Am back from San Francisco. Am missing cable cars.

Back today from a lovely little weekend holiday with Mr Rae in San Francisco. We stayed in a little hotel off Union Square that was so close to the cable car line that you could hear the “ding ding” when our window was open. I know that sounds like it could be potentially annoying but it was actually very charming. Lovely meals without children. Our kids don’t really go for sushi (surprise!) so we took advantage of the opportunity. And it was warm, 60 degrees every day!

It’s a little pathetic really how even when you’re on vacation every toddler running around you or screaming on the plane reminds you of your own and you start to miss them. Yeah, even the screamers. But then we’d go out for dinner and sit there for a few hours and say to each other, “Isn’t this GREAT without kids?” With the kids there’d be the entertaining and the spilling of the tomato sauce all over the place and the inevitable restaurant bathroom diaper change (gah!) and if the meal lasted more than about 18 minutes we’d have to leave.

Boudin Sourdough factory
Boudin sourdough factory on the Embarcadero

I also know it’s good for our marriage to be able to take these breaks and spend time just the two of us. I don’t feel guilty if I literally forget I have kids for a few hours and just enjoy the vacation. It’s good for our sanity and nice for Grandma to get a little time with our kids to herself. Some people are wracked with guilt and can’t have a good time without their children. Those people just enjoy vacations more when they have their whole brood around them. Not us, and I like it this way. I will say this though: when the kids are a little older, we definitely want to take them back here; it’s a fantastic city to visit with kids!

 church on a hill

A brief itinerary: walking through Chinatown and dinner in North Beach on the first day, Japantown (sewing pattern books at Kinokinuya!) and Muni to Golden Gate Park, a stop at the California Academy of Sciences and a lovely dinner at our friends Rob and Jill’s home on the second day, walking along the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building to Fisherman’s wharf and then the cable car back to our hotel, dinner at Firefly on the third day.

Rainforest exhibit
rainforest exhibit at CAS in Golden Gate Park

You can see the rest of the pictures from our weekend in my photostream on Flickr (and my apologies to those of you who receive this via email and can’t see the pictures; you’ll have to click over to the blog to see them).

18 thoughts on “Am back from San Francisco. Am missing cable cars.

  1. we really enjoyed SF when we went last July. although we had two kids (15 & 11) in tow, we had a great time. So much to see and do there. We even biked the GG Bridge!

  2. I love San Fran – my husband and I took our first trip together there when we were dating and we took another trip with our first child when he was 16 months old and still had a blast – totally different experiences though (with/without kiddos). I can't wait till we can go back again.

  3. My favorite fabric store is in San Fran. right off of Union Square. Did you go? It is called Britex fabrics and it is heaven on this earth.

  4. I understand about the missing the kids at first, even the screamers. Somehow I think my kids would be angels compared to them, when I really know they'd be just like them! 🙂

  5. I am in love with San Francisco! I have been there twice and the sourdough at Boudin is heavenly. I would never tire of walking the streets of the city. Thank you for sharing:)

    ~jan at

  6. my sister says that when you take the kids it is a trip and when you go without them it is a vacation. totally agree. i am going there with my husband this spring. can't wait.

  7. Once again, I find that you and I are on the same wavelength! Vactioning at the same time: check. We took #4 with us, by default. Trying to mix up our travels between all-the-kids and none-of-the-kids this year for the same reasons you mention: gotta get that Just Us time in somewhere. Totally rejuvenating.

  8. How fun! I went to SF when I was about 12 and had a blast – def. would love to go back one day. And I feel the same way about being kid-free. Constantly thinking about her, but not feeling guilty about enjoying my free time in the least! That's what grandparents are for!

  9. I'm totally assuming you made a stop into Britex? Funny thing that when I lived in SF I really didn't prefer it, must have been the $$$ rent! Now I really appreciate what an amazing and beautiful city it is. You sure picked a great time of year to visit. Some of the best weather all year.

  10. The Mr & I went to SF years ago before kids and thought it was fab!

    I think it's so important too to have time with your partner. I wish it was easier for us (no family in town, no family out of town who could cope with all 3). I'll be telling my kids when they grow up not to put off having their children too long so that we're not too old to help!!

  11. Oh those photos! I lived in SF from age 19-21. I'll always associate that beautiful, magical city with FREEDOM! We're barely at the point of even going on an evening date sans baby, but SF is a must once he's a bit older. PS – I'll be featuring another pair of B3P pants on my blog tomorrow. I love this pattern; thank you!

  12. oh my goodness, that sounds so wonderful! i've never been to san fran, but it's on my list.
    funny thing – the weather sounds so nice to me, too but for the opposite reason – you never know when the weather around here (houston) will sneak into the 70s! assured 60s sounds nice (+ quiet dinners with the hubs – perfect!).

  13. For some reason I feel compelled to tell you that the picture of the bread reminded me of a childrens book by Elisa Kleven. I think it's called Sun Bread and, it's amazing.

  14. I love San Fran. If only we had an excuse to get there again in the near future.

    I would love to get information on sponsoring you. Will you send some details my way?

    Thanks, tons.
    Little Lizard King

  15. Oh, I wish I had known you were in town. Would have sent you home with more free fudge! Next time (if there is one) let me know you're coming! Kerri

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