Rae’s Big List of Fabric Shops

After last week’s post where I may or may not have slightly bashed one of the major fabric chains (What can I say? Sometimes I grumpy-post. So here’s my official apology: Sorry JoAnn. I figure we’re cool anyway since I ended up at your store again a mere two days later..), I felt I should sit down and talk a little bit about purchasing fabric online and elsewhere. I’m guessing that many of you are in the same place I am: I don’t have a good fabric shop nearby (in a cruel twist of fate I somehow ended up living in a weird Fabric Black Hole where all the good fabric shops are at least a half hour’s drive in any direction), so most of the time when I need supplies, I shop at a chain *gasp*. And you know what? Their needles, thread, elastic and other notions are perfectly fine and about once I month I end up at JoAnn just because I need some interfacing or something I didn’t have the forethought to purchase elsewhere. And it turns out they DO carry SOME good quality fabrics, you just need to be able to suppress the violent urges you get when you have to stand in line at first the cutting counter and then the checkout for forty minutes. Seriously, the wait time makes me want to hurt someone, and I am not proud to admit that on more than one occasion I have stormed out, leaving my package of snaps behind (I would never do this with cut fabric). But this, this, and these were all made with very nice fabric procured at JoAnn, so it’s not really fair for me to be negative about them. It’s a little bit of a crapshoot though, you know? Sorry to be crass, but “crapshoot” just seems like the best way to describe it.

I have a strong preference for supporting fabric sellers who make it clear that quality is a priority, so I usually wait until I’m in Seattle or West Michigan visiting my parents to buy fabric and supplies, especially when I need fleece, knits or other fabrics that tend to be easier to purchase in person. But it’s nice to see any fabric in person, even quilting weight cotton (which is probably the most basic of fabrics; easy to sew, easy to predict what it will feel like).

I will always have a preference for Brick and Mortar shops. Here are the ones I have shopped at personally, have reliable friends who shop there, or know the owners and feel I can safely vouch for their quality. Many of these stores also have online shops (those links are listed further down the page). Feel free to weigh in with your favorites in the comments section. I also noticed that Dana is hoping to put together a Big List at some point so you can add yours over there too, and I know there must be other more comprehensive lists online, although honestly I haven’t found one I really use.

Michigan and Midwest:
Fields Fabrics / West Michigan (also online, limited selection)
Material Girls / Dearborn, MI (also online)
Haberman Fabrics / Royal Oak, MI
Guildcrafters Quilt Shop / Berkley MI
Ann Arbor Sewing Center / Ann Arbor, MI
Lake Street Mercantile / South Lyon, MI
Crafty Planet / Minneapolis, MN (also online)
Treadle Yard Goods* / St Paul, MN
Shiisa Quilts / Bloomington, IN (also online)
*added by popular demand

New England
Alewives Fabrics / Maine (also online)
Nido Fabrics / Vermont (also online)

Whipstich Fabrics / Atlanta (also online)

Birch Fabrics (home of Fabricworm online) / Paso Robles, California
Britex Fabrics / San Francisco
Pacific Fabrics and Crafts / Washington (also online, limited selection)
Undercover Quilts / Seattle

Due to my unfortunate fabric-free locale, I end up purchasing the majority of my fabric online. When I discovered online fabric shopping, there was a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to purchase fabrics without touching them, but now I’ve got a pretty good system worked out. Turns out if you stick to a few basic rules (I’ll post my guidelines for fabric shopping online soon), the outcome can be pretty great. Of course, it may take a little trial and error to figure it out, but I think I can say that I now shop online for fabrics with confidence.

