Am full of Christmas cheer

I’ve pretty much decided not to sew anything for Christmas this year. That may make me Head Scrooge of Craftblogland, but can I tell you how un-stressed and v. full of Christmas cheer I feel today? Not sure what I was so worked up about last week (but I suspect it had something to do with COFFEE; I’ve adjusted my dosage down to three cups and am feeling much more collected and serene today). Plus we got our Christmas tree up yesterday. I’m hoping to take some pictures for you but knowing how distractable I am will not make any promises. Ooh am loving New Laidback Rae.

Just wanted to show you some whale jammies I just finished for Elliot. I know I should probably save this for Boy Month, but honestly there will be plenty to post about by February. My design for the top is a boy version of the White Coverups I posted about a couple weeks ago, and it’s a pretty good pattern so far but needs a little modification at the neck which currently runs a little wide. He loves the little pockets and is constantly shoving his hands in them. I have to say I am SO relieved that he loves them and will wear them willingly and without resistance/bribery (more chocolate for me, yaaay!) The key, at least for now, is that he has to pick out the fabric. He loves this whale fabric from the Urban Zoologie line by Anne Kelle and kept pestering me to finish them while they were in progress (“Let’s sew it RIGHT. NOW. Mama!”). Is three too young to get a sewing machine for Christmas?

Talking about boy stuff reminds me that I need to remind everyone now that you can still submit post ideas for Celebrate the Boy (read this post for details) until the end of this month. We’ve already had over a hundred emails and I’m sure by now it’s even more, since I will admit to you that I have been a Complete Slacker and haven’t actually checked that email account in about a week. But neither has Dana as we have both been v. busy with the holidays and other things so I don’t feel as badly. What I would feel badly about though is if someone mistook our silence as rejection, so I want to make this absolutely clear: we won’t be able to get back to you about your awesome boy ideas until January, so thanks so much for your patience if you’re waiting to hear back about that!

The Fabricworm giveaway was supposed to end tonight, but I am going to be a Major Terd and go over there and close comments now, because as much as I love to hear from all of you (and WOW over a thousand entries is so fantastic!) it’s making for an awful lot of reading. Am I the only person who reads giveaway comments? *feels suddenly like person in dream who realizes they’re completely naked* Will post winner soon!

Oh and one more thing: this week Thursday is our next SE Michigan Crafter’s Meetup and there’s still some room, so if you live nearby and want to come, reserve yourself a spot; we’d love to have you!

29 thoughts on “Am full of Christmas cheer

  1. good for you!

    I gave up on making my own Christmas cards this year…it was just way too stressful and I didn't have the time. Much happier now… = )

  2. I finished all of my have-to sewing on Saturday. If I could do cartwheels I would have–such a tremendous weight lifted! Now I can sew fun things if I want without guilt…

  3. I have always said I would not make my holiday gifts unless I wanted to. The idea of forcing myself to make stuff just because I feel like I should takes the enjoyment right out of it for me. As such, everybody who gets a christmas card from me this year gets an ornament. I an just giddy about it and I know it is because there is no stress involved in it. πŸ™‚

  4. He's wearing them!!! Upside: he's wearing them. Downside: S is not. Granted, S prefers nudity anyway. Mocha + JoeJoes + snow = ahhhh.

  5. I can't wait for boy month! I'm fresh out of idea's for boys and I could really do with the inspiration.

  6. Michelle: I seriously thought your comment was SPAM until I realized, NO, I KNOW HER! And the little S who prefers nudity!


  7. I am making homemade Christmas gifts for the FIRST TIME EVER this year! And to make it easy (and cheaper, which was the impetus for the homemade gifts) – everyone is getting the same thing… only I'm doing more food-prep help type gifts that sewing gifts (except for the cute-o stuff I made for my niece). πŸ™‚
    Happy Unstressful Christmas!

  8. Christmas SHOULD be un-stressful and full of joy! I can't wait for boy month! I actually did look at a sewing machine yesterday and consider it for my 6 year old boy. The only thing that held me back was it was American voltage and I live in Germany. So…. no 3 may not be too young if you get a kid friendly one! πŸ˜‰

  9. i'm making a few scarves for teachers and such – the kind where you just cut knit fabric, and viola -cute scarf and then one simple thing per kid and that's it. i bought my mom a sweater and it felt great!

