Felt Letters for Clementine’s Room

Yesterday I finished these felt letters for Clementine’s nursery. They had been sewn and stuffed months ago but I had this idea that they would all hang individually from the tension wire that holds up her curtains and then when I tried it and realized they would spin around and half of the letters would be backwards I gave up and for months there’s been a hanging “Cle” in her room with a backwards “e.” The solution ended up being a strand of clear thread which runs through the letters and is looped at the ends so it can hang from nails.  And now I’m so geeked about how cool this turned out that I look for excuses to wander into the nursery and stare at it.

I will freely admit that the idea for these letters was not mine. I saw similar letters featured in Small Magazine last year and now it is driving me nuts that I just wasted a half hour looking for the page I saw them on and can’t find it. Anyway they are from an etsy shop called MiCiMaLand that sells them in double cool Learn-to-Spell sets like this one.  At the time they also offered custom name sets ($2/letter if I remember correctly) but now it looks like they’ve stopped selling them and if I had had half a brain I would have just ordered a set from them instead of trying to make them myself.  I waffled about it for awhile but in the end the Dutch Girl in me just had to add it all up and decide that $20 for all TEN letters of Clementine’s name was too much to fork over and by gum I could just make those myself. Kicking myself now, thinking about how long it took to cut out each of those letters and then stitching and stuffing them by hand…did I mention there are TEN letters in her name? This is a classic example of the should-I-make-it-or-buy-it inner debate going awry. And if you are thinking $34 for a full set of hand-stitched letters is too much, you should think again.

If you have a child with a sensible short-lettered name, you might yet decide you want to make your own set.  For those of you who are still nodding, here’s a brief how-to.


1. Buy some nice brightly colored wool felt (here or here are nice, feel free to share your favorite sources in comments).  Acrylic does not look as nice but go ahead if you must.

2. Print out the name using a large font.  Block letters work well. Mine were Cooper font size 400 in Word.

3. Place a piece of felt over each printed letter and hold it up to a window so the light shines through.  Trace the letter onto the felt with disappearing ink or with a light pencil.

4. Cut letters. I put two layers of felt together and cut them out two at a time.

5. Whipstitch the two layers together around all the edges.  For letters that have holes in the middle (like e, b, d), stitch around the holes first, then do the outside of the letter.

You can see the stitches pretty clearly in the picture above. Uneven stitches add to the handmade charm of these letters (repeat after me).

6.  Leave a hole open so you can stuff the letters.  Don’t over-stuff them or the stitches will pull out.  Too much stuffing also makes them bend oddly…you don’t want that!

7.  Sew the letters shut.

8. Using clear quilting thread or fishing line, thread the letters together, tying the ends of the thread into loops for hanging.  Hang and enjoy!

And here are some other things I’ve made with felt for you to peruse should you feel so inclined:

69 thoughts on “Felt Letters for Clementine’s Room

  1. These remind me of projects my mom started me sewing with. Felt is the best, with no unraveling and hosts of fun colors.

  2. First: those are precious. I love it. Also love the shade of yellow the wall is painted is awesome.
    Second: where do you find wool felt? I usually only find acrylic and that melts (whoops).
    Third: if I make some of these, I will print out your hand-stitched charm mantra and repeat it as I go (because my handstitching leaves much to be desired).
    That is all 🙂

  3. I love felt! I made some sachets last Christmas with cheap felt. Stuffed them with scented tissue paper and added them to gifts. It'd be nice to find non-dollar store felt.

  4. I did the same thing…saw a cute felt alphabet, but it was like $60! Crazy right? (nope!) So I stupidly decided to make them myself. After finishing A, I decided to just make his name and not the whole alphabet. 🙂 (Five letters…..took forever.)

  5. Look at you rockin' the blog posts :). Go YOU!

    These are ADORABLE … and the wall color is the perfect shade to set them off. Love it!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I really enjoy the simpleness of this design and how beautiful it looks against the wall. It is just perfect.

  7. That looks great! And just think, if she had a shorter name, it wouldn't have filled the wall space nearly as nicely. 😉

  8. so cute rae! and yes, I always try and ask myself if whether or not I should just buy something or try and make it, most of the time I just end up buying it. 🙁

  9. Ca-UTE!!! And I love the fact that you're confident enough to tell us that you find excuses to go geek out over them, 'cause you should. 😀

  10. What a fabulous idea project!! I love the name Clementine. My 2 1/2 year old's middle name is Clementine and she quite enjoys walking around saying her full name. "I Zoey Clementine Meeeeeeller!" Thanks for your creativity and love of sharing it with us all!

  11. You know I made something like this a number of years ago but cheated. Yep I did them up on my sewing machine because I was running out of time… we just cut our letters out a little bigger and then did a simple straight stitch as close to the edges as possible. once i stuffed them i did stitch that section up by hand. Some we decided had too much edge so we used pinking shears to trim off the excess. (my son helped me, henceforth the we…)

    Now I need to get my tail in gear and make up a bunch of these as baby gifts. Only 4 sets to go!! 🙂

    (love your colors and can't wait to look up your wool felt source!)

