PJs for the little boy

You didn’t think I forgot the E when making Christmas jammies? This mama may be negligent and unfit for parenting* but I did manage to make him pajamas out of his very favorite fabric.

Me: “Those are moons, Elliot, MOONS.”
E: “No, they’re pumpkins.”
Me: “Child, you make me CRAZY LOCO!” (what can I say I pick up the lingo when I’m in Mexico)

*Monday on a trip to the bakery I accidentally opened his car door not realizing he was leaning on it from the inside and then watched in slooooooow motion as he literally landed on his HEAD (!) on the bare concrete. Then he insisted on walking into the bakery with a cut lip, bloody nose, and gravel bits embedded in the 3-inch bump on his forehead. He must have known that Bakery Jan would give him a free chocolate chip cookie. And thank goodness she did because it actually seemed to make everything better. I however am still suffering emotionally from this event.

This was an easy and quick sew; top pattern is the Tee for Two previously lauded in this space which I know seems like nearly the only thing I ever make for him anymore. It’s a great pattern, but don’t worry Boy Month is coming and I promise I will make something else. I kindof botched these a little by making the neck too big but no bigs, it’s pajamas. Besides, I have to pull it over the giant bump on his head, so it’s the perfect size (I’m kidding; At two inches in diameter now said bump is nearly almost gone. Downright wee.)
when he saw this picture: “that’s me feeling sad” (taken BEFORE he fell, I would like to add!)

Bottoms are from the Oliver+S PJ pant also previously lauded in this space; this time I added a few inches to the bottom instead of the bias tape binding so that I can let them down a little as he grows like a weed as nearly 4 year olds are apt to do.

And I do need to talk about this lovely knit fabric because it is truly the most lovely soft stretchy fabric you can imagine. It’s a crying shame that solid knits don’t photograph like glamorous prints do and almost never get the praise they deserve because basic solid knits are the most versatile fabrics for children’s clothing. It’s the same crazy stretchy soft stuff I always use for my baby tights (some of you have been commenting that you can’t get the baby tights to fit over cloth dipes? This fabric will work. Promise.) I believe it is Robert Kaufman Panda Knit and if I could find the cream somewhere online I would link it (although Phat Fabric has the black on super-sale!).

It’s snowing today! Time to go play!

26 thoughts on “PJs for the little boy

  1. Wipe away the mommy guilt with that snow play today! Seriously, we've all been there. The pjs are fab.

  2. aaaw, that looks super-cozy! And I agree with Rachel, wipe the mommy guilt away, it happens. <3

  3. Haha, I read somewhere that being a mom comes with a giant red button on our stomach, with the big G of guilt on there. I think that's true. Little ones get hurt, they do silly things and we try to catch all those moments, but sometimes we can't. It happens. (An then I didnt' even start talking about the silly things we do ourselves *ahum*)

    Cute pyjamas. I think little ones in pyjamas are the cutest in the world.

  4. The beginning of your post sounded like something straight out of a Skippy Jon Jones book! Muy Bueno!

  5. Those pj's looks wonderful. I just made a newborn set with that same fabric, and I love it! No need for Mommy guilt, you are truly amazing.

  6. I bought the Tee for Two pattern right after you featured it but have yet to make it. Dang it's cute! And so is your perfectly resilient, darling boy. You're a good mama!

  7. Years ago, when my oldest was probably 5, we were headed to a birthday party and I was getting a stroller out of the trunk. This trunk was one that you really had to slam to get it to latch. Well, my son came up behind me just as I was slamming the trunk…sure enough, I slammed it right into his head! I still feel so bad about it (and it happened twice in a year). Poor kid could really sneak up on me! He's 9 now and we haven't seen any lasting damage so far πŸ˜‰
    Boy, was I glad when my hubby traded in that car!!!
    The pjs are adorable and I bought the oliver pattern after seeing your daughter's pair. Thanks!

  8. As I was reading my two year old asked to get up to see the 'orange pumpkin pants!' I'm not even going to try to explain they are moons πŸ™‚

  9. those are so cute. sorry he hit his melon, no fun, but cookies do heal some wounds. πŸ™‚ I'll have to check out some knits, I suck at trying to buy them online.

  10. So cute, Rae! Excited for boy month!

    And cookies heal everything, I think…. * off to get some cookies*… πŸ™‚

  11. My 3 year old fell out of the car trying to get into her carseat. I was on the other side getting the baby into the car. I am afraid I lost it with all of the blood (it had been a stressful couple of days, too). My mom was there and soothed everyone. It looked bad for a couple of days, but little people heal beautifully. I remembered Katie from Katiedid telling the story of one of her children falling down the stairs in her apartment building. It happens to everyone (though I do close the door as soon as she gets in to keep it from happening again soon). And thanks for sharing. It's easy to just gloss over these things in a blog, but you find people who can commiserate. Great pajamas!

  12. Thanks for the stories you guys…it's comforting to hear that it happens to the best of you. πŸ™‚

    Amy: fabric is Far Far Away II by Heather Ross, Owl and the Pussycat

  13. A quote from my three year old: "That sad boy has a sailboat and a sun on his jammies!"

    The pjs are wonderful! I hope the both of you are feeling better today.

  14. I SO LOVE that fabric and what a fab way of framing it on the top. I'd be tempted to wear those myself (if I shrunk a little of cause!!!)

  15. These are absolutely gorgeous pj's as is the wee man! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your story… don't feel bad though… you can't bubble wrap your kids. : )


  16. Oh they turned out lovely, Rae!

    And believe me, these things hurt mommies more than they hurt the kids.

  17. Okay, I don't know why, but your description of E's 'mishap' really made me laugh out loud. Maybe because I've done very similar to my own son. In fact, we just had to go to the ER the day before Christmas because mine fell off the arm of the chair I was sitting in and split his chin open on the floor. Totally recall the slo-mo thing. And the guilt… :S
    Oh! Super cute jammies too! πŸ™‚ I so badly have the sewing bug, I just need to find the time to do it!

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