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I’m blog-sitting for Meg today over at Elsie Marley because she’s in Hawaii (?!) and has asked all of her pals who live in the cold North to write about winter. I’m pretty sure she designed it this way so she would enjoy her warm vacation even more, but maybe it’s just that she was afraid she would miss it and this is her way of getting a little winter-fix. Either way, I’m sure by now she’s already forgotten what it’s like to freeze her butt off. (Meg, you can go ahead and put a whole hand in that pina colada if you need to, I won’t tell). 

Head over to Elsie Marley to read my list of reasons I like winter (notice I didn’t say love) and see a few pictures of Clementine in that Snowblossom Hat, which the astute will notice, now has ties. Come over and say hi!

10 thoughts on “North Country

  1. Rae: Hi–I saw the post on Elsie Marley this morning and I'm waving from the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan. I'd add one more benefit of living here–with 6 months of no sun, we have lovely skin with fewer wrinkles and age spots that our sun-loving friends ot the south… 🙂

  2. your post over there gave me a chuckle. I'm a little more North yet in Southern Manitoba (Winterpeg Manitsnowblah as we like to fondly say.)

  3. A few things.

    o1 I'm astute! Hooray! I don't think anyone's ever called me that.

    o2 I whole heartedly agree you've got we suthunas beat when it comes to constitution. Thin blood here.

    o3 Come on over. We're expecting a chilly 70 degree day here today 😉

  4. Fun! You know, we had a similar problem with the mittens on my two year old and I attached them to each other with a piece of yarn and ran them through his jacket. Worked like a charm!

  5. I have been begging and pleading for a day of "thawed worms". Seriously. 14 more inches of snow?? Makes one wonder when we will get to slosh around in the mud in tank tops in the middle of winter. I will never forget trotting to Holland State Park with my college buds one February and tromping on the "icebergs" that overhung Lake Michigan in our shorts and flip flops. Good times.

  6. Hey! Popped over from Elsie Marley and I have to say….Clementine! Soooo glad I'm done with the having-babies bit, because I'd be tempted to name my next-born Clementine (what a super-fabulous-so-great-name!!!)and then I'd feel like a great, big, name-stealing schmuck. So whew, disaster averted. Thanks vasectomy!

  7. Can you believe it I actually got this comment section to work. Loved your blog today. Needed a little reminder of why we live in Michigan after I took the garbage dumpster out to the road in my slippers and sweats and my hands and feet were numb by the time I came back in. It was after 5:00p so I needed a little wine to warm me up!

  8. She is so cute that it hurts me.

    Also: one of my Intro Sewing students made up your Buttercup Bag over the weekend as her first big sewing project and nearly burst with pride when she showed it off in class yesterday–woot!

  9. Rae- I appreciate your efforts to cheer me up, but I have recently come to terms with the fact that I do NOT like winter. Which is unfortunate since it lasts a full 6-7 months here. I am sewing spring/summer tops and dreaming of sunny California. Ha. My dream will come true someday soon, hopefully 🙂

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