So here’s a list of the places I’ve purchased fabric from online that are super. [UPDATED: I’m also adding some shops that got an overwhelming number of mentions in the comments: Pink Chalk and Hawthorne; I trust if so many of you vouch for them they are fantastic!] Since I started blogging, I’ve also developed relationships with online fabric store owners (some of whom have been or are currently sponsors; I do a giveaway, they send me fabric) and have been a contributor/board member for Sew Mama Sew (I do a tutorial, they send me fabric) and those shops are phenomenal too! I’m also re-listing the online stores that I’ve shopped at from the list above so they’re all together:

Above All Fabric
Aunt Bea’s (who just announced she is closing, waaaah!!! but be sure to check out her great sale!)
Crafty Planet
Fabric.com (this one seems less independently-owned, more commercial-y to me, but I’ve bought bamboo knits there)
Fabric Bar (whose website seems to be on the fritz, can anyone help?)
Fabric Depot (also has a huge brick and mortar store in Portland which I regretably have never had the pleasure of visiting)
Hawthorne Threads
Material Girls
Phat Fabrics
Pink Chalk Fabrics 
Quilt Home
Sew Mama Sew
Shiisa Quilts

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention True Up, a website completely dedicated to fabric that posts a crazy huge list of online fabric sales every weekend, so if you’re into the deal-hunting, that’s a good site to follow.

OK, so there you go, I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone so I’ll update as needed. I’m quite the prolific online fabric shopper but even I have only brushed the surface here, so tell me your online favorites!

89 thoughts on “Rae’s Big List of Fabric Shops

  1. oh this is great! whenever I get around to compiling mine, i'll have to add all of yours too :).
    Fabulous list!

  2. Rae, you so aptly described the check-out process at JoAnn. They don't try to be great, they try to be okay. Why else would the floors be so dirty?

    Loved this amusing and informative post. I'll send you fabric for tutorials any time!

  3. Awesome list and I'm super excited to read your online fabric-buying tips. I've only done it a few times and sometimes I am furious that the scale is different than I had anticipated. For Northwesters, other amazing Portland brick and mortars are The Mill End, Pendleton Woolen Mill and Bolt and of course, Fabric Depot.

  4. Great list and post. I don't mind my Jo-Anns. At least they are really nice and fast. I wish we had more local stores here in MA but the ones I can find just sell quilting cotton and it is mostly grandmother stuff. I might try online shopping more but always get worried about the quality. I have shopped from fabricworm and they had great customer service.

  5. Hawthorne Threads or Pink Chalk Fabrics are great online stores too. I do not buy fabric at Jo Anns anymore and I have abandoned their zippers too (poor quality) Zipit on Etsy is the best. I buy them in packs of 25 of a broad selection of colors. Excellent prices and superior quality. I also buy magnetic snaps on Etsy at a much better price than Jo Anns. But – the interfacing when it is on sale for 50% off will bring me in and when I have coupons and need random notions.

  6. From a home dec perspective, Fabricguru.com is decent but I usually rely on Fabric.com for online. They get their swatches out quickly, and for $1.50 and a couple of days' mail time, you may avoid a major blunder EXCEPT they take returns! I KNOW! Seriously, that's the best in my book.

    Looking for something specific at JoAnn's online. Didn't have it. Called my local JA's, didn't have it either. Called the ETC an hour away. Clerk: "OH yes, we have it. Right here." ME: "I'm driving an hour each way. You sure you've got it?" Clerk: "Right here." ME: It's snowing really hard and the roads are icy. Just need to be 100% sure." Clerk: "We HAVE it, okay!" Me: "Leaving now." Two hours later, I get there. No only did they not have it, but nobody remembered telling me they did. Sigh.

  7. In addition to Crafty Planet in Minneapolis, there is Treadle Yard Goods in Saint Paul, which is equally wonderful.

  8. Every time I leave Joann's I think I'm growling. I thought it was just mine! There is no music, there's very little help, the wait is long… I feel like I'm in a library. It is not a welcoming store. I used to like to grab remnants there, but they've stopped discounting them as much, so I can't even do that anymore. Don't feel bad about bashing them. Maybe if enough of us says something, they'll get the hint. 🙂

  9. I was also going to add Hawthorne Threads to the list for online shopping. Great selection, super fast shipping, and I love how you can search for fabric by coordinating colors, even down to high or low dominance!

    We have a couple of great fabric stores here in Utah: Material Girls and Pine Needles.

