Pinkety pinkety pink. Pink. Pink.

I used to be pretty anti-pink for girls but now I find myself not caring so much. It’s gone the way of most of the idealistic rantings of my twenties, meaning now not only do I realize that I’m pretty much a hypocrite but I’m comfortable with it.  All that to say yes I do dress my baby girl in pink. And speaking of being a hypocrite, I know I just had a mini-freakout over not having my kids’ names or pictures on my blog a couple months ago, but I went back and forth and then just decided to heck with it I had to show you this picture. (If it’s gone tomorrow you’ll know I had another mini-freakout. In the meantime, please do not use any of these pictures for your own use)

“how big is clementine? so big!” with spaghetti

This is actually another one of the many Tee for Two by Patterns By Figgy’s* I’ve made this month, this time in the 12 month size.  Love it. Jenny over at SIDAC just made one too (Elliot would be so jealous of that one. He is going through a strong Beatles phase) and reading her comment about the neckhole being a little tight reminded me that I too had that issue and ended up adding about an inch or two to the neckband for both kids and cutting the neck hole about 1/4″ larger.  If you have Big Headed Babies too you may find this helpful.  

I decided spur-of-the-moment after making that Lion Tee to applique this one too (just haven’t had time to take pics with it on yet, OK actually if you must know I think I lost it), so the pic below is what it looks like now (wherever it is).  I love the ice cream applique, definitely.  But there’s something great about the non-embellished tee that I’m kind-of missing now.  Oh well. Move on, Rae….good grief it’s not like it’s ruined:

I know that based on a lack of evidence to the contrary you must think that I put a ridiculous headband on Clementine every day of the week.  But in fact that is not so.  Usually she does not wear anything in her hair, but it’s getting so crazy and unruly that for blog pictures I’ve been headbanding it up so that you won’t think she’s Einstein’s love-child.  Case in point:

here we are with our Beco baby carrier and some crazy hair

Other blahdeeblah around here:

  • WIPS: One of the reasons I haven’t had much to show for myself lately is that I’ve been a) on vacation, b) working on top-secret Sew Mama Sew tutorials, and c) working on the Bonsai Bag again, in case you didn’t already guess from this post.  And FYI there will be a Bonsai sample giveaway on this blog very soon.  Yes you heard that right. 
  • TWITTER: I put my Twitter up on the sidebar but I know that most of you don’t actually come TO the blog as you read with your Readers.  So if you want to be privy to my daily blatherings you can check out madebyrae on Twitter.  I probably post once a day at most.  And it’s usually pretty dull, to be completely honest, but there at least you know about it now.
  • KIDS NAMES: I decided that it was stupid to not use my kids’ names on the blog when I hadn’t had the time to go back and delete all of the past posts that had their names in them. Especially since now with these little links at the bottom of each post, their names pop up more now than ever.  If and when I ever get a chance to delete them, it will be easier just to do a find and replace on the entire blog and do it all at once.
  • KCWC: Have you seen that Meg is doing the Kid’s Clothes Week again??? Yippee!  I totally missed it last time but I really really want to this time.  Marking. It. On. The. Calendar. There are special buttons for you over there if you want to sew along too!

*UPDATED for Full Disclosure: Since meeting in “real life” earlier this year, Karen and I have become friends and now have playdates with our kids every few weeks or so.  I guess that’s just how life goes.   I actually didn’t have the full pattern when I wrote this post since Karen had given me a computer printout taped together with masking tape precut to Elliot’s size.  Since the writing of this post PBF’s has very kindly given me a Tee for Two pattern so now I can at least claim to own a real copy.  Am I biased in writing this post? Absolutely. Does that mean this pattern is any less awesome?  I sure hope not!

    50 thoughts on “Pinkety pinkety pink. Pink. Pink.

    1. Hah! I still haven't given up the anti-pinkness. The pink toy aisle in Target still makes me want to barf. But I have loosened up a little. Pink stripes in the middle of multicolored stripes. Polka dots the same. Pink flowers have always been okay because flowers come in pink. My daughter's around the same age as yours, and I'm trying to milk the no-pink until she demands it, verbally, on her own.

    2. You are so funny! And thanks for the link back! She is so cute and the shirt is adorable and I'm going to follow you on Twitter now even though I am a terrible tweeter. See ya!

    3. You know what I find funny about the pink-for-girls blue-for-boys is that I read it used to be the opposite as recently as the early 20th century. They used pink for boys because it was diluted red (a masculine color) and blue for girls because Mary (you know, mother of Jesus) is often depicted in blue. Isn't it funny how society gets ruled by these totally arbitrary things?

