This random post brought to you by Rae’s brain and TOO MUCH COFFEE!!!

All of the sudden it’s almost December and I’m a little stressed.  I haven’t even made a Christmas list yet for me or either of my children and aunties are clamoring. Of course I’m soooo easy to shop for so mine won’t take long (fabric? hellooow?).

If you live in SE Michigan, you do not want to miss the ultrahip Detroit Urban Craft Fair. It’s this Saturday and Sunday (Dec 4/5) at the Fillmore in downtown Detroit. Karen has graciously allowed me to sit at the Patterns By Figgys table Saturday afternoon in exchange for some manual labor stuffing sewing patterns, so I’ll be there too, doing my durndest to fit in and look like a hipster (do I need a new piercing? or just a new tortured look?), because I am nothing if not a wallflower. Heeeeeeee.  So do your Christmas shopping at DUCF this year and stop by the Patterns by Figgy’s table and say hi, OK?

By the way, DUCF is where my seester Kricket bought the awesome “Detroit loves you” sweatshirt for E last year that he wears all. the. time.

If you’d rather make a gift, don’t forget about the snowblossom hat tutorialZaaberry made this great BOY version of the Snowblossom Hat along with an easy duh-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that way to get rid of that pesky front seam. Visit her post for her modifications and pictures of quite possibly the most adorable child in the universe wearing it. Awesome, I say!

A few of you have emailed me your versions of the Basic Newborn Pants ( free tutorial found here) that are superadorbs. Take a look at these two sweet pairs in gingham, this one from katie at Notes from a very red kitchen:

and this one from somthinsomthin:

The first pair wasn’t quite long enough for her 6-month old babe, so she made a few modifications to the pattern, and voila! 

Cute patches too, right? And how cute is this teeny tiny pair with the grommet from Mirjam of ZoHappy?


image via

Finally, there is not much sweeter than hearing Junior Asparagus singing “For unto us a child is born.” I have been listening to the VeggieTales Christmas album (MP3 download FREE from Amazon, thanks to seester Elli for the link) on repeat all afternoon. Go snag yourself a copy!

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  1. I was totally going to be all rebellious and say THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH COFFEE!!! but then I remembered that last year my doctor checked my blood pressure and was like "Have you had a lot of coffee today?" and I was like "Yup" so she was like "around three or four cups then" and I did not correct her but it was more like "around an entire 12-cup pot of coffee" and to summarize I wound up with several heart tests I would not have had if I was more honest or less caffienated.
    I'm proud to say that today 'a lot of coffee' is more like 'three or four cups'. I'm maybe working on my fourth Right Now. The end.

  2. I think you'll be ok without the new piercing – but you might want to wear some tight skinny jeans. That way the tortured expression will look more natural!

  3. (on-topic a little more maybe, the download is only available to those in the US or A. Bummer.)

  4. *of A, not or A. my hand must've jittered. I'm ashamed of my spamminess but more ashamed of typos.

  5. Thanks for the link to the Veggie Tales Christmas Album! They are much beloved in our house, and I was just wondering the other day if our library would have a Christmas DVD or CD of theirs…
    Let the awesome cuteness begin!

  6. lorchick: thank you for that v. important information. noted! and yes, super BUM that you have to be a US resident to enjoy VT for free. Waaah?

    katie: good point! *scrounges around closet for pre-baby skinny jeans*

    sumthin: thanks! will fix that right now…not sure what happened there, sorry!

  7. Wow so cool that you mentioned my blog! I'm a fan of yours so thank you! I'm working on a jeans version right now!

  8. Hmmm…Just may have to check out DUCF after our parade company tour on Saturday with my daughter's girl scout troop. Don't worry I won't bring the whole troop…maybe just some coffee for you.

  9. Ya-ha-whoey! I'll be in the metro area later this week/weekend…I'm going to do my best to hit the Detroit Urban Craft Fair.

  10. Well since you guys are Veggie Tales fans I thought I should mention that on their website each year they have 'Larry's Countdown to Christmas' each day starting in December Larry has something to say about the holiday's…usually really stinkin' funny! I personally look forward to it…the kids enjoy it for my sake I'm sure 😉

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