, and I'll be making a trip to Field's too. πŸ™‚ Small world!

  28. Haha yes, Lindsay this is indeed taken at Kirk Park, though, I dare say the lakeshore looks roughly the same at Tunnel Park as well as many other places up and down the coast.

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