Summer on my kitchen wall

I am extremely excited about my new kitchen wall makeover.  I can’t remember what put first put the idea in my head but earlier this year I got bit by the painting bug again.  It might also help that every advertising banner I see online right now seems to be for paint.

The color is Endless Summer from Mythic Paint. I believe I discovered this color in Cookie Magazine last year (can we all take a moment and silently weep into our coffee cups for Cookie?  WAAAAAAAHHHHH! OK, perhaps that was more of a full force sob).  But truly Cookie was the best magazine since Sassy. My heart just leapt a little when just I went to Cookie’s site to link it and saw that they still have a button up that says “Subscribe.” I thought, could it be?  But no, all that’s there is a big fat error message *more sobbing*. But back to my wall.  I had originally thought this color would go nicely in my bedroom, which is currently a deep shade of pumpkin orange but doing an entire bedroom over seemed too daunting.  As our kitchen was completely white I thought doing just one wall was just about the size project I was willing to commit to.  I like that the deeper color makes all my light-colored stuff pop.  The goose measuring cups were my inspiration point.

I know this is going to come out sounding like a product review post, but this paint is really awesome.  I love that it doesn’t smell at all (it’s low odor, zero-VOC) and of course I love the color, being a fan of all things turquoise.  If I was smarter I Mythic would be paying me to write this post.  But they’re not, so you know there’s absolutely no chance of writer bias here *snorts coffee out nose*.

Mr Rae put up the shelves this weekend. Being handy and handsome and smart, he is the Perfect Man (still puzzled as to why they didn’t hire him to do the Old Spice ads).  The shelves are of course from IKEA.

The above pictures were taken this morning as the sunlight came in (la-la-LOVE!), but I also love how in the evening the turquoise turns into a darker, almost peacock blue (below):

That picture perhaps gives you a better idea of what this room usually looks like.  Salad spinner = best toy EVAR.
And here’s a “before” shot.  I think the room looked bigger with the white walls but the new shelves make it look wider so it’s a decent trade.  I’ve ordered a new pendant lamp to replace the navy farmhouse one you see here but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll have to show you that later.  Can you find the goose measuring cups in this picture?  I can barely see them against the white wall.

: : Some other cool walls online : :
If you haven’t already seen Dana’s paint posts from her daughter Lucy’s room makeover you should go see; she has such fantastic taste when it comes to color and I love the grey stripes.  I also love Alicia’s studio paint color, although lately she’s been threatening to change the aqua and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.  Meg’s sewing room is another great shade of aqua awesome.  And what do we think of RED? This AT post has a great red wall.  So now I’m on the prowl for a new color to paint with.  Please share your paint ideas or inspiration pics!

UPDATED: A few people have commented and asked where we got some of the stuff shown in this post; I’ve put a list in the comments section.  Thanks for all your great comments!

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  1. Ooooh wow! That's a great before/after! I've been itching to paint, too… I've been loving all these painting posts in blogland. Thanks for sharing those inspiration photos, too!

  2. Beautiful! I'm always a bit scared to paint over white walls but the results are nearly always a massive improvement – and your kitchen looks stunning!

    When we moved into our flat the kitchen was under the yoke of some very beige cupboards, so we painted all the walls a bold teal colour and the chairs glossy red so the beige would fade into the background. You can kinda see the colour in the background of these pictures. Hoping to paint our bedroom a warm blue this week, but can't quite decide on which blue to go for…

  3. That's the exact colour my kitchen was in our last house. Oh, how I miss it! Your wall looks great! The shelves with the light-coloured dishes are the perfect touch.

  4. I LOVE that blue! Storing that away for our next house. Your whole kitchen is so bright and happy. Lovely.

    I, however, have no tears for Cookie. It was a bit too pretentious for me. Does anyone really buy $60 shirts for their kids? And "budget" vacations to Morocco? Cookie caters to a tier I have not yet reached.

  5. You and I are clearly drawn to the same colours. Now I covet that wall as well as your orange mixer. 🙂

    Beautiful idea and result, Rae!

  6. wow, so great!!! don't get rid of the navy pendant- it looks fantastic! your kitchen totally rocks.

  7. LOVE the new color and Im totally still in cookie withdrawal! sigh! the shelves are rad and the overall look is fantastic! ROCK ON!

  8. The new kitchen wall is fabulous! I have a question about the framed crate labels from the former wall – are they mounted between two pieces od glass? I have many and stuggle to find a cute way to display them.
    Knitsalot at comcast dot net

  9. My whole dinning room/kitchen is that color. I paired it with white and black accents. L.O.V.E. it!

  10. I just finished painting our mudroom! so funny we all seem to hae the painting bug. I love the color you chose!

  11. you're making me want to paint- wich coming from me is saying something!
    So funny your little one plays with the salad spinner, my boy got one from his nan for his 2nd birthday. It was the toy he used to love playing with most!

  12. Okay, I'm more excited about your shelving because we are planning on redoing our kitchen and we bought that shelving to replace cabinets. The funny thing is that Tom and I are about to repaint our LR, DR and hallway from colorful to a neutral white. I love your kitchen and it looks like you have a really fun house!

  13. Such a gorgeous blue! Though I can't believe you're getting rid of that light! I love that light! Though I'm sure your new one will be lovely too!