  10. I'm a quilter, but I'm learning to make clothes, thanks to Rae and others! Two shops I'd like to add The Fat Quarter Shop and Burgundy Buttons – great quality, great customer service! I'll second (third, fourth?) Pink Chalk and Hawthorne Threads, too! Fabric.com is a flighty temptress with that free shipping over $35 and you can always google a coupon code…

  11. Oh yes! I've seen the dreaded Joann lines a few times. Luckily, and not so luckily, the Joann's a few blocks from my house is small (the not so lucky part) so I don't have the line issue like the location on the other side of town.

    I've ordered online from Fort Worth Fabric Studio (once late last month), but they were quick on shipping and I'm not charged a flat rate for a small order (I like to buy a few 1/2 yard increments to stock my stash, and to fool myself by thinking I'm not spending so much). They charge the actual shipping cost of your order.

    There is an online fabric store that is, literally,1 mile from my house and I would have been charged $4.95 (that's half a yard of fabric!!) for the same fabrics I got shipped for $2.24 from Fort Worth Fabric's. Ooh and Fort Worth Fabrics had the same fabrics and cheaper$$$ (I've even compared with other fabric dot coms)

    Of course shipping rates change between both stores. So if I plan to buy several yards it could be in my best interest to go with the company down the street(maybe depending on their fabric prices), but like I said I usually buy small amounts so the smaller shipping rate is more desirable.

    Love your posts!!

  12. I'd like to introduce you to a shop called Adorable Heirlooms. It is located in Flint, MI. She carries beautiful fabric. I don't use her for everyday outfits, but when I want something special I always use her. I describe her fabrics like 1000 thread count sheets; 200 thread count (like fabric from JoAnn) does the job, but 1000 thread count feels sssooo much better. I live in MS, so I use her website https://adorableheirlooms.com. She has patterns and notions, books and magazines, too. She has also recently added some Henry Glass fabrics.

  13. Oh you mentioned their name MN2NM The Fat Quarter Shop is the online place 1.2 miles from my house. I even called them to ask if I could pick up my order to save $4.95 in shipping and they said no. How sad is that? I would buy from them all the time if I could order online and pick up my order on my way home. Sigh!

  14. There is a new one coming to the Midwest, opens Valentine's Day. Sewn Studio in Cincinnati, OH. I'm a little excited.

  15. Thank you for this list!! We moved from Alaska to an hour north of Indianapolis a year ago and I have been in a serious funk every since. You see in AK it may have been an hour drive to town but we had a minimum of 6 (yes SIX) brick and mortar, honest to goodness independent, quality fabric stores! SIX… Now that we are back in "civilization" I have 1 TINY quilt shop and 2 chain stores.

    I can hardly wait until you post your tips for buying on-line!!

    Once again thank you for your list of sources!!!

  16. If you ever get down to the Indianapolis area, make a stop at Always in Stitches on the north side in Noblesville, IN. I'm lucky enough to live near it and buy great fabric there. In addition to the fabric, they carry some amazing specialty yarn.

  17. I see someone has already mentioned it, but I wanted to add http://www.hawthornethreads.com as well. They have great fabrics, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. I order almost exclusively from them. The site is very user friendly too! I could spend hours on their looking at fabrics!

  18. Pink Chalk Fabrics is great. I order something and it is at my house in no time. Its seems like my local fabric store because the service is that good and fast!

  19. Thanks Rae! I love fabric.com… because they ship fast & they have good deals. Although they do not carry some designers & that bothers me.

  20. I know it's been mentioned but Hawthorne threads is great and they ship fast with reasonable shipping cost. Fabric.com can be hit or miss but I've gotten some great deals on designer names and some great knits. Harts is about an hour away from me and the store has a great selection (way more than online). I am looking for a good source for 2×2 cotton rib knit! It's so hard to find in good colors. I would also love to get my hands on the knits that Ottobre uses at a good price too. Am I asking too much?