    4. I too was anti-pink! We did our little girl's room in blues and yellows with lilac accents. When she moved out of the nursery, it went to green with pink flower accents. To get that child in something other than pink or purple is impossible! But your little cutie (as well as mine) has good coloring for pink (i don't) so I think it's ok!

    5. I love the shirt, headband, and pink! I was never anti-pink but now find myself laughing at the many things I said I would "never" do (like let me kid eat plain pasta for dinner! haha! if she'll eat it, I'm happy!)

    6. Love the picture of you two! Darling! And pinkety pink pink is fabuloso. I'm so glad you made Clem a cute raglan tee too. It's really cool/cute.
      And seriously, she has got to be one of the cutest kids I know. Okay, both of your kids are. I just want to give her a little kiss on the cheek! (in a not-so-weird-she-feels-like-a-friend-of-the-family kind of way) Okay, i'm rambling.
      Cute stuff rae

    7. Cute cute cute pics. I'm still all boy here but expecting #2 and contemplating names… clementine has been on my list for some time now! Does she have a nickname?

    8. Oh, she is too cute! Honestly – I'm considering investing in a headband with a big flower on it, because my hair looks that fuzzy pretty much every day!

    9. She is too cute! I'm glad you posted them. Adorable.

      I am also excited for the kids clothing week. I have a couple things in mind I'd like to sew:).

      I took a picture of my son and have also been going back and forth on using it, because it is so cute! I decided last night after looking at it one more time that it's too cute not to post:). It's hard because I love to see faces in pictures, but I totally hear you on your other post about it all. I have mini-freak outs as well!

      I feel like I should now stop with The End. πŸ™‚

    10. Rae – I have changed my mind about almost everything since my daughter was born. Our kids our almost exactly the same age – it's nice to know I'm not the only one. πŸ™‚
      I just love your blog!!!

    11. Glad you were okay with putting the photos on the blog (I understand your concern) 'cuz they are the cutest!

    12. ok anti pink ladies. I am not foo foo and I used to think pink was over utilized. But I only have one daughter and she looks great in pink so what the heck in a couple years she porbably wont want to wear it anyway. And hey it looks great with all kinds of other colors too. So go a little crazy and add some pink. You might find you like it:-)

    13. Adorable t-shirt! My theory about why little girls love pink is that it's because everything made for girls is pink. So I generally try to avoid it if I can (for my pink-obsessed 3-year-old). But the good thing about pink is that everything coordinates πŸ˜‰

    14. Talk to Gabrielle at DesignMom about using kids' names and pics. She's uses hers (all 6), and I'm sure she has some reason for it. First, middle, last… everything thing. She will totally write back to you — she's the most wonderful comment responder that I've come across. I think she responds to every single comment. pfew… sounds tiring.

    15. i love pink more than chocolate. wait – no, yeah, that's true.

      i used to block the bean's eyes out of pictures back in the day and then when she won a photo contest, i gave it up. i still don't use any real names, though.

      LOVE the beco. just sold mine, but kept the ergo. ah, how i loved carrying the bean around.

    16. fantastic!!

      Clementine looks beautiful in pink. No reason to boycott it anymore when she looks so adorable in it! :o)

    17. she's lovely! so cute and you can see her own personality coming out! very nice in pink indeed! thanks for sharing!

    18. Recently a color I've always referred to as putrid green has been used in some fabric designs, and it look great when mixed in with pinks, browns, and some blues. If they can make that color look good, I'm open to anything! I guess it's not so much the color as it is how you use it.

    19. 3 things:
      -I don't give my daughter plain spaghetti enough.
      -Your daughter has spectacular cheeks
      -when she is old enough, she will request pink. they always do, especially if mommy doesn't like it.

    20. I am completely in love with her!!

      That shirt is incredibly adorable… And this is coming from someone who usually keeps pink to a minimum. Sometimes, it is very necessary and welcome – like now. πŸ™‚

    21. I just recently started posting photos of my son too — I know it can feel nerve wracking at first! I'm expecting a girl now, and although there are some girl things that I'm a bit hesitant about embracing, I don't mind the pink. πŸ™‚

    22. i'm mostly anti-pink too, but my husband loves it on our daughters. i just love blue and green so much that those colors need equal representation in a girl's wardrobe πŸ™‚
      i can't wait to make a few of these shirts; need more hours in the day.

