Last minute cow.

Yes, those are Elliot’s training pants. I’d like to say they’re clean but…yeah.

Dana’s going to spit out her coffee when she sees this because the other day when we were chatting I was all “blahdeeblahdeeblah, I NEVER make my kid’s Halloween costumes, blahdeeblahdeeblah!”  You know, acting like I was too busy to waste time making something that only gets worn once or twice. Well now I’m just a big fat liar. The cow flannel that a friend gave me last year when her mom was throwing away fabric was just too irresistible I guess. And wouldn’t you know, that Martha and her hat pattern … it has these side seams that are just perfect for sewing in ears.

If you are doing some last-minute Halloween sewing and want to make one of your own, you’ll have to enlarge it: the pattern prints for me at 6 inches wide without seam allowances (so 12″ total), so for an 18″ head I printed at 150%, you can figure out how much you need to enlarge by dividing 12/(head circumference) and multiplying by 100 to get the % you need. Then don’t forget to add seam allowances, the pattern is actually made for felt and therefore doesn’t include them.

The body was a trace of a snowsuit without the feet. I added a zipper in the back for easy in/out.


15 thoughts on “Last minute cow.

  1. she is the cutest girl ever and that costume is so cool :-). i wish we had halloween here, too. i guess i have to wait for carneval to sew costumes for my girls.

  2. Awesome πŸ™‚ The only way my kids were getting homemade this year was if Aunt LoLo made them…so she did πŸ˜‰

  3. She looks so cuddlely in all that flannel!

    I felt the same way about making my daughter (13mths) a costume but in the end I made one too. (at least older kid costumes can go in a dress-up box since they don't grow out of them so fast.)
    She is a ninja. I made black tights, black long sleeve shirt and tabi socks with canvas bottoms; at least she can re-wear the individual pieces later.

  4. Oh Rae, how wonderful and funny!
    Well done, Dana should indeed better watch out with that coffee πŸ˜‰

    Sabine C

  5. hahahahaha.
    Oh wait…SPIT…and hahahaaha.
    I love it. I'm so glad you got crafty and sewed something up. Um, simply adorable. She's too cute!

  6. Very cute.
    I'm at your blog courtesy of CraftGossip (the stuffed letters are amazing) and I love your sense of humour. I also love that we share a blog title – mine's called "made by bronwyn" and my Halloween sewing is there for all to see!

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