A whole month of BOY starts next Tuesday!

Just a little reminder…we’re going to start Celebrating the BOY next Tuesday, February 15! Yaaaay *does Kermit arms*  We’ve got an amazing lineup of fantastic contributors who will be talking about sewing for boys and providing great ideas and inspiration for sewing for that boy in your life. It’ll knock your socks off! We KNOW boys get the shaft when it comes to sewing and we plan to rectify that with a solid month of boy posts, tutorials, roundups, and giveaways, so make sure you come over often to see what’s going on.

We’d also love it if you’d celebrate along with us! Please take a button (either the one above or the ones below; right click to copy the image location, then paste into your image uploader) if you’re playing along and link it back to one of our blogs. We’ll be adding to our Celebrate the Boy archive posts all month so if you use the code below you’ll always get the boy posts when you click on your button.
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We’re also excited to see what YOU come up to sew for your boys, so be sure to post your photos in our Celebrate the BOY photo pool*. Include links to your blog/website so folks can come visit and see pictures of what everyone else is making too. We’ll be pulling pictures and links from the pool throughout the month for our roundups so that we can feature as many different ideas as possible. It’s going to be a fantastic celebration!

*A teensy little pool etiquette request (which really is not a big deal, so no worries if you’ve slammed the pool with photos): please try to include just one or two pictures of each project you add so that it’s easier to peruse the pool.

And here’s the archives from last year’s Celebrate the Boy 2010 on Made By Rae:

{click image above to go to my archives}

And Dana’s Celebrate the Boy archives on MADE:

{click image above to to to Dana’s archives}

I’ll see you guys next week; Mr Rae and I are going to Boston this weekend for our anniversary. What should we go see in Boston in this cold cold weather?

40 thoughts on “A whole month of BOY starts next Tuesday!

  1. Yea! Thank you for doing a month of "The Boy." I'm expecting a boy in May and would love to find good ideas of things to make for him.

  2. HOORAY!! I've been looking forward to this for months! Last year's CTB is what made me finally decide to take sewing lessons (I'd been wanting to for years!)

  3. Looking forward to next month-I have one boy after 4 girls so I can't wait to see all the projects!

    Have fun in Boston this weekend-you'll be close to my neck of the woods! They should be ice skating on the common. Jealous!

  4. I am very excited for this. I have made only one or two things for my son… he definitely deserves more. I look forward to all the ideas!!

  5. Since I have boys only I celebrate them all year long. I have been looking forward this month all year long since last year you pushed me to start sewing clothes for them. I haven't stopped ever since! Thanks, Simone

  6. we LOVE Boston, we spent a few years there, If you're big seafood fans, we LOVED the restaurant Legal Seafood, and the falafel stop right off the commons has the best falafel.
    And Filene's Basement, a fun place to go shop πŸ™‚

  7. So looking forward to this – need a kick in the pants to sew for my own boy (actually need a kick in the pants to sew anything at all lately) so really excited to see what your contributors have in store!

  8. I am so excited! I had a ton of fun watching last year, and recently we found out our first – expected in June – will be a boy! I can't wait to start some fabulous projects!

  9. Yay yay yay! I'm so excited – I always feel my poor boy is totally left out in the cool stuff stakes (if ONLY dresses weren't so much easier than trousers), and this Celebrate The Boy month fits in just perfectly before the arrival of number two child (and it may or may not be a boy too – can't wait to find out at the end of March!)

  10. Perfect! I just found out I'm expecting a boy in July. With lots of ideas to sew for my little girl I'd love to find good ideas to create for him as well.

  11. As a former Boston resident, I have a few recommendations:
    – get cannolis at Mike's Pastry in the North End (Italian part of town)
    – visit Faneuil Hall, there are a lot of food stalls and my favorite clam chowder in the city (Boston Chowda Co.)
    – go buy fabric at Sewfisticated in Somerville (I've never been to the Dorchester location), it's a discount/remnant fabric store with lots of designer quilting cottons for cheap, and nice fabric for garment sewing.

    If you like historical stuff, there's tons of that to see as well. Have fun! We're going back in the spring before our first baby arrives, and I can't wait to go do all the things I mentioned!

  12. I am really excited about all the boy stuff. My son always wants me to make things for him but I am out of ideas. Thanks!

  13. Yay! I have three boys and have been impatiently waiting for CTB to begin. Now if only I had more time for crafting…

  14. have fun in boston! i'm from michigan but moved here over a year ago with my husband as he is from MA. you HAVE to visit the isabella stewart gardner museum on the fen. best museum in the entire WORLD, i keed you not! there's also a great indian restaurant called "rani's bistro" in brookline which i highly recommend over the north end as every single restaurant there is the same as the next..good but cookie cutter.

  15. Yay, I can't wait! As a mom of 4 boys I'm always drawing a blank as to what to make for them, but I have tons of ideas for my 1 daughter and several nieces.

  16. CAnt wait for the new ideas to make for my two boys! Have a great time in Boston Rae and Mr. Rae!! πŸ™‚

  17. I am SO EXCITED about boy month!! Last years boy month was so much fun, but I was still learning how to sew so I was afraid to try so much! Now that I use my machine almost every day I am excited to try out everything!

  18. Recently discovered your blog and one of the things I loved about it was the Celebrate the Boy stuff so am thrilled you are doing it again. I have a swathe of boy projects sitting on the back burner and as a Mum of two litle men it's great to get inspiration for more boy projects!

  19. Woot! I happen to have a 10mo old boy, ELI, and he's the perfect age to try fun handmade things on πŸ™‚ We use cloth diapers so I also think a pair of the Big Butt Baby pants are in order! Can't wait for all the BOY HAPPENINGS on your blog!

  20. What a good idea! Boys alway draw the short straw. BTW LOVE the out-take photos on the last post! Penny x

  21. You should eat at the Prudential Center "Top of the Hub". It's great, very romantic and a great view.

    My friend is expecting her 2nd boy any day now so I'd love to see some tutprials for (easy) littel boy clothes.:)

  22. Wahhhooooo! I am new to sewing and have a 17 mo. old boy, haven't made too much for him except a tie onesie and pj's… I am soo excited for this! Thank you for this blog, I happened upon it about a month ago and now I'm a daily visitor. Love Love Love the