Blossom Baby

It’s getting colder here in Michigan. Pretty soon there’ll be snow, and we’ll be ready.
please do not use pictures of Clementine. Thanks!

This hat is actually a little ridiculous, as it sortof looks like a cabbage growing out of her head.  But does it matter if it’s cute? Nah.

41 thoughts on “Blossom Baby

  1. I think it is beautifully Seuss-ian. Oh my, she could be model Whoville Couture. I wonder if my 4yo would wear something that adorable.

  2. Oh man, she is just adorable! And really, what's a better time to wear a slightly silly hat than when you're a toddler?

  3. That hat is adorable (and so is Clementine, of course)! And not cabbage-like at all (the hat OR Clementine)! Love it!!

  4. that is part of the fun when they are this young! Our right as parents to be able to put them in any ridiculous thing we want and they are none the wiser for it, and always look adorable! My oldest went through a stage where almost anything she wore with a hood had a set of animal ears attached! Lol

    Love this hat, it is adorable!!!

  5. Oh, she is so darn cute! Mine still won't keep a hat on whatsoever. Looking like a cold winter for the Pheebs.

  6. So cute! Such a pity my DD is 10, she might object on wearing one… Oh well, I guess I have to make one for myself::

  7. That hat rocks. My 3-y-o would flip over it… and I *did* promise to make her a hat for our slightly-less-brutal-than-yours SE MI winter. Any chance on a tutorial?

    And… I may have dressed my daughter in leg warmers and a puffy vest for preschool yesterday. My husband encouraged a side ponytail, but I let her have some dignity. It's fun to dress them while we can!

  8. Get out of town, I can't even BELIEVE she walks and stuff!! SO, SO big, and looks so much like her brother. Super cute hat, super cute kids!

  9. Lovely hat! You know, we're practically neighbors–I'm over in Ann Arbor. I don't know that we are as ready for snow, though.

  10. ohmygoodness. cutest. hat. ever. i'm addicted to your blog and need to ramp up sewing for christmas gifts!

  11. She's adorable, and the hat is very cute! But I have to ask about the little car she's riding in the last picture. Is that a new(ish) item? Would you mind telling me what it is? My son is approaching his first birthday, and my MIL really wants to find something like that for him — but we haven't had any luck. Any advice would be most welcome! Thanks!

  12. Yes, please, please, please tell us how to make it. I'm quite certain that it's the cutest hat I've ever seen.

  13. Clementine is adorable, as is the hat. Did you make up your own pattern? I need to make something like that for my 17 year old daughter. Yes, it's her idea.

  14. Hi guys! yes, there is a tutorial coming (for any size head or gender), and I started working on it today and then got distracted by some other project. Will refocus and get that out to you ASAP! 🙂

  15. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and I might just cry I'm so in love with everything! Thank you SO much for sharing your talents! The baby tights tutorial and those bags…and, and… everything is so exciting and CUTE! I can't wait to get my sew-on! Yee-haw!

  16. Like a little "bout de chou", I love its cabbage-ness. Your little girl looks absolutely adorable in it, I love it and am totally making one.

  17. Please please please say that you are goign to share this pattern? It would make for wonderful gifts this time of year and my daughter is in dire need of a cutesy hat that is warm- she has no hair basically but is turning 1 soon.

  18. I can't wait to make that hat for my baby .Altough it won't be cold enough here in So Cal for a couple months. What a cutie! You should check out my baby bib tutorial at

  19. I made a hat using your pattern for my granddaughter. It looks really cute. I haven’t tried it on her yet. Hope it will fit. I would like to send you a pic of it if that would be possible.

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