PJs for the little baby I mean girl WAAAAAH!

I’d love to say that I had these finished in time for Christmas and wrapped up under the tree. Nope! But I did finish them a couple of days after Christmas when the kids were being entertained by parents and in laws so I was close. Mr Rae can’t get over how cute she is in these. Of course that isn’t really saying much he always thinks she’s SO CUTE (she is).

This house flannel is from the Folksy Flannels line by Anna Maria Horner (whose New Year’s post had me weeping like a baby. AGAIN. seriously that woman always makes me cry) and the trim is the pink from her solid voile collection (shameless sponsor plug: you can find AMH fabrics at a bunch of the fabric shops on the sidebar, but I’m link-lazy so you’ll have to look yourself).


The pattern for the top is the Bedtime Story PJ’s by Oliver+S and I used my Big Butt Baby Pants for the bottoms (FYI: the Oliver+S PJ pant DOES fit over C’s cloth diaper, but it’s a bit of a squeeze. The B3P’s add a few extra inches in the bum). It was a complete accident that the houses lined up perfectly not only across the bum of the pants but from the pants to the top. I could not have done that on purpose if I had tried. Really.

I own roughly half of the Oliver+S pattern collection and have to say if you have not tried them you really must. Liesl sets the industry standard for dependable, good-fitting patterns and instructions so flawless that you can put your brain on autopilot while you sew. You might think (as I did at one point) that it might not be worth paying $16 for a pattern that is a PJ pant and kimono top. You would be wrong. I am finding that I use this pattern (along with a few other basic patterns) more than any others for the fact that it is so simple and easy to follow. I’ve used the PJ pant pattern at least five times in the last year for both of my kids. I just realized now looking at the Oliver+S website that this one is now out of print waaaah, but I know you can still find it around at many quilting fabric shops (and just did a quick search: Alewives has it).


It’s a good thing that there’s an extra inch on the bottom of the Big Butt pant leg pattern because C is a pretty tall baby and she’s going to need it by the end of the winter. The pants fit her perfectly length-wise now so I’ll probably be letting these down in a couple months. I always always always use a super-long stitch length when hemming pants; it’s so much easier to tear out the stitches that way.

I still have enough fabric to make something else small, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. Is it totally dorky to make matching PJ’s for her doll? Scratch that: HOW dorky is it if I make matching PJs for her doll?

One more thing: I’m going to keep the Charm Stitch Fat Quarter giveaway open just a little longer until the end of the day today…I kindof forgot that it was New Year’s last weekend and people might not be reading blogs, so if you didn’t get a chance to enter you still can!  Happy New Year everyone!

56 thoughts on “PJs for the little baby I mean girl WAAAAAH!

  1. Okay, that level of cuteness is dangerous for my commitment to have 0 children by the end of 2011. Great. Thanks for that.

    Matching doll PJ's: Dorky and absolutely necessary.

  2. Those are super darling! I love the gorgeous fabric–I have never thought of the luxury of pjs like these for my girls. I'm afraid it's been carters footed all the way. I'm inspired…

  3. She is so cute! And the fabric is so lovely as well. I have 'Little folks' in cotton. It is so light… It will become a nice blouse for my little girl next summer.

  4. So adorable! And um, matching doll pj's? Not a bit dorky and a definite must. That baby girl of yours will think she's died and gone to heaven.

    I love kimono tops…I think I see another sewing project to add to my list!

  5. Those pj's just make me want to pick up that little cutie and snuggle her!

    Definitely make some for the doll! I made many doll outfits out of scraps left from clothes I'd made for Jess when she was little. They looked so cute together. My granddaughter plays with them now.

  6. Oh my goodness – the way the print matched up is most certainly a sign of favor from the sewing gods. She is such a cutie and those pajamas are ADORABLE! Why not matching pjs if it makes her happy? Would be a great pic….

