Kids are in bed, am finally sitting down to the computer for the first time today….*sigh.* I was going to post earlier today but…that’s how that goes. Had a fun day with Karen + our littles. Coffee and open toddler gym at our local gymnastic center today. Just picture a swarm of toddlers climbing through tunnels, swinging from the ceiling, and bouncing on trampolines. It rocks.

There’s a nice interview of me over on Smile and Wave today if you’re interested, so go over and take a look. Thanks Rachel!

Have been working hard on “Celebrate the BOY!” stuff so if I seem less sew-y lately, that’s why. Schedules, sorting through emails, and sewing for an entire MONTH of boy posts that I am co-hosting with Dana of MADE coming up in February. We’ve pushed the dates back to February 15-March 15 to give us a little more time to plan (and email back all 200 of the people who sent us tutorials and ideas for the month…hokey pete!) so don’t worry if February arrives and you don’t see boy stuff. It’s coming mid-month, and if anything this will make it even more awesome. For those of you who are waiting to hear back from me with a post date, please don’t freak out. I’m on it.

Oh yeah and we’re also moving the first week in April, so that should make things pretty exciting. A few people have asked about it because I vaguely alluded to it in a previous post and then didn’t mention it again. That’s mostly because we don’t really know where we’re moving to. We have no one to blame but ourselves, because we haven’t really started looking…gah! Although I think we’ve narrowed it down to staying in Michigan at least. Maybe back to California (again) but that’s a long shot that I’m really doubting. Overall the situation is good; we’re selling our house, which we bought at near-peak real estate value six years ago, to someone who really wants it (believe it or not we a got a note in our mailbox asking if we wanted to sell. Yeah, it was kinda crazy) so we decided to be just go with it, take advantage of the opportunity and rent for a while. Hopefully cut back on expenses and all the stuff that goes with owning a home like replacing a sewer main and the roof. And maybe have a little more space? That’s probably too much to ask, but anyway, that’s my non-update on the house situation.

This afternoon after Clementine’s nap we played with our marble run (Quadrilla) for nearly two hours. This toy is ridiculously awesome. It’s one of those toys that’s expensive enough that I probably wouldn’t have ever considered buying it for our kids, but one year Mr Rae asked for a basic set for Christmas and got it, and then we were addicted. The basic gist is that it’s a bunch of blocks and rails and spirals that you can build all kinds of different marble runs with. We even have the extension set that has little xylophones in some of the blocks so as the marble falls through it plays musical notes which elicited squeals from Elliot at first. I really need to take a video of ours sometime. OK, after quick blog search, One Crafty Mumma posted about theirs on her blog so you can see some pictures if you like. I can’t seem to find them for sale online but our little downtown toy store still has them, I think *slight panic at thought they may be discontinued.* When I think about how many more hours of play it gets than the rest of the $20 toys in our house, it was totally worth the investment. OK how did I end up talking about this? Can’t remember anymore.

Time to go watch Dr Who reruns!

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  1. wow – that sounds like a lot going on. i'm sure i speak for a lot of us when i say – no worries πŸ™‚ we'll stick around even if you're a little quieter. it's worth it for super great boy-ness to come!
    p.s. i cannot believe that about a note in your mailbox! what a sign!

  2. Ha ha ha, Rae, you crack me up. I really hope the rental search goes quickly and well and that you end up saving a ton of moola from not being home owners! Can't wait for Celebrate the Boy… so excited to be a part of it!! Wheeeee!

  3. You had better be staying in Michigan! How incredibly awesome to find a note like that in your mailbox. That sounds like something that just happens in the movies! And good luck with your sewing class this weekend!

