Kimono outfit for Baby C

You guys are the BEST.  Thanks for all the insightful, supportive comments you left on that last post.  I think I expected to get the smile-and-nod response (you know, “That’s interesting Rae, good thoughts” sort of stuff) but I was NOT prepared for how many of you would resonate with that topic. It definitely struck a nerve. It warmed my heart that lots of you feel free to actually post less now. I think we’ve started a Lazy Bloggers Revolution or at the very least Coalition. I’m all for empowering an atmosphere of relaxation around CraftBlogLand. 

I also want to be sensitive to the fact that despite my claims to pursue a “slow blogging” lifestyle, some people will still look at my blog and feel overwhelmed. That can and will happen with any craft blog regardless of post frequency or topic.  Some of you have less support, less time, less energy and some just feel plain inadequate when they see all the collected craftiness here and elsewhere.  And I don’t know exactly how to address that except to say that I struggle with that too. It’s hard not to look at other people and compare because there will always be someone else doing it better than me.  So it’s best to just not go there. We never see the whole picture of someone’s life online, just a glimpse (and sometimes, the collected works of years of crafting in one sitting, talk about skewing perspective). You can only do as much as you can do, and never feel guilty for giving yourself a break! And this will echo what many people said on the last post, but it bears repeating: sewing (and blogging about it) is supposed to be fun. If it starts to feel like work, quit!

OK, I actually did have something I made a couple weeks ago to show you today (but no pressure, haha, try and remember it’s taken me over a week to write this post). 

Ever since I bought this cotton floral reproduction fabric I’ve had this idea in my head for a pleated kimono top for C (my baby daughter, who will be one year on friday, ACK).  I can’t say it turned out exactly the way I had envisioned in my head but it is pretty cute. 

I guess what I mean by that is the pleats are a little weird, they don’t really show up and define it like I’d hoped.  Maybe there need to be more of them. But once it’s on it seems to fit just fine.  And I really love the fabric.

The leggings were made with the tights pattern (just like these) except now I make them bigger because she’s older.  I wouldn’t recommend adapting the pattern for leggings with anything other than an old shirt/sweater though, because hemming the bottom of those little legholes would be No Fun if you were making them with knit fabric.  Just use the hem of the sweater for the leg hems and go from there.

It’s getting harder and harder to get her to sit for a picture.  So you’re going to have to put up with the little tikes car today, because that’s as good as it gets around here with the photos lately. 

C lacks the ability to a) mount/dismount or b) steer the little tikes car, so she ends up rolling across the patio until she hits the edge and can’t go any further.  Then, in typical second-born-fashion, she sits there quietly for a few minutes until she decides she’s sick of it and then starts screaming “Nah! Nah! Nah!” and signing “More” until someone comes and turns her around.  Then the process repeats.

See how her hair is turning strawberry blond? It was so dark when she was born.  I had to make sure I included the little black ruffle rosette for her hair. 

40 thoughts on “Kimono outfit for Baby C

  1. The outfit is adorable! I love that fabric.

    On the topic of being overwhelmed by blogs… Since I started blogging about 6 months ago, the most frequent comment I get is "You do SO MUCH and make it look SO EASY!" One friend, after seeing my blog, said "Have you heard about that study that says that women feel worse about themselves after looking at blogs, because they feel like they can never do it all? They can't live up to those sorts of expectations!"

    These sorts of comments really surprised me – I have always looked at craft blogs as inspiration, and I hope that others do, too! Thank you for talking about this!

  2. Love your patterns, love your blog and I don’t care if I go weeks w/o a post because I know you are probably happily working on stuff at your own pace. I wish Moms would stop comparing themselves to others and making themselves feel guilty because they don’t do everything as good as or as much as another mom can do. This guilty MOM movement needs to stop!!!

    Anywoo…I made leggings using your pattern as well. Instead of hemming the bottom of them though I just used the bottom hem of my shirt and adjusted the placement of the pattern based on that. Of course I had to use up a lot of shirt to place to pieces like that but it keeps one from having to hem tiny leg holes using knit!

  3. Love the black trim + black leggings. Tres chic 🙂

    Blogs really are the new magazine, aren't they?

  4. Re: hemming tiny legs if you make the leggings from scratch. You can hem the legs before you sew up the seams just as if you made the pants from a shirt. Or do it my preferred way: press up the hems but don't sew them yet; sew the seams; fold up the hems and sew the hems with the leg circle on top rather than stretched over a free arm. Works like a charm and is a nicer finish.

  5. LOVE the top! The fabric is really sweet, and on C it's adorable!
    That whole one year birthday thing comes WAY too fast! My first baby will be a year in just a few weeks, and I can't stand it!
    Thanks for posting the pictures.

  6. Oh I think that is adorable! That fabric is really super cute.
    I've been all over the sewing game lately too…made a few cute things for my girls…girls are so fun!

  7. what an adorable outfit! I just posted some leggings I made with your tights tutorial/pattern too!!

    she's getting so big!! 🙂

  8. What? A year? And your second born will sit quietly for a moment before calling for help? Mine would hit the wall for a microsecond before emmitting a shriek that demended INSTANT attention. Come to think of it, my third one does that too.