  7. Oh I miss her! I could use some Clemmiesnuggles. I made Ella pj pants with that same fabric. It's delicious!

  8. Matching dolly pj's are not dorky at all to a little girl. They are the height of style and sophistication!! Just give in b/c in 6 mos she might be requesting rufflles and bows on everything.

  9. Oh. Dang. Thank you for posting that link bc I've been looking for the O+S Puppet Show Tunic pattern everywhere and Alewives has it!

    Love the pj's btw. I would totally enjoy seeing the other O+S garments you've made. Very inspiring!

  10. Soooo cute! Her doll needs the matching PJ's. It is a requirement of girlhood that you match your doll at least once in your life, so if you don't make them now, you're just putting off the inevitable.

  11. My MIL just made jammies and matching doll jammies for my daughter for Christmas and it was awesomely over the top. Cora was sooo freaking excited to have her doll look just like her. Do it!

  12. What a doll!! Make the matching doll outfit, little girls go NUTS over them πŸ™‚ She is only this age once so I say a must!!

  13. They are very cute!

    Who cares what others think? If you want to make them (matching doll pjs) then do it.

  14. Those pajamas are ADORABLE…but my first thought, looking at the first photo, was "I want that haircut." ha!

  15. Please DO make the matching pjs for her babydoll! At 45 years old I STILL have some of the clothes my mom and Grandma made for my baby dolls/barbie dolls! When I was really young I loved it that we had matchy clothes especially since I had no siblings!

  16. what great pj's!!! And I love the idea of making them for her doll – a little dorky, sure. But how many more years do we get to do dorky things for our kids before they start rolling their eyes at us?!! I say GO FOR IT!

  17. Dolly pjs are not dorky. Unless it means I'm dorky too. My mom made them for my dolls when I was young, and I loved it so much I do it for my girls.

  18. Oh I agree about Oliver + S patterns. They are worth the money. The instructions are written so well that I think even a beginner can make some of the more difficult of their designs. Cute PJ's!

  19. I think I have to start again then….I completely blew off the pants of the oliver+s'pj….I felt like a starter….definitely have to try again !! But you give me hope πŸ™‚

  20. I actually said "omg" outloud when the first photo came up! Cute overload!!!!! LOVE AMH and that folksy flannel in particular. I was just showing my MIL that fabric yesterday.

  21. gorgeous!! thanks for the tip about the patterns for over the nappies. And no, I didn't get my kiddo's pjs finished in time for xmas either πŸ™‚

  22. Matching doll PJ's is completely necessary and undorky. Matching Mommy PJ's might be a little bit dorky…. but still cute! I'm going to add some oliver+s patterns to my wishlist!

  23. I always use my scraps to make my daughters doll matching clothes. I love it because they are so fast and easy to make and it makes it easier for me to get my daughter to wear what I make her without resorting to chocolate.

  24. if by 'dorky' you mean 'awesome' then YES. ABSOLUTELY. Then again I like to match 3yo Nicole and 7 week old Olivia soooo… I may not have the best judgement? lol.
    The few times my level of ambition has actually led to matching doll clothes for my little girl she was beyond thrilled. And then the Christmas dress on sale that matched the one my mom had bought for baby sister Olivia happened to be a "dolly and me" thing so there was matching "Santa dresses" for Nicole and Baby Sister Olivia and Baby Doll and let me tell you, the girl was SHAKING with excitement when she was given the dresses. It was hilarious.

  25. What darling PJs! You have provided just the encouragement I needed to treat myself to an Oliver +S pattern – thank you. And, I adore the idea of matching doll jammies. Just thinking about doing things like that for my daughter when she's old enough makes my heart a little bit melty πŸ™‚

  26. Very cute! I say…make the matching pj's for her doll! Not dorky with a cute girl like that. Can't wait to see it. πŸ™‚

  27. She is too cute Rae. I love the PJ's … and would love some mama sized ones too. I've made clothing from 3 different Oliver+S patterns and while they are very involved, they produce fabulous pieces. I made the shirt/dress short set for RK for the winter market and they were TOO cute. I'm going to attempt to make them for E for Easter. I should start now ;).