  10. Good for you.. giving yourself permission Not to sew gifts this year! I totally agree with Bendajo's comment. Forcing yourself to sew gifts takes all the joy away.I've made tons of gifts this year, but I don't have two small children. Enjoy doing fun things with your family and relaxing a bit more.
    Lynn (

  11. I wonder if 3 is too young to. I have been contemplating getting my little girl, also 3, one for Christmas. We were at Hobby Lobby about a month ago and they had the kids Singer sewing machines at hereye level. She ran and grabbed and said it was her sewing machine. Just not sure if she is ready yet!

  12. Speaking of sewing machines for kids — I'm considering getting a cheap kids' one for my 6 year old son who loves all machines and keeps asking to help me sew and teach him to knit. Anyone have recommended ones?

  13. I wasn't going to make any presents this year either…until I decided my almost sister-in-law needed an apron, a really cute one…then saw the prices for such an apron in the store. Of course then I said "I can make that!!" And here I am, picking out fabric out of my stash to make an apron.

  14. super cute little jammies, love ann kelle's fabrics. good for you for not sewing up christmas gifts. It is a lot of work and I've opted almost completely out trying to keep my list as reasonable as I can…

  15. I read them, but I don't get nearly as many as you, I'm sure! Except for that MADE giveaway I did… sheesh, that was like a full time job!

  16. Thanks guys…it's always nice to get the "you're OK" pat on the back from you and know there's no pressure coming from here! πŸ™‚

    Nancy: I think 3 is perhaps a wee bit small for a machine…that needle can be pretty dangerous!

  17. Woah Rae, those pjs are seriously styling! I made a piar of jamas for vince once, I even did piping around the collar. Then I saw you can buy them for like $10 at Best and Less.

    But still, no one else had red pjs with spiders all over them!

    I won't be making anymore like that again though, but these ones are super cute and sonon-traditional which is somthing I REALLY love!

  18. Yeah for you!! I should have done the same thing! That is the reason I am up RIGHT now, just finished a shirt that my daughter has to have for school tomorrow. Has an elf on it, just for her:) He looks adorable in his pj's!!

  19. I decided not to sew anything this year either and I am so glad because it is way more relaxing. I am just enjoying lazy weekends with my family by the fire playing games and watching tv. Usually every spare moment this time of year is spent in the sewing chair!

  20. After sewing/making something for everyone on my gift list last year I decided not to this year. I'm not the cranky elf I was the week before Christmas!

    It also helps that other than some food gifts as stocking stuffers and for the dog (yes he gets presents and a stocking 'cuz I'm weird like that) I'm done with my shopping. Whoppee!

  21. My 3 year old son likes your blog as much as I do – He just exclaimed,"Elliot's wearing new fishy pants!" Yes…he even knows E by name, haha. Could we set up a playdate? πŸ˜‰

  22. I'm not a good or fast enough sewer to make Christmas gifts for everyone, but I'm going to try a lap quilt for my mother-in-law. I agree with Max that buying pjs or other items can be cheaper, but there's nothing better than telling friends, "I made that!". I love the oohs and aahs! BTW, love the pjs…is there going to be a pattern for the shirt?

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pj shirt!! I make pj pants for my little guys all the time but have been at a loss for how to make a "matching" top. Such a cute idea! Would you consider posting a tutorial for how to add that cute neckline to a plain tee-shirt pattern? Much sewing love to you and yours!

  24. I had to give up on sewing presents this year too. Between having a toddler and moving the first week of December, I've got enough on my plate!
    Plus, I'm being kind of stingy and only sewing things for me and my new house right now πŸ™‚

  25. Isn't it funny the stress we put ourselves under to show others that we love them? My sister and I both love to make things for each other and our families but in the last week have had conversations about trying to curtail the crafting enthusiasm that sometimes feels like a burden! Last year I remember being overtired and grumpy with my children because I was staying up all night to finish their Christmas presents. I knew it was mad but I almost couldn't stop myself. This year, I started sewing a little earlier and am hoping I have the insight to know when enough is enough!!! If that doesn't work, next year I'll have to go cold turkey and have a "No Sew" Christmas!!!!!

  26. Those are super cute! I should have done a no sew christmas, but I know I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. Maybe I'll start earlier next year! Having a daughter with a November birthday never help. Love the jammies!

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