  9. you mentioned having to use already made hems for the leggings … when i make leggings for my little one (i just did some preemie leggings for a custom order for a client) and i hem them BEFORE sewing the inseam … just a trick for ya. do your hemming first and then all the other steps …

  10. That top is gorgeous, I'd wear something like that. Also, It CAN NOT be a year since you had her. Are you sure…?

  11. Very cute! And where does the time go? My baby is now 9 months! Longer out than in! Wha?!?!

    I just got my sewing machine back from the "doctor" – I'm planning on a sewing binge with a bunch of your patterns! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  12. Very cute! And, I have a strawberry blonde daughter who is only six days younger than yours! How DID that first year go by so quickly?!

  13. Love the outfit! Our 14 month old grandgirl would look so cute in that for fall. I downloaded your tights pattern, but will have to enlarge it for her also.
    Our baby girl's hair (and she was born with a head FULL) also started out nearly black and she's now a very strawberry blonde too!

    I enjoy checking in on your blog now & then, too.

  14. That print is so darling and so is the outfit! Happy almost First Birthday! Ack! indeed…my F will turn one next month. Loved your words about comparing yourself to other bloggers…very wise!

  15. so darn cute!

    Just wanted to let you know that I love how you make blogging fun. I need to ease up around here & do the same.

    Also, I am inspired by how you have changed your kids names to E &C, trying to expose less of them. Not that I wouldn't love seeing them, I would. But it's great to know that your protecting your family – I have started to think about this more & more for my daughter & its nice to know I am not just Crazy thinking about it.

  16. adorable! You could always hem the leggins BEFORE sewing up the legs to make it easier….

  17. I love the kimono…and tights.

    I also have to say that last summer, I too was pregnant with my daughter. I found your blog just a couple weeks before you delivered her. My daughter was born in September…ok, I digress. I read that baby C signs "more"…we just had our little one sign "more" to us, with meaning… you know? She actually asked for more. I was beside myself 🙂 My younger sibling was deaf, but it took until my third child to think to myself, I should teach my kids some signs. So, we're teaching the baby and the older two at the same time. Glad to see other people are doing that as well.

  18. Oh my, she is the sweetest!

    Beautiful work on that dress. Since I cannot see inside your head, I cannot compare your vision to the finished product, but I have to say that I LOVE what I see.

  19. I love love this! Very boutique-looking. People have been asking why I haven't posted anything on my craft blog lately. I have to remind people that we just moved to England and I have nothing to work with yet! 🙂

  20. I see what you mean about the pleats–they're super subtle, but I really like them. The scale of the top makes them look like really deep pleats, but they're still sweet and just give a little modern edge. I love this top–I bet when the new Liberty-style lawns come out from Alex Henry and Robert Kaufman next month, this top would be great in those!

  21. I *love* this outfit!!! Will you make one for my little girl??! I would love a tutorial for this!!!

  22. Hello!
    What a cute twist to the kimono pattern (the sleeves)!

    I like all your handmade dresses for your baby. I just posted a handmade teddy dress for mine 🙂

  23. Oh my goodness, you never cease to amaze me with all of your pattern drafting skills! Please PLEASE create a kimono pattern for the rest of us! That is so stinkin' cute (especially on Miss C) and I am racking my brain wondering if I can try to figure out how to make one for daughter. Bravo, Rae!

  24. that is adorable! i want one for me 🙂

    I never did comment on your previous post about craft blogs/pressure/commitment/et all. But it is definitely something I've struggled with, too. When I started my blog, I had no expectations of it being anything more than a place to share stuff with some of my blogging friends. Not that it's huge, but even the moderate attention I got early on surprised me and sucked me into demanding more of myself than I was able to realistically keep up with. Once I finally stepped back and just decided numbers didn't matter, and went back to my original attitude, I felt a huge weight lifted. I kept thinking of the verse from Desiderata "If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain or bitter,
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself." The blog was for me and if it wasn't motivating me and making me feel good, why do it? Anyway, just needed shout out a "me, too!"

    Also, i love your new profile pic. thought you should know.

  25. Is it so wrong of me to wish that I could again be a toddler dressed in an outfit like this? I know, I'm 46 and there are so many stylish clothes available, but this one is so dang cute and looks as comfy as the day is long! (After a certain age/weight, leggings and tunics just look too obviously like I'm hiding something!)
    Then again, maybe I'll just undertake it as a challenge to my limited skills and see what I can whip up!

  26. Cute outfit! You could also 'hem' the bottoms of the leggings with lace, that would look really cute! But who am I to be giving sewing advice…?? 🙂

    I just found your blog recently through Dana from Made. I love that you are teaching (or have taught?) your baby sign language! I'm teaching my baby (who will be 1 in a week!! Yikes!) a few signs as well. I LOVE it. It was so fun to see how quickly he picked up the meaning of certain words!

  27. This is so cute! Where did you get the pattern for the dress? I’d love to make it for my cousin’s baby.

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