Needs buttons? Need opinion please.

I barely dare post anything I’m sewing right now lest I open my self up to chiding from those of you who still remember last week when I said I wasn’t going to sew anything for Christmas, but in my defense let me say two things:
1) Just saying you’re not going to sew Christmas presents takes all the pressure off, and then what do you know next thing you know you’re in your sewing room sewing PJ’s for the kids and
2) this is not technically a Christmas Dress. She might happen to have it on this year when she opens her prezzies but it could also be worn for Easter or church or whatever! so it’s not really just for Christmas. See? TOTALLY different thing. But seriously, there is something to the concept of giving yourself a little break with sewing expectations; I find that when I have a giant TO-SEW list, I find reasons to avoid my sewing room, but when I expect to get nothing done, inspiration strikes and I enjoy sewing so much more. How about you guys? Do you operate better under the gun when the pressure’s on and you’ve got a list and a deadline? Or more spontaneous-like? I wonder which is more common.

This dress was a spur-of-the-moment thing a couple days ago, some soft off-white baby wale corduroy was sitting on the top of the fabric pile so I used my little beach tunic pattern (just without the slit in front and added the slit in back) to make this Christmas um I mean holiday Dress. Clementine has a pair of red and cream striped tights that will be worn with it. That placket thingy seems to be begging for buttons. Red buttons? Cream buttons? I already tried covering buttons with matching satin and fire started coming out of my ears, so let’s just forget that. Or just leave it without buttons in front?

Will try to get some action pictures with it on for Christmas, so stay posted.

87 thoughts on “Needs buttons? Need opinion please.

  1. I say 2 buttons. white, or maybe big wooden ones?? (although I am a button freak…so I may be a bit partial)

  2. I vote for bronze sailor buttons! And I am definitely the kind of person who works better under pressure/I'm stupid because so far I have made no effort to prepare for Christmas with the in-laws.

  3. yes buttons. As for what kind — that is above my pay grade. If I told you my opinion on that, you'd have to be sure to find the most opposite buttons that exist and use those.

  4. I vote cream buttons. That way you can accent it with different colored tights if you so choose! Looks great!

    Oh, and I HAVE to have a deadline to get any work done. And a list, too!

  5. Agree with 3 buttons. Red would be adorable with the stripes you mentioned, but that's a bit restrictive. I like the silver or wooden idea – or maybe even black. I'm sure it will turn out adorable no matter what.

  6. I go back and forth on lists/deadlines for deliverables. Sometimes I feel the weight of pressure and get so frustrated and toss the list (like I have done this Christmas) and other times I need a baby's birth to finish those baby quilts for friends on time! It all depends. If I really want to put pressure on myself, I tell the recipient what they're getting – that way I really have to get it done. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  7. I saw white buttons! Cream-colored would be better.

    I sew when I get the chance. I think I'd enjoy sewing more without a deadline, though I seem to finish projects for other people much sooner than I do for myself.

  8. I vote for some beautiful carved buttons – either blonde wood or ivory-looking to keep the dress versatile.

    I probably get more accomplished under pressure but I don't really enjoy it. I think with tiny kids, I'm too old or have too much to do during the day to pull all-nighters.

  9. Definitely buttons! I think contrast would be nice, so wood, red, silver, black. I would audition some. Happy non- Christmas sewing!

  10. I vote for silver buttons. How about adding a ruffle down the placket (maybe width the sation or some lace to change it up), then sewing 3 buttons on top?

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Buttons? Yes please.From the picture I might say small black rounded tuxedo style buttons (from the ruffling around the side to keep it fancy-ish) or antler buttons (found not harvested) to make it really unique.

  12. yes, buttons! any chance of finding/making some that look light starlight mints?? would be FAB with the tights! and then of course you could replace them with something else for Easter! :o)

    It's gorgeous! can't wait to see what you decide!

  13. Yep, I definitely think it needs some buttons down the front – how about mother of pearl? Maybe in flower shapes – that would go with the frills.

  14. You know, as much as I covet a good button, I would leave this one without (except maybe a button for the closure in the back. The beauty of the monochromatic scheme plus the perfectly placed pleats pleads: leave me be, I am perfect as I am.

    Just my thoughts :).

    OR. a row of small buttons with a shank (as in 1/4"), tons of them lined up, almost touching. in black. matte if available.

  15. i think it definitely need some buttons, it looks a bit empty and unfinished to me right now. cream buttons would be an obvious choice, but red buttons would be super cute and festive too, kind of add a bit of pop to the shirt. i think i prefer red buttons.

