White Coverups for Rae and Clementine

I do realize that it’s the middle of November and that the odd juxtaposition of fleece hat tutorials with Mexico photos may be a bit jarring for some. But what am I supposed to do, wait until spring to post these swim coverups? Maybe they will help put you in a tropical state of mind. 

special thanks to my father-in-law John for taking the outdoor shots in Mexico

 It all started innocently enough…does anyone remember the Octotunic from a couple years back?  I had it in my head that I wanted to make another beachy tunic thing with that pattern (which I had drafted/designed as a maternity top) that could function as both a swim coverup and look good with jeans. Also in the back of my head is this dream of mine to start publishing paper patterns someday and why not bite off way more than you can chew and start with a complicated women’s pattern, Rae? Overachievement has always been your cup of tea. {end talking to self} I found this soft white embroidered fabric at JoAnn. For a few minutes I stood conflicted in the aisle, the blogger in me thinking “white is impossible to photograph!” the other part of me going “who CARES? this has to go to Mexico with you!” It had to go to Mexico with me. And thus my coverup was born:

OK. But then there was extra fabric. So I started cutting little sleeves and a teeny little placket and started sewing. The whole time I kept holding it up going “awwwwww!” and feeling pleased with self.  There are so many times when I totally wing it and it’s a complete disaster. Thank goodness that did not happen this time. I would have cried if this didn’t fit her.


please do not use pictures of Clementine. Thanks!

What do you think? Is the matchy-matchy mother-daughter thing OK or not?

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  1. I love these! What great pictures too! I think the elegant style and color compensates for any potential matching weirdness.

  2. LOOOOVE them! You're my sewing hero! Don't worry – the "matching" window is only open for a few short years, and you should totally exploit it while it is.

  3. Of course mommy and little one can match – especially if mommy designed and created it!! And the white is great in the photos!

  4. Wow these are cute! I think this is a perfect example of when matching works. It's simple, it's clean, it's festive (Mexico!) – I love it!

  5. Adorable… and remember all things in moderation ;). Some matchy matchy here and there is fine by me πŸ™‚

  6. In this instance-totally okay. Very cute! I love it with her blue pants…they help make it pop out too.

  7. Oh you guys are so cute together! love love love it all, especially that pic of Clementine on the orange chair. Very sweet.

  8. Normally matchy matchy makes me want to barf a little but I bet if I have a little girl I'll be the worst offender! This look is just perfect. You guys are too sweet together and I think her blue pants are adorable as well. And that white fabric is amazing!

  9. I don't know what's more adorable – the shirts or the pictures! You two are gorgeous. And I was always against matchy-matchy until I had a little girl myself – now I often try and at least coordinate with Phoebe πŸ™‚

  10. love these tops! I love the style and it's perfect for a beach trip. The white gives it a really airy and free feeling.

  11. Matchy-matchy is totally ok for something like this. You made that out of total sweetness–I love them πŸ™‚

  12. I'm going to forgive you for posting these pictures, even though it is currently about 15 degrees outside. So cute, love the matchy-matchy, especially since it's not too baby-ish. Adorable πŸ™‚

  13. they are ADORABLE Rae! So cute! I often trick my husband into wearing matchign clothes as Vincent! [I wait for him to get dressed first then quickly pull out Vince's clothes! It works EVERY time, because Tim never notices until we are out of the house!]

    ugh you make me want to make little girl stuff so bad! There is ONE little girl in my life, my friend's sister's kid, so maybe she'll get lucky?? [Or I could just pop out a daughter]

    What's Mexico like? It looks so amazing! I thought it'd be all like a desert and hot, but it looks almost tropical! It must be so crazy to live in the U.S. and just be able to pop down or up to a totally different country whenever you feel like it!! I have never left Australia, heck I've never even left the mainland!

  14. Love the fabric, love the design.Why have littles if you can't dress them in things they'll later roll their eyes at? I live in a Winter-less region and go to great lengths to make winter hats and boots fit in to our Middle Eastern climate.

    Thanks for posting this.


  15. Of course the matchy matchy mother daughter thing is OK! Enjoy it while you can, they grow up quick. The pictures of you two in Mexico are gorgeous. Real keepers.

  16. When something is as ca-ute as this, matchy-matchy-mummy-daughter is a must! πŸ™‚ You two look great in them!

  17. i really really really love this. i have always loved tunics and i have a short sleeved white one from target and a long sleeved one my dad made and ambriodered the placket for my dad when they forst got married. i took in the sides and now it is mine!i really like how yours is think (at least it looks it) so a bathing suit was not been seen through it like a white t-shirt contest!

  18. matchy matchy laura ashley style = bad, matchy matchy Rae style = amazing!
    Now you need to make this pattern available for sale!

  19. Lovely! It's still 80 here in Florida so I want these for me and my baby girl now! How quickly can you finish the pattern?:)

  20. Definitely OK in this case! What a great top and I love the idea that you would someday publish a book. I'll buy it!

  21. "…But white doesn't photograph" – LOL, Rae, I spit out my drink on that one!
    Glad to see you too the "right" decision: the outcome is beautiful, both on you and Clementine!

    The matching outfit issue, yes, not easy. But when I see the end result with the two of you, I can only give it three cheers! Besides: we look for "does she have my eyes?" or "Does he have my hair", so why not extend that to "Can he wear my clothes?" (Whadyamean, clothing is not in our genes??)

    Seriously- I sometimes wonder about this dressing my two boys. I want them to be individuals but there is, of course, a bond between them! Also (let's be honest πŸ˜‰ ), sometimes a fabric is just too darn nice to use only once. So my own compromise is that I do like to match outfits from time to time, but I make them different by adding different pants to the same shirts, or (when buying fabric) pick different colorways.

    Sabine C

  22. i am a totally constant reader, never commenter who hates matchy matchy and can never find decent clothes fabric at joann who cannot resist saying day-um, well played.

  23. I bought that same material over the summer to make a skirt from. And when I finished it I thought I'll throw it in the wash to get out those washable marker lines instead of just rinsing it in the sink. And then something in my washer (the washer itself, not the load) got rust-ish stains on it that I never got out again and I ended up tossing it. Utter FAIL!
    So I am so happy to see that lovely fabric in a beautiful top on you! It looks great and I love that ya'll match! IT's okay to match on vacation anyway, and she's so young it's super cute! Great job.

  24. Oh – totally gorgeous photos and outfits! Rae – your blog travels a long way – beyond seasons and latitudes, it's springtime here in Australia – thanks for the inspiration (again, as always)!

  25. Hi Rae! It's Mari from Lansing. I love your blog! You are so gifted and creative. I had thought maybe you also sold items from this site, but it looks like it is patterns you sell. Is that right or do you also sell your homemade creations? -Mari

  26. Do you have a pattern/tutorial for this? It is too cute and I would love to make it for my daughter and me.

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