  21. Great list Rae! I also love Hawthorne Threads as far as online shops go… Their customer loyalty/bulk discounts rock. I used to shop at Purl Soho online (their B&M is based in New York) until I realized their warehouse was just 10 minutes away from me here in the Newport Beach area (southern CA). The ladies there are super nice about letting customers walk in, feel, and purchase fabric, even though it is not technically a brick and mortar shop. Saves me a trip to L.A. when I just have to see a fabric in person!

  22. HAHA! You think you live in a black hole? I have to drive 45 minutes to get to JoAnn's!! 😀 I must have lucked in on a good one, because I've never had to wait so far for anything, and my mom has made some fabulous quilts out of their fabric!
    Aside from them,so far I've ordered from Etsy, Hawthorne Threads, and the Fat Quarter Shop, all with pleasant success.

  23. Thanks for this list! If you're in the Columbus, OH area ever, Sew to Speak is fantastic. they're the only place around that carries Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, etc etc etc. (And I'll go ahead and apologize for the natives' hatred for all things Michigan.)

  24. As a person who has lived 1.5 hours from a Hobby Lobby since she began sewing, and therefore has bought all her fabric at Walmart, I appreciate the online list.
    Now that we're moving and only 20 minutes from HL and JoAnn's I'm thrilled! Though still hoping to find a nice upper-end fabric shop as well. And to use these online places….

  25. It looks like you missed one here in MI. If you are going to Haberman's in Royal Oak, stay on 12 Mile and hit the Guildcrafter's Quilt Shop. I love it and the prices are reasonable. Lots of selection too. The outside does not look like much, but the inside is yummy! Here is a link. http://guildcrafters.wordpress.com/
    Oh, and the ladies are really nice. They called me when something I requested was in. While you are in Berkley, hit the Doll Hospital toy store. I love it and the staff are super nice there too.

  26. I am putting in another vote for Hawthorne Threads. They carry a very large range at competitive prices (most of their designer quilting cottons are $8/yard), you can order by multiples of 1/8 yards, they ship extraordinarily fast (my parcel got here in 4 days (weekend included) – and I live in Europe!
    Their color matching tool is superb, and Charlie and Lindsay are extremely helpful when you e-mail them. They score almost the maximum points in my book – I only regret they do not carry a little more knits 🙂

    For knits of all sorts (even for swimwear and ribbing), I recently discovered (but not yet tried…!) Chez Ami (http://www.chezami.com/pa/exp.pa?file=knits&pathcode=fabricshop&sessionid=34X0Y6GXH09720) and on Etsy Lilbabythangs
    (http://www.etsy.com/people/Lilbabythangs) – lots of ribbing and her range of Ooga Booga is mind-boggling!

    And finally, for laminated, well… Laminated at Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Laminated)

    The biggest problems when buying online are (for me) the scale of the print and the exact color. I try to figure both out by looking at pics of finished clothing/bags/… using that fabric, but it's not 100% foolproof.
    As for texture, well… I mostly buy designer's quilting cotton and jersey/interlock/ribbing online, thinking (hoping…) I know those well enough to be reasonably certain of how they feel and drape. For other fabrics (incl. linen, synthetics, mictures,…) I try to buy at brick and mortar stores.

    Sabine C

  27. Rae, you're exactly right about Fabric.com feeling a little less than independent–they're owned by Amazon! (Look way at the bottom of the page on Amazon and it lists all their companies.)

    Here in Chicago, I have a hard time too–there's nothing that particularly excites me about the few fabric shops that we have. Joann's is at least half an hour away (on a good traffic day) and the closest (Vogue Fabrics on Roosevelt) doesn't have great selection for what I'm typically looking for. Fishman's Fabrics is wonderful but high-end fabric only–no basic/quilting cottons. But if you want linen or crazy soft beautiful wool suiting, that's your place. Typically you'll pay for it as well but sometimes you can get a deal. The salespeople really know what they're doing there too.

