Fall Jumper for Clementine

I finished a fall jumper for Clementine for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge this afternoon and wanted to quick share:

Fall jumper for Clementine

Fall jumper for Clementine

I am a bit of a dreamer when it comes to planning my projects, and I wanted the KCWC projects I chose to be JUST about sewing for my kids, not about getting patterns on the blog or anything else. So it was great to just sit down in my sewing room on Monday and think “what do I want to make for my kids?” and peruse my stash, etc.  But of course I ended up wasting my first day’s hour just thinking and planning, so at the end of day 1 all I had to show for it was this:

Day 1: KCWC

So I rallied yesterday and today with a bit of sewing, so at least I have one thing to show for it.  I love that it’s reversible and will go with so many things in her wardrobe!  Boo-yah.

By the way, today Meg’s giving away the new Oliver+S Music Box Jumper sewing pattern so get off your butts and get over there right quick to enter!  And I la-la-love those grey cords too…

31 thoughts on “Fall Jumper for Clementine

  1. Fantastic. Did the pattern call for reversible w/ piping or did you do that on your own? It is a gorgeous dress – lovely colours.

  2. Oh, I so understand spending all your "sewing" time picking and choosing what you'll do next! I love the jumper you made; it's beautiful!

  3. so so cute and I love that it's reversible! I can't even tell you how much time I waste dreaming up projects and then changing my mind. I think it goes through my brain all-day-long. eeek!

  4. Totally love this. The colors are a perfect choice!

    I'll put that type of jumper on my to-do-list :). My little girl would look lovely in it. Thank you for showing!

  5. Love it, it's gorgeous

    Do you think you are going to sell a License to Sell on the baby pants?, right now I'm making ones that are similar but not your pattern, just one that I made long ago but I think yours will be better.

  6. i have that same pattern! haven't used it yet, though 🙁 LOVE what you did with it. i've been super inspired by simple a-line cord dresses too lately. love how nice they are for doing simple & fun color combos.

  7. Mmmmm, what a delicious fabric combination! And I adore the green for coming into fall! Beautiful job Miss Rae; Clementine is a lucky little girl. I think my utopia is sewing baby girl clothes….

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