  16. I think red and green buttons something really really chrismassy and then during other holidays or for more practical times change the buttons (piece of cake) for something a little more neutral. But for Christmas with christmassy tights it would be sacrilege (is that going too far?!) to go with anything other than over the top! IMHO!

  17. I like the idea of cream buttons so that it isn't just for Christmas. Or you could embroider down the front. You still have time for that right?

  18. I would recommend some neutral buttons (cream or natural wood). That way the dress can be more universal.

    Looks great!

  19. I think it could defintely use some buttons. While I think red ones would be super cute, I think you'd really lose the "it's not really a Christmas dress, I swear!" argument.

  20. my vote is three covered buttons in the same fabric as the dress. But you could always do red ones for christmas and wooden ones for more casual if you're up for changing them out for each occasion!

  21. I have no opinion on the button matter (sorry), but I just wanted to say that you are TOTALLY ON THE MONEY with the sewing to-do list thing. Which really gets my goat, because all the sewing I do is basically for my own amusement, anyway, so my to-do "deadlines" are always completely self-imposed, yet I still get totally stressed out (and for nothing!). Gotta work on that. Anyway, yes, I have been taking a break lately, too, and like you, the floodgates on my creativity have been bursting forth. So much so that I started a new to-do list, just so that I wouldn't forget any of those great ideas, which will probably morph into a stressful to-do list with arbitrary self-imposed deadlines. Whew.

  22. I'd add buttons… if you're going to go the cover them yourself route I'd use the same fabric as used for the dress. That way you can add a purple sash and use it for new years too! lol. Makes it more versatile (who knows the next kid to wear it might not be that size during Christmas time.

  23. Ahhh, now you tell me …

    SO, if I hadn't plan to sew all these gifts, then I'd be sitting around twiddling my thumbs right now, whipping out PJ pants, quilts and more?!?! ;).

    I'm in the middle of a 'faux-chenille' quilt for E (with a pocket for his feet to slide in ;D) and a pair of Betz White's Lounge Pants (for my mom, but if they are as cute on as off, I will NEED a pair). Then a few more little projects … I've got nothing but time, LOL!!

    I'd vote for a removable red/white ruffled flower clip, but that's just me and I'm currently obsessed with making flowers to wear, so I could be biased.

    Happy Sewing & Merry Christmas!!

  24. I vote for red buttons. As for last-minute sewing, I've been making gifts since June with the smug attitude that I'd finish in November and take this month off. Yet I am still making things, and probably will squeeze in a bit more tomorrow. But like you, I did say last week, "No more." And have found I'm less stressed about what I've done since then since I already sort of gave myself permission to skip it.

  25. My vote is for three mother of pearl buttons, offsetting the pearly colors in the tunic, and making it a little razzle dazzle.

  26. Oh yes; if there's not a lot on the list, I do find that I have all sorts of exciting projects that come up.

    I'm inclined towards red buttons, possibly shiny or with polka-dots or some other bit of fun detail.

  27. I say red buttons also. Red is ok for Easter and when it gets to short she can wear it with jeans so the red won't be to restricting.

  28. I'm seeing silvery button. Or Sparkley. OOOOO… I'm loving the sparkley idea. I'll bet Miss C. would like 'em too.

  29. You know, I find that I get through things when I have a deadline, but I don't enjoy it as much, and the quality is never as good. And if I get it done but I don't have fun and don't like the finished product, what's the point??

    Love this sweet dress. Must make some things for baby L while she's still little enough to use a single yard of fabric on…

  30. That dress is killing me with the details. So good! I vote three pearlized butter yellow buttons,or three textured mint green buttons. Anything you do (or don't) do to it will be fantastic, though!

  31. Yea to the buttons. That placket needs something. I vote mother-of-pearl (or something that looks like it) or wood. Steer away from the red ones or you'll lose the fabulous "I'm SO NOT a CHRISTMAS dress" factor!

  32. I am so glad you posted this!! I have been having the same thoughts lately and have been avoiding my sewing room altogether. We are two peas in a pod! But I am going to sew pj's like mad tonight and tomorrow…..because all the pressure's off! Those gifts that are not done are going to be LATE!!

  33. My vote is for large white vintage buttons with a 70's floral pattern on them. Can you tell that I have these buttons already? If you want to take a look let me know and I will shoot you a photo. I would be happy to mail them to you as a thank you for all of your inspiration!

    I also said I was done sewing presents and I have come home after working on the new house getting ready for the move and headed straight for the sewing machine. I definetely work better without a to-sew list! Maybe we are both just avoiding the reality of having to move!