  28. Well, I work at Joann's so I admit it's a little hard to NOT buy from them seeing as I get an extra discount. Thankfully, my Joann's has really nice people and the new manager has been working on filling the floor with employees on heavy shopping days unlike the last manager who would schedule TWO people for the whole store on an opening sale day.

    And is it just me? Or has the quality of Kona cotton gone down? Is it just at Joann's because lately the last few yards of Kona cotton that I've bought from Joann's hasn't felt quite the same. I mean for $6.99/yd. I'd like to get fabric that doesn't feel like Country Classic!

    Anyway, thought I would add clotilde.com (for notions and whatnot) and connectingthreads.com (quilting cottons – I'm new with them but so far they have been pleasant to work with). I don't know what their thread is like but I love the charm packs and their book sales!!

  29. Ack! How could I ever forget equilter.com?! For quality, fast shipping, and awesome service, that's where to go. I love them.

  30. THANK YOU! I was just looking for some better online resources. I love Hawthorne Threads, too. And I found myself using crapshoot in an email yesterday. Sometimes, it's the only thing that fits.

  31. Britex is my favorite, but it's 45 minutes away on a good day and parking is absolute torture. Luckily, a little fabric store opened two blocks away from me last year (in Santa Clara, CA) – the Bobbin's Nest. It's tiny but they have high quality fabrics, yarns, patterns, and they give classes. I did buy that same red plaid seersucker at JoAnn's last summer, though – I'm hoping they carry that again this year…

  32. Guildcrafters in Berkley has an awesome selection, and if you ever make it up to Ortonville, MI (SE of Flint), there's a shop called Mabelena's that is really good as well. They carried a ton of Heather Ross back in the day!

  33. Can't forget CityCraft in Dallas, Texas!! (brick and mortar and now online -yippee!)

    Lots of crafty, sewing love!

  34. You think a "Fabric Black Hole" means being 30 minutes away from a good fabric shop? GAH! I have to drive nearly an hour just to get to a JoAnn's!!! There are two dinky little fabric shops in town that just opened, but they only have quilting fabric, and not much of it at that. If I want knits or other apparel fabrics it's an hour or more away. Sorry to rant, but seriously, you have no clue what a Fabric Black Hole is.

  35. Fabritopia online is a great one and always has great sales going on.

    I also like Hancocks of Paducah online, it's commercial, but I have found some awesome clearance from them too. Their customer service is great. You can also sign up for a free catalogue from them, so you can drool over the new lines of fabric coming out, and circle them like crazy, hoping your husband gets the hint and buys you a few yards for your birthday, etc.

    Thanks for listing the ones in Michigan. I live downriver of Detroit and grumble about the lack of good places nearby. Everything is about 1+ hours away from me. There is a great selection in store at


    They are located in Berkley, MI and I used to go there when I lived closer.

  36. I am so, so, so, so, sooooo glad that you posted this. I recently just made a bunch of purchases from online fabric stores, and was *hugely* disappointed when things didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to. I think I have a much better idea of how to shop now, but it's a fairly steep learning curve. –I just got tired of everything I made using Joann's fabric falling apart after a couple of washes. Not bueno. Not bueno at all. : (

  37. This is so perfect! When reading and linking to many on Dana's list…my thoughts were…Am I missing something…I have never seen a "boutique style" shop near me (which coincidentally is right in your black whole). I am thrilled about your on-line buying guide. I fear the lack of touchablity because I am a novice.

    Have you tried any of the quilting shops in Howell/Brighton area? Not a quilter, but may take a trip to The Stitichery, as I have an old neighbor that works there. Will let you know my thoughts!
    A small site…but like Pink Chalk Fabrics

  38. Agree with Melinda…ZIPIT is the only place I buy zippers!
    Heard good things about Guildcrafters (@true Aggie)and while you are there traveling to her suggestions you must check our the Yellow Door Art Market, local artists! Oops..Now we got you completely off track!

  39. Thank you for sharing ! I would like to add Treadle Yard Goods, in Saint Paul. They are great, and carry a large selection of very good fabrics. You should check them next time you are in the Twin Cities.