    P.S. Not sure if you need any help on sideline stuff, but let me know for boy month ;). I wish I had some brilliant tutorial to share, but don't at this moment, but would be willing to help with other things if you need it.

    Happy 2011 … let's catch up soon! Things are currently a little crazy here, but hoping that settles in the next week or so!

  28. Not dorky at all! I would have loved that when I was little. Also, I made doll quilts for my cousins & really wish I had enough time/money/etc. to make the girls their own matching quilts…same thing I think!

  29. oh wow! your mr rae is correct! she is adorable in those pj's! i love kimono type pj's although i've never had nor made them..temping! i want a set for myself!

  30. Rae, your little baby i mean girl is totally adorable! do share what you have been sewing for E as well, i know boy month is coming up but what have you been working on?

  31. I just have to agree with Mr. Rae here: C is ab-so-lu-te-ly cute in those PJ's! And congrats to the Mrs. for making such an adorable set, too πŸ™‚

    Also loved the last picture of the previous post – "And we're outta here", where she drags Big Bird away – LOLLL!

    So after the previous question re: matching outfits and the huge positive response to that one – will we soon get to see matching outfits for you & C & Doll? πŸ˜€ (NOT making fun of you, honestly! I could be doing the exact same thing, don't you know…)


  32. I also agree…matching doll clothes is adorable !!!! My Mom used to do that more me and my cabage patch dolls. I LOVED it:) and now looking back at pictures I still think it's adorable:)

  33. You MUST make the doll a set! And you are required to keep them forever for C in case she should have a daughter who also loves a doll.

    It will be dorky on the night before her 13th birthday and become whimsical the day she meets her own baby.

  34. I say go with the doll jammies, she will LOVE that!!! (and think of the cute lil' pics!!!)

    Adorable jammies!!!

  35. So these are pretty much the cutest pj's ever – and total bonus for having the butt seams line up!

  36. ah no way!
    i drafted up a notso successful pattern yesterday for the exact same thing wanting to have a cute kickabout outfit for at the house for my 7 month old baby girl …i hadn't been able to find a pattern exactly what i wanted so i tried to figure it out myself. i underestimated the size of my bootylicious little girl (plus a cloth diaper) so the effect was comical. thank you for alerting me to this way easier possiblity!

  37. Apparently I am a way huge dork, because I don't think the matching PJ's for the doll is dorky at all! I think it's WAY cute and I bet she'd LOVE them!

  38. Love the pjs! When I have scraps from baby girl projects I sew up a butterfly rattle from Little Stitches for Little Ones! Quick, easy, and the baby girls love to snuggle them!

  39. Adorable! And I just love her fabrics. I didn't pick up and flannel, but have the cotton voiles in fat quarters of every print. Still waiting to do a quilt for myself πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration to get the sewing machine out a little more!

  40. Ok, you've convinced me. I've got to try one of those Oliver+S patterns, I thought they were too imtimidating but those are some darn cute pjs.

    Oh and matching doll pjs…SO STINKIN' CUTE.

  41. Darling! I had to scrutinize the photo to make sure they were BP3 pants because dang! Those houses are lined up quite well. Thank you for reviewing O&S. I simply adore every pattern from them but I've always been too scared to spend that much moola only to find that it's too difficult for me.

  42. Funny, I made this exact pattern, out of that exact fabric for my girl last xmas. She still wears them (and I used pink for the trim as well)!

  43. Aaaawgh! Too much cuteness! Doll pajamas: yes!

    But if it truly feels dorky, maybe a little pillow or matching slippers?

  44. I'm much older than you and probably most of your other posters and my sisters and I had matching PJ's for our dolls when we were little. Our Mom and Grandma made them almost every year.

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