    23. so cute! I totally gave up caring what they actually pick out to wear. It's fun to see my girls express themselves, even if it is mostly wacky! can't wait for kids clothes week, i have a whole stack of fabric I have just for making stuff for them – I'm crazy!

    24. so cute! I totally gave up caring what they actually pick out to wear. It's fun to see my girls express themselves, even if it is mostly wacky! can't wait for kids clothes week, i have a whole stack of fabric I have just for making stuff for them – I'm crazy!

    25. Oh my gosh, you captured the best moments of that spaghetti meal! In the last one, it looks like her mouth has turned into a black hole. Too cute!

    26. She's beautiful and you're photos are giving this menopausal crone baby lust! Stop it, whippersnapper! The T-shirt rocks with and without the ice cream (I partial to the with) and the pink doesn't come across as Barbie barf me pink, but more like a cool-chick pink. And there is no extra charge for the awesomeness!

    27. I was so anti-pink with my first daughter that she was dressed in what I thought were unisex clothes, until I went to put them on my 2nd daughter. I was kidding myself. They were boys clothes. Now with 4 girls I do a separate pink wash. It's not so much the colour I was against, but the whole stereotyping/ pigeon-holing of girls. I still hate it when people are unable to recognise that a child is a girl, simply because she is wearing a colour other than pink.

      Anyway, yours were very cute pictures. It's sad that one needs to be so concerned about publishing photos of kids online, so thanks for sharing

    28. I too go back and forth about using my kids faces and names on my blog, and had at one time wrote this post about it. I've changed my stance a little on my newer blog. I use nicknames and faces, but I put a watermark with my blog address down the middle of all my photos – makes it a little more difficult to steal my little one's pictures.

      Your kids are so cute, as are the clothes you make.

    29. Cute kid. πŸ™‚

      So will the Bonsai bag be a free pattern or a pay one? I'm itching to make some for Christmas gifts, ya know. I've been waiting for you to have a chance to get it finished up, not that you have your hands full or anything. πŸ˜‰

    30. Clementine is sooo cute! love the wild hair!

      Can't wait to get the Bonsai bag pattern! I was really admiring yours in Vermont!

    31. I'm making (another) Buttercup for my Mother-in-law of velveteen and hemp silk and cannot wait to try the new one!

      As for Pink….since it's one fo the few colors I wear other than black, I've never had issue with pinkness for girls. For some reason, though, I tend to shy away from it too much when making things for Ella. She just looks so much better in blue!

      BabyC on the other hand, was MADE for pink and looks so incredibly adorable in her tee (with or without icecream.)

      I'm loving ALL of your T42 renditions!

    32. hey rae – thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚ i'm sorry you didn't win the pumpkin shirt because it's NOT pink!!! i love non-pink girl stuff, but i love pink stuff, too. & actually my SON is the one pining for a pink cowboy hat! too funny!
      ps: i MUST get that pattern – i love all the t's you've made with it.
      pps: i don't know what to call myself! kelly-buttercupbag-nyc???!!! hahahaa!!!

    33. you have absolutely beautiful children! love their hair. the white blonde is amazing. I have brown hair and both my kids got red–it's funny how genes work. I am sewing your toddler backpack right now for both my kids, so wish me luck! My sewing skills are a little rusty, and I'm hoping they come out nice are not too frankensteined.

    34. I used to be against pink, too…and I don't even have a daughter, but my older son likes it.

      Cutest little girl ever! Seriously, ever. And I hope that doesn't sound creepy. I hesitated posting pictures of my kids' faces, but wth, right? I try not to post my friends' kids though because most of them don't even know I have a blog and I don't own those kids.

    35. I'm still pretty anti-pink, but I've let my guard down a few times. I feel like I've stopped having to be so vigilant about the ghastly gross pink clothes, and now I have to be vigilant about ghastly gross pink toys.

      And OMG, I remember when it was E in that Beco, a little backpack o' baby!

    36. oh so cute.. I LOVE the below pic too of your two napping together(well sort of)! awwww! And I have to say aww your little girl looks like you ..although you don't have crazy baby einstein hair πŸ˜‰ I have read your blog awhile now.. LOVE it! I'm friends with Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood…she has me hooked on following blogs…and soon to be sewing. Such FUN!
      oh and I wanted to add… I previously..a long long time ago had asked your little ones names…not to be creepy or anything..just to be curious I LOVE baby names (have 2 boys Josh and Idyn)…anyway.. I'm glad to know you are sharing them again.. they are beautiful names…

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