  40. Rae, i hope your post was not in response to a corporate zinger by Joanns. You only said what you have observed. If they cared more about our business, they would improve their stock and staffing. Just the truth …

  41. I agree with your feelings on jo0anns. Although I use those 40% off coupons for things like batting, notions, etc, I bugs me how so many things there are overpriced to begin with, just so you use the coupons. The small, local places don't play that game. They might have 20 percent off sales once and a while, but the prices are pretty consistent. p.s. I somehow stumbled across your blog awhile ago, and added you to my google reader, you are a part of my daily reading, and I love so much of what you have to say!

  42. The pattern makers over at HeidiandFinn just did a post on their blog (heidiandfinn.blogspot.com) about their fav online fabric shops. My shop Fitsallwhofitin.etsy.com got featured as their fav for high quality fabrics at wholesale prices.
    Im a long time follower of your blog and would love to send you samples!

  43. You forgot one in Southeast MI, the Guildcrafter's Quilt shop in Berkley that actually has a REALLY good selection.

  44. Love this list of shops! I'd like to add QuiltHome.com and Canton Village Quilt Works which is cvquiltworks.com. If you sign up for QuiltHome's newsletters, I think you'll find their specials are great.

    Then, there's JoJo's at JoJosGiftshoppe.com, ThousandsofBolts.com, AboveAllFabric.com, BeSewHappy.com, ZandSFabrics.com along with dozens of Etsy sites. I've bought on-line from all of them & have the stash to prove it! 🙂

  45. this is an interesting post, you do shop far and wide! Most of your list doesn't really work for we canadians, unless we happen to be down south — I have been to undercover quilts in seattle and also a few other shops in Lynden, Wa and they are all great to visit. I am a lucky Canadian as we have a couple of quilt shops in town (Abbotsford, BC) and more that are closer into Vancouver. I am just beginning to explore online shopping so am looking forward to your post on what to consider when buying fabric online…

  46. Thanks for the list! I'm just about to make an online fabric purchase and will peruse to see if any smaller-and-awesome have the print I'm looking for.

    I ended up at Joann's yesterday due to the sheer variety of crafty things I needed. The lines were outrageously long, as usual. I got to the front and realized I'd left my wallet at home. It was probably a sign from the Fabric Gods to go elsewhere. And I did.

  47. I live in Kalamazoo and frequent Field's, my only complaint about them is disorganization. There is a new place just off Westnedge (i can't remember the name of it) that is nice also, and it makes me laugh because of its close proximity to JoAnn's.

  48. Good–you have Crafty Planet there for the midwest, but you should really also include Treadle Yard Goods in Saint Paul (Minneapolis' twin city across the Mississippi). I love Treadle about as much as I love Crafty PLanet–great quality fabrics, a little less kitschy than Crafty Planet its selection but I always spend way too much when I go there…

    Also, I am so with you about the wait at Joann's. I thought that was just the Joann's in my neck of the woods that was like that…it is enough to make one have a toddler-style tantrum right there at the cutting table.

  49. I am in a big black hole when it comes to fabric too living in a teeny tiny town in Germnay (thanks to the Air Force). Thanks for sharing your online list!

  50. As mentioned by others Hawthorne Threads is great for selection and customer service, and three others that are wonderful –

    Lola Pink Fabrics (Online)
    Fabric Flair (Etsy)
    Venezie Designs (Etsy)

    I have ordered countless times from all of the above and they all have wonderful customer service and are super sweet ladies! Great sales too!

  51. Alright guys, am adding:
    hawthorne, pink chalk, treadle yard goods, shiisa online and guildcrafters.

    Thanks for all the comments, keep 'em coming! 🙂

  52. I look at a lot of the online stores you mention with envy because the shipping costs to Canada make all the really good deals less attractive when you have to add $11 on top of the fabric orders.
    Two Canadian online stores I have found are Tonic Living and Pink Panda Fabrics; both Toronto based, and Pink Panda has a $5 flat rate charge for shipping in Canada.