    Merry Christmas!

  34. I vote yes for the buttons! And I, too said that I wouldn't be sewing anything for Christmas – and darned if I didn't end up making 5 Lickety Split bags πŸ™‚

  35. I am with you; I do NOT work better under pressure. My inspiration flows freely when I don't "have to" sew. πŸ™‚

    I would do the white buttons to make the dress more versatile.

  36. I find that I will procrastinate as long as possible any projects that have a deadline for the thrill of working under the gun. But I have alot more fun spontaneously starting something that doesn't need doing when there aren't other things that should be done either. I had a mostly no-sew Christmas, except for jammies for my 4 kids. I'm working on #4 tonight, but got sidetracked when my favorite smartwool socks got holes in the bottom and needed to be turned into a sock monkey/bunny. Still in progress πŸ™‚
    Better get back to those jammies!

    And definitely buttons on C's dress.

  37. I agree – it is crying out for some buttons. I would've said simple white or clear ones until I read the bit about the red tights, so would probably go for some red ones to tie outfit together, but I wouldn't go too bit – it is such a sweet dress I would keep it simple πŸ™‚

  38. cutie cute! love that white cord. how about some small leather buttons? the ones that are kind of woven together. hope you know what i mean. that would make it a little less dressy, i think & more fall/winterish. especially cute if she has little leather boots/shoes to match.
    really lots of button possiblities!

  39. I say some cute, simple embroidery — maybe some tiny holly, or a little wavy vine/ivy, or even three wee little pointsettias (sp?). Adorable little dress!

  40. I'm not even a button person, but this is screaming for some buttons. Not sure what color, but it needs something. Super cute, love your blog!

  41. So pretty!!!!!!! Yes a couple of bright buttons would be cute, to contast the feminine colour and fabric…also yes indeed, I don't do creativity under pressure at all…more like when I feel to and am in daydream, relaxed mode :0)

  42. Three little wooden buttons is my choice that way you can change the tights and have a new look. I love buttons!

  43. Oh my goodness, you have a way of making my ovaries hurt with all these cute baby clothes! This dress is one of my very favorites I've seen you do so far. I would either say no buttons, or neutral buttons (white, silver, wood, black) so the dress could be worn with other colors eventually.

    Excellent job on this non-Christmas dress! Your little girl is going to look like an angel in it!

    Merry Christmas,

  44. I say buttons. I like the idea of carved white or light wood ones, that someone else mentioned.

    I SO do better when I have nothing I HAVE to do. Although I always do fantastic when I wait until the last possible second.

  45. yes to buttons!

    i'd say have your little one pick 3 of her favorite fabrics from your scrap pile and use those to make one button of each. that way it's a little bit of her on the shirt, making it all her own.

    AND you'll use something you have instead of making another purchase. chances are she'll choose fabrics that you have sentimental memories of too, so every time she wears it you'll be reminded of them.

    then there's the added bonus that having a variety of buttons will make this piece into something that can be worn on days other than Christmas, like Easter or a relative's birthday or something.

  46. I am definitely in favor of buttons here! While I think red would look super cute with the tights for Christmas, it would really limit the seasonal wearability. I'm loving the suggestions above for wooden buttons (I'm a sucker for wooden buttons in general), but I think off-white or metal would work nicely too.

  47. I would say no buttons, it's lovely as it is – or maybe a whole row of very little creamy pearls. Or cover it with little buttons, all the same, but in a few different colors (yellow, baby-blue, mint green, soft orange, pink)or mayby with white buttons in different shapes…

  48. Definite yes to buttons! Most versatile = 3 cream colored buttons. Fun and different = 3 different colored/shaped buttons. Buttons are so easy to change – get several sets you like to alter the look of this versatile, darling dress.

    Maris Olsen

  49. Tiny satin buttons or a simple embroidery design is how I would finish it. It's just adorable by the way!

  50. What about something like rhinestone buttons? I also like the idea of wodden ones. You could do black w/white polka dots, or stripes would also be cute.

    I most definatly avoid my sewing room when there is a deadline/or a heap of projects needing my attention!

  51. I think I would add red buttons! How about heart-shaped ones? I could make you some … πŸ˜‰
    I love the tunic! Very very cute!

  52. i think 2-3 small buttons in cream or white will look nice, but the dress still looks lovely without them πŸ™‚

  53. I was going to say baby blue (looks cute with red or green for Christmas but would also be nice in the spring) but then I read the very first comment. A wooden (or even metallic if you wanted) button would be great because it would go with anything!

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