Anyone feel like making a pair of baby pants tonight?

This is so typical Rae.  I am poised to make this Big Butt Baby Pants pattern available and despite the oodles of samples and measuring I have done to get to this point, I am currently having my classic anxiety that this is all not going to work.  Specifically, I think my sizing may be off for the 18-24 month and 2T sizes.

SO…I’ll put this out there in hopes that someone can help me out with this: if you think you could pattern test for me one of those two sizes, leave a comment letting me know what size you’d like to try and then shoot me an email so I can send it to you this evening.  Ideally you would have a child you could try these on and be able to give me a little feedback in the next day or so.  The ability to take a picture of your finished product would also be helpful. 

Please check the comments section to see what others have written before emailing; I’ll just need one or two people to try each size, and you would of course get a nice final copy of the pattern for your very own for your trouble.

Thanks guys!

UPDATE (7 PM): Wow, thank you so much to those who have offered to help. I’m all set here so you’ll get an email from me if I need ya.  Thanks!

23 thoughts on “Anyone feel like making a pair of baby pants tonight?

  1. Hi Rae,
    I'd love to try out the pattern for my 2T son. If you shoot me the pattern tonight, I'll make it up, and put them on him tomorrow. I should be able to get you pics before Noon (Pacific Time) if that works for you.

    carolina {at} carolinamoore {dot} com

  2. Looks like you're long, but I can do 2T if you still need help.

    chickenjulie at! yahoo dot com

  3. I would like to have size 12-18 months. I could get it done and pics to you by Thursday night. Thanks Rae!

  4. I actually was looking for a sewing project for this evening (and have been anxiously awaiting this pattern!). My "little" guy is in 3T, so I could do either size (and just not try them on an actual kid).

  5. I just picked up 3/4 yard of AH Route 66 fabric with intentions of making my little guy some pants. He's 13 months but 25 pounds and cloth diapered, so we are somewhere btw. the 18-2T range. If you are still looking for testers, would love to try your pattern.


  6. I realize I'm a bit late on the draw but I would be thrilled to try out the 2T size for you. I've got fabric ready to go for just such a project. And I'd be more than happy to take some pics. My son LOVES to model. HA!

  7. I could do 18-24 months if you still need someone, but it looks like you're well covered already. Shoot me an email if you do need me.


  8. I have an average size two year old that could use some pants… But I see that many people have beat me to the punch, so I won't clog your inbox, but if you need someone, I'm here!

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