  4. You are so funny- your fingers are running as fast as my head is running these days! πŸ™‚ SUCH good news on your house (although…I'm a little bummed our area wasn't on your short list ;o)

  5. we love quadrilla. i had seen them in toy stores for years now and thought "looks stupid". i always thought the haba ones would be a lot more fun (they are still pretty neat). but one day i went to our museum and they had a huge set of quadrilla on the tables. so i started playing with it and i've been hooked since. i bought a BUNCH of quadrilla stuff this last christmas. shameless but i bought it for me and gave it to my kid as a gift hahaha. and yes i am starting to think they are discontinued because i've been watching a few more sets/extensions i want to get and they first said they would be in stock jan 3rd and now it says march 11. :o( they are REALLY hard to come by. i bought one of my sets at toys r us on clearance. i really hope the new toy laws aren't keeping it from being in stock in the states, (some german companies are pulling their toys from being sold in the states due to the new laws… selecta is one of them).

    not that i am trying to hock my blog but i recently posted about having fun with the quadrilla sets. http://www.davidandanneplusone.com/2011/01/quadrillllla/

  6. oh and good luck with your move. i meant to put that in there first but i guess i typed faster than i thought lol. and i can't wait for celebrate the boy.

  7. Thanks for the linky πŸ™‚
    I'm so glad you love your Quadrilla – we've spent hours and hours and hours playing with ours.

  8. Good luck with the move! We moved from Portland, OR back to our hometown of Traverse City last March. It was kind of a quick decision, but overall we're happy. I'd tell you to come up here, but there aren't very many fabric stores, unfortunately! Although sometimes the Bay and lakes make up for it. πŸ™‚

  9. We're going to do the same thing! Probably this summer, but if the right opportunity comes up it'll be this spring for us too. (The only non-parallel things about our stories are: we were the ones leaving the note to buy the house – albeit 6 years ago; and we're in Oregon, of course.) We're even thinking of a state change – I'd love to email chat about that sometime if you're ever interested. Gives me butterflies when I think about it – but in a good, rollercoaster sort of way.

  10. Good heavens, woman, when you do stream-of-consciousness I always fall a little more in love with you.

    Must have magical marble toy. Whaddya MEAN, they don't sell online? Eh??

    And: we're planning to sell & rent, too. Does your buyer have a brother?

  11. Maybe move down to NC in the RTP/Durham area? Awesome community down here- and great jobs if anyone's looking… healthcare and technology industries both and great creative folks too! really fun to raise kiddos here πŸ™‚ Cost of living is reasonable. I totally enjoyed your post– so funny to see other mama's letting it out in a huge stream of consciousness. I'm finishing my beginning of the year cleaning o' clutter and old clothes so I have space and time to do more creating! Good luck

  12. Ah quadrilla is the best, my girls (6 and 3) love it and boy (15mths) is intrigued but kept well away from it! We had the melody set to add to the existing sets we had and it is awesome!

  13. This Michigander can appreciate the conflicted joy you must have felt to get a note to purchase your house. So hard to pass up in these times. We too are renting for the first time in 18 yrs. Selfish me says don't leave MI, but if you must move do it now while your children are still young. We have toyed w/ a NC move for a few years. So sorry

    ps. where was this Quadrilla post when my daughter had to do a marble run physics project???

  14. Best wishes with your search for a new place! It is always such a trial until you find "the one". My husband and I decided to rent instead of buy years ago, and I really enjoy the options it leaves open.

  15. Good luck with your move, we live in MI too. In a sweet little city called Madison Hts. We moved across the city about a 1 1/2 years ago and paid 2 mortgages for about a year (I do not recommend it). Hopefully you stay in MI although our weather is not perfect it is a nice state, April through October are quite nice if you ask me. I love reading your blog it's nice to read about another MI mom doing her best.

  16. Oh I SO want one of those marble things! When I was a child I would make my own from cardboard boxes(I would make a runway spiralling around the inside of the box) then it would come out of a hole at the bottom and then I would arrange tracks all over the furniture. I would blunt the scissors, uses fathoms of sellotape, make a huge mess and it drove my parents mad and kept me quiet for hours! We had to make our own entertainment in those days! So glad I found your blog, looks like there is lots going on to look forward to. Penny x

  17. I am really looking forward to doing some all boy sewing. It always feels like there is never enough resources or inspiration, so this will be wonderful.

  18. Will you do some sewing that can be done by boys for your boy week? My son(8) is interested in learning to sew. It's just hard to find something boyish enough to get him to really want to do it. I'd love to see some boy projects that they can do, not just sewing stuff for them.

  19. Move back to CA! We did. It is sooo much warmer than Michigan. My kids are playing outside- in January!- with only sweaters on!

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