  14. Gorgeous color! I think your room is so much more interesting now and things really do pop. Love it!

  15. Gorgeous blue. I have similar in my bedroom and i love it.
    Yes, I can see the geese cups. It reminded me I had some just like them and have no idea where they went. I would never have thrown them out but I definitely dont have them anymore.

  16. Oh my word! I think I have just found the color for my front door! So so gorgeous!!!

  17. I absolutely love it!!!

    Tripp Trapps are the greatest invention ever – we love ours for our boys!

    Can I be crazy nosy, where did you get your table and other chairs?

  18. love the new color! it makes the kitchen look bigger, in my opinion 🙂 i am a huge mythic fan too! used it for our son's room when he was first born-no smell-amazing!

  19. i'm really curious anout your red & green chairs… high chairs? where are they from?? please share!

  20. i'm really curious anout your red & green chairs… high chairs? where are they from?? please share!

  21. OK you guys, here's the info for those of you who wanted to know where some of this stuff came from:

    The highchairs are Stokke TrippTrapps, we got one as a gift but I think we ordered the other one online.

    The table chairs are Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Side Chairs w/ the Eiffel bottoms, we got them from design within reach.

    The kitchen table came from IKEA, you know, to cancel out some of the bank we had to use to buy the chairs, lol.

    The crate labels we have on the white wall are framed b/w two layers of glass, we found those at BedBathandBeyond.

    No one asked this yet but just in case, the geese and teacups/creamer/sugar bowl all came from Anthro.

    I think I answered all of the questions! Thanks so much for all of your comments!

  22. Ooh, love your wall change! The shelves add a lot and the items you have displayed…tranquil. I also love LOVE that farmhouse light! Thanks for sharing.

  23. LURVE!!!! Girl! That super high shelf, the one over the door, is I think what makes the wall look GARGANTUAN. Love the paint color, love the way all the white dishes pop…just fabu.

    I kind of love the current lamp…can't wait to see one that's even BETTER!

  24. love that blue! I'm a little sad that we can't do anything like that while we're renting, but I guess it lets me focus on other things, like sewing and knitting! 🙂 great job!!

  25. Where did your farmhouse light come from? I want one for my dining room and my husband wants one for his barn/workshop!

  26. I love the Tripp Trapp chairs from Stokke. I was given one for each of my boys by my Dutch in-laws and 10 years later they are still in use. My family (American) had trouble understanding how we didn't need a high chair until they finally saw these in action–and have watched us adjust these chairs as the boys grow. A fantastic case study in design!

  27. My daughter and I would both like to tell you (and I quote her): That's Beyooooooooootifullllll!

  28. Well your kitchen just looks amazing! The color is so bright and vivid and the goose cups truly do pop more than they did before. I'll have to try the salad spinner on my babe. He digs stainless steel bowls and wooden spoons but I'm sure the spinner would keep him entertained as well!

  29. When my son was around C's age he loved playing with the salad spinner too. But it had to be our salad spinner, even if it was the same kind at somebody else's house it wouldn't work. It was kinda funny. I too heart turquois, but we are renters and are not allowed to paint. So I guess I can live vicariously through you and Dana.

  30. I love this color! Seriously I just love color in a kitchen and this is so gorgeous! great choice!!!

  31. I love it, Rae! Just absolutely love it. I've got the paint bug at my house too–just painted a bathroom the grooviest deep orange ever. Oh–and no. you. don't. have an orange kitchenaid. Because that would be just too much for me to handle.

  32. LOVE!!

    I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your lickety split bag pattern. I used my bag today and i got a ton of compliments and one woman even took down your website information so she could make her own!
    Thanks for the wonderful patterns!

  33. My favorite color blue AND a Sassy reference all in one post? My head exploded, dude. Just POOF! Now I have to go clean that up. 😉

  34. oh my my my!!! I LOVE that color! Such a cute kitchen. Good makeover.
    And thanks for the little link too 🙂

  35. So pretty! I love the blue and I LOVE LOVE the orange mixer! Also, I have that same Embarcadero pear print. Love those fruit crate labels :o)

  36. Beautiful! I love the color and am a fellow Tripp Trapp high chair lover- we have black and brown- I wish I chose more bold colors with them, but still love them as high chairs. Love your blog!

  37. BEAUTIFUL just beautiful! Your Geese must be very happy:) I was browsing through your last few posts and saw the romper/sun bonnet. I ALMOST jumped out of my seat…I have the SAME vintage sheet!!!! Picked it up at yard sale for .50 cents! Still trying to decide what it's goin to be…
    Happy Tuesday

  38. Love it, but even better, I love the recommend for the Mythic. I've been trying to decide which paint will be the least smelly and it's hard to find anyone who's actually used it and will give an honest opinion. I have many many many cream colored walls to cover and I need no odor. Thanks for sharing; I'm going to check out some other pages for inspiration. (and, yes, Mythic should at least pick up the snaps of the goose cups for a brochure!)

  39. I love the color, but I always heard you're not supposed to paint a kitchen blue because it will make your food sad. I'm not superstitious, yet still, I thought you should know. 🙂

  40. Oh now I have wall envy! Looks great!

    And . . . Sassy Magazine. How you take me back to a good, good place.

  41. This is the exact color that my kitchen was in our last home. Oh, how I miss! Your wall is very similar! Shelves with light-coloured dishes are the perfect touch.

  42. In the existing post the kitchen wall color is so fantastic. Its look so awesome. I love this blue color. Thanks for the Information and Increasing my knowledge.

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