  12. Those are seriously cute!!! I LOVE them…and I know exactly how you feel with the 'make it yourself' or just 'buy it' debate 🙂

  13. Oh my word!

    Ok and the banner – I think I just fell in love with felt!! Can you recommend a good idea book for felt crafts??


  14. well, they look great. my sister used to make letters like this for herself and her friends, all monogram-esqe, in the 80s. she was super cool and so are you 🙂 love them.

  15. These turned out so cute!! FYI in an effort to use less ink I always use the "outline" option on the font before I print. Anyway, super cute!

  16. Oh, I love this idea! The letters look beautiful , and I really like the colors ! I will try this at home!! Marie

  17. So cute! I might have to make them for my niece and nephew. Clementine is such a lovely name, by the way.

  18. Those little letters are adorable. I do not have kids .. … so I will have to make them for my pets!
    Thank you for sharing the how-to.

  19. Hi, I'm a newish reader. They are awesome I understannd what you mean about 10 letters, my daughters name is Charlotte, nine letters creating for them can be a big job. I do love it though, felt always makes me smile, I dont know if its the bold colours or it's cozy look?

    Kylie – tigesandweince.blogspot.com

  20. Oh, LOVE. I found a tutorial in my 2010 Crafts Calendar for wall letters…and I think this is the kick in the pants I needed to get these done by Christmas. LURVE.

  21. Oh…but that means I need to choose baby boy's name, like, NOW. And, of course, the name we're thinking of has 9 letters…and E's is 9….and M's is 8….OK wow. My poor kids are NEVER going to learn to spell their names!! Love the colors, these look so great on the wall!

  22. That is so adorable! I will be making that in the spring once our new baby is here!! I made the birthday banner for our son's room with his whole name. (we did 2 middle names it's long) Thanks for a cute idea!! isenbergersfriesnburgersatgmaildotcom

  23. They're lovely! I love the 3D look you've achieved by stuffing them. I think a few simple homemade decorations look great in children's bedrooms.

  24. Rae, those look adorable!!! *almost* as cute as little miss clementine herself!!

    (and i totally feel your pain, my little one's name is Coraline … not as many letters as yours but still quite a few!!)

  25. This is such a very good idea you have here. I also remembered my room when I was young. I have my name on the top of my bed but it was not made of felt.

  26. Those letters are fab – what lucky children to have such a talented mum! Your blog always has great ideas. I made the heart garland a while back – a great success! Thank you!

  27. Oh my that's adorable! My "I can make that" gene often leads me astray, so I feel your pain. BUT they turned out great! And I love, love, love the color of Clementine's walls. Yum.

  28. okay, as always – you rock. we've been wanting some fun letters for the bean's room, but haven't done a damn thing about it. and now i can just do it with your super easy tutorial!

    have i told you lately that i love you?

  29. Love this, I have a ridiculous amount of felt to use up, so I'll make some for Christmas gifts this year I think!

  30. So cool! I need to do this. Unfortunately my daughters names are Adeline & Beatrice — not quite as long as Clementine, I guess! This reminded me of another project I saw on another blog (don't remember whose) — a magnetic fabric alphabet for the fridge.

  31. I heart the heart garland. Please, can you make us a tutorial of it?
    Love your blog!

  32. Adorable!! I love the name Clementine too!
    I might make a Happy Birthday banner and share it on my blog…..will definately be linking back if/when I do!

  33. These are wonderful! Somehow I missed this post the first time around and I just found it through the little roundup over on The Long Thread that she did yesterday or today. Anyway, love these. I think I may make an alphabet set to use for preschool time. Thanks so much for sharing!

  34. Just made these for my soon-to-come little girl, many thanks for the lovely idea!! Btw, as for the stitching, I actually did a blanket stitch with heavy white thread, came out nicely! 🙂

  35. Well, this post inspired me to create my own alphabet set…in both upper and lower case.

    Currently I have cut out all the felt letters (in two manic evenings of senciling and cutting – my thumb actually went numb from the press of the scissors!)…now to sew together and stuff all the pieces…only 52 to do…a doddle, right? :}

  36. I thought I was the only one going ga-ga over these letters. Personally, ^0 bucks is alot for me to shell out so I am going to make the 26 letters myseld. It took me three hours to make a and b but I keep telling myself.. 60 bucks 60 bucks because one way or another, i want want want these cute stuffed alphabet!!

  37. Hi Rae, Its wonderfull!!! I was looking for how-to-make-stuffed-letters everywhere last week, n today accidently stumbled into your page.
    Got a question though, what sort of stuffing was used and how did you manage to insert the stuffing into all those bended letters so well ??

    • Hi Mahima!

      I just used the poly stuffing available at most craft stores…and I used a pencil to poke it in around those corners. 🙂

  38. This is such a cute project! Where did you get your felt? I love the colors that you picked.

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