Am baaaack….

OK, so you probably didn’t know I was gone.  But we were on vacation last week.  Can you guess where?  Here’s a clue: I got to wear my new sandals all week.

Also spotted, the suits I made for Elliot last year:


And Clementine’s sunbonnet got plenty of use:

And for the one cooler day we had all week, a nice breezy floral top:

that is ice water, not her usual pina colada. KIDDING!

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we were in Mexico with Mr Rae’s family for our second annual “Christmas trip” (which replaces our normal Christmas gift exchange). It was a good trip overall despite a pretty rough start to the week (lost luggage, an unexpected hospital visit for my BIL, he’s OK now though don’t worry). It was tons easier traveling with a 15-month-old Clementine this year; last year she was 3 months old…ack! Anyway, it’s nice to be back home but I sure do miss the warm humid weather! Although with temperatures close to 60 degrees today I can’t say it’s that cold here in Michigan either.

I made myself a swimsuit cover-up that I can’t wait to show you, so more on that this week hopefully!

19 thoughts on “Am baaaack….

  1. Clementine and Elliot are adorable all decked out in your creations! Sounds like a fun trip (mostly)!

  2. How fun! I love tropical Christmases 🙂 We're coming up on our third family "Christmas at Sea." For the past three years we've gone on a cruise with our extended family for the week of Christmas in lieu of exchanging ugly sweaters and useless gadgets. It's FABULOUS!!!

    Can't wait to see your new coverup!

  3. I'm not sure what I'm more envious about, the tropical getaway or that your 15 month old will keep a hat on her head!

  4. Wow! 60 degrees sounds so warm right now. It's 27 here in the Twin Cities!

    Love the bonnets. My mom used to put me in those all the time as a baby. She is so cute!

  5. Your kids are adorable, and (unlike mine) look so much alike! Sunbonnets look like much more fun to make than the fleece hats I whipped up for my kids this past weekend….

  6. I knew something was missing! So glad you had a fun time! What a great tradition. Elliot's suit looks great and Clementine?… well could she get any cuter?!?!? Nuh-uh.

  7. I second Sascha's envies! You have such an adorable family and I can't wait to see the cover-up. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Can't wait to see your swimsuit cover-up, and I love the pics of your lil toe head! Would give anything to be in a tropical climate right now!! Sounds super fun!

  9. Ok…seeing that floral shirt again reminded me to ask…are you going to put a pattern together & sell it (or possibly even tute it)? I bought some AMH Innocent Crush to make my girls something for Christmas & that seems like it would be perfect!

  10. Looks like Heaven. I am in love with the bonnet.Do you have the tutorial or sell the pattern I really need it:).

  11. I love the bonnets, especially the floral bonnet! We're not supposed to envy, but a vacation certainly sounds nice! Glad ya'll made it home safely…

  12. I love Elliot's hair! I have two younger brothers that had hair just like that. Super white, and my mother wouldn't cut it very often. The youngest had curly hair too, and she wouldn't cut it until he was SIX! And that was only because he begged to have "big boy hair."

  13. 60! That's a freaking heat wave!

    Love the family vacation idea and the cute clothes. I think the adorable kids in them contribute greatly to the charm, of course.

  14. Those sandals Rock! Wish my size wasn't sold out.

    Hope you had a great Vac! Minus the rough start – looks like it was fun.

  15. Welcome back! I just can't stop looking at your little girls Floral top. Simply georgeus. One of your creations?

  16. So glad you all had a blast! I work in Immigration and get to hear nothing but horror stories of Mexico, so glad that someone got to witness some of the beauty of it!

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