  53. CityCraft is definitely my most favorite fabric store in Dallas. They are awesome and the owner, Callie, is amazing! Gorgeous store, gorgeous fabrics, great classes. They just started doing online ordering too!

  54. I agree regarding Erica's in South Bend. I was just there last week on my lunch break to spend my Christmas gift certificate.
    I've gone to Seattle for work the last three years and always budget some time and money for a trip to Undercover Quilts.

  55. Thanks for putting this together. Sadly, I only have Joann's & Hancock within reasonable driving distance of me. You mentioned being able to find decent fabrics there and am wondering if you could share how to do that. I'm pretty new to sewing so I don't know all the tricks yet. Thanks!

  56. Two that I've been 20000% satisfied with have been the Fat Quarter Shop and Hancock's of Paducah (not related to big box Hancock's). I order from Hancock's consistently and my order had never once been wrong, shipping is fast, and their fabric is excellent. It is also a physical store there in Paducah that has excellent sales during the AQS show.

    Meliisa F

  57. It is like you are reading my mind! Although I do like in West Michigan I find Field's too hard to get to with three little ones in tow and have been wanting to shop online – but didn't know where. Thanks for all the sites to try!

  58. I was hoping you had a few good modern quilt shops that were in the Ann Arbor area that I was missing. Is there a reason that all the quilt shops in SE Michigan seem to sell the same material? I would love to enter a quilt/material shop and have whole lines of modern cloth to feel and pick from. Those locally that do have some of the modern fabrics usually only have a few of the prints. I usually order from Hawthorne Threads, Pink Chalk and several ETSY shops. The only thing I get form JoAnns is notions and batting.

  59. Do you have any spots you you know of, online or off, that has tie silk? I’ve found a few places with decent all-purpose silk but, even on the net, I find finding tie silk to be unbelievably difficult and painstaking. In fact, I haven’t found anything (besides one single site with all of nine god-awful options). Any clues..?

  60. I’m a tapestry weaver from AR on an extended visit in IA. I’m looking for an outlet that has cottons suitable for rag rug type weavings.
    Because many yards are needed, the traditional practice of recycling used clothing is not feasible.
    In Batesville, AR there’s a wonderful wholesale/retail outlet called Marshall’s. Their ‘seconds’ are perfect for rag rugs. Any suggestions on a store closer to central Iowa?

  61. Ok.. the best place is http://www.fabricwarehouseonline.com if you don’t see it online, call them, they will have it and email photos right away.. best part, no fabric is over $8.99yard.. huge warehouse in detroit, mi… they say they have over 250,000 yards of fabric in store and i believe it!

  62. Thanks Rae! I love discovering fab new fabric places even if they are over the oceans 🙂 Hubby won’t be happy though but my fabric stash will be lol Many Thanks, Sasha 🙂

  63. I just got back from Michigan and made great use of some of the recommendations on your list! I visited Haberman Fabrics, Material Girls, and Fields. They were great! (I also went to Hancock’s out of curiosity.) Thanks for posting this. It was a big help. We also have a new store in Exeter, NH, which is a little under an hour for me: Pintuck&Purl. It’s small, but great. You can see my adventures in fabric (and other things) in my last two posts: https://patternandbranch.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/city-mouse-country-mouse-the-city/ and https://patternandbranch.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/city-mouse-country-mouse-the-country/ Thanks again! The lady at Material Girls smiled and said she knew you when I told her where I had gotten her name. 🙂

  64. Hi Rae!

    I recently made one of your Washi dresses and I love it!!

    I know this post is a bit old, but my husband and I started Dinkydoo Fabrics out of Vancouver, Canada a few months ago. We focus mostly on modern/contemporary quilting fabric from brands like Moda, Cotton + Steel, Robert Kaufman and Riley Blake.

    I wanted to let your readers know if they want to find some FUN and exciting fabric, to stop by and check us out – and ask us anything! We love talking to our customers about quilting, fabric, you name it.

    Thanks again for the lovely pattern!

    Alicia, owner of Dinkydoo Fabrics

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