Action Shots: Clementine’s Dress

I was so thrilled with all the great button suggestions from all of you in this post. I suppose the only problem with soliciting advice from so many people is that I can’t possibly do everything that was suggested. I loved the idea of vintage or wooden buttons and promptly ordered a bunch of vintage buttons from Deborah to try. Of course I knew there was no way they would get to me in time for Christmas (especially because I paid the day after, oops), so for the family celebrations I just plopped on a double row of these cream plastic ones, thinking that I could sew the “real” ones on later. It looked pretty good though, so I saved a few pictures for you guys (Note: Please do not copy or use pictures of Clementine. Thanks!)

The red and white striped tights only lasted about half the day.  Then it was on to purple polka dots, which actually looked better with the dress (in my opinion):

Hey Big Bird, your tights are pretty sweet too!

And we’re outta here.

31 thoughts on “Action Shots: Clementine’s Dress

  1. Oh, my…. If she isn't just the cutest little person, no matter what kind of tights she wears!! 🙂

    Love the top, too!

  2. I had a big bird a lot like that when I was little :). Love the double row of buttons. The dress turned out great.

  3. Awww, it looks so cute! Hope you guys had a wonderful Xmas! Happy New Year's to you and your gorgeous family!

  4. The dress looks so cute!! And Miss C is getting so big! Wow!

    Will you change out the buttons, then, when the vintage ones arrive or have you decided to stick with the cream-colored ones?

  5. B: Yeah, I think I will change them out once I get the new ones…these are OK but they look a little cheap up close y'know?

  6. Adorable! I am so bad at sewing on buttons. My husband has to do it because he is so much better at it. Embarrassing for a seamstress. 🙂

  7. Your little Clementine is adorable. My kiddos are getting so-o-o big, but not so big that they don't carry around their favorite blanket or stuffed animal. The dress is gorgeous!

  8. Adorable dress!! I LOVE the double rows of buttons! Perfect solution. I also love the cream-on-cream. It's the perfect Christmas dress (or Easter…or Church…).

  9. Her dress turned out so awesome. The double buttons are a stroke of genius. And yeah, I like it with the purple tights too. Big bird would rock that dress too with his tights. hehe.
    Happy New Year!
    xo MODELmumma

  10. What a doll!! Love her dress on her and awesome that you can get longer wear on it because of the color!

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