Another Lickety Split Mini-Bag!

One of the benefits of having two sisters is that I have two guinea pigs to test out purses. Both seesters have birthdays in August and September, so I made the Owl Mini-Bag for Kricket and since Elli wanted a new Lickety Split (Sorry, this pattenr is no longer available!) I decided to make her a Mini-Bag too.  She liked the red duck one I made for myself (it’s also shown below) so much I almost gave her that one, but I knew she would never turn down a bag with more pockets. So I did four pockets inside and outside, meaning it is completely reversible. I knew she loved it when she immediately stuffed a knitting project into it.

Fabric: Red Letter Day by Lizzy House

Here you can really see the size difference between the Mini-Bag and the original Lickety Split:

The instructions for making a mini-bag from the Lickety Split Bag Sewing Pattern are here, and they’re brief but passable if you want to make your own.  Update: the Lickety Split pattern is no longer available.

I did take step-by-step pictures of this one as I made it so if there’s interest I could sell the pieces/instructions for this one separately and/or bundle it with the original to include separate mini-bag pattern pieces plus step-by-step instructions for both. I’ve gotta be honest though I’m a little “meh” about turning this into another project when I’ve got other new things flying around in my head that are vying for my attention. There’s alot of time commitment involved so if what you have on the blog already is enough to get by, let’s just leave it that way, y’know what I’m saying?

7 thoughts on “Another Lickety Split Mini-Bag!

  1. Very cute! I love the idea of using them for knitting projects…I usualy have a few going at a time.

  2. I finally bought the LSB pattern because I loved the mini one! Still trying to find the the time to make it. Hmmmm maybe today!

  3. I keep seeing the Lickety Split bag pop up..maybe it's a sign! 🙂 Can you tell me what the dimensions of the original and the mini bag are? Thanks so much!

  4. Umm, can I just say you are awesome? Seriously! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I'm excited to peruse it and try out some of your ideas!

  5. Rae-

    Wherever did you get that fabric? My mom made slippers for my sis & gave me the leftovers, but there's harldy ANYTHING! I went back to Field's where she bought it when I was home at christmastime, but couldn't find any. Do you know who designs it? Sorry for the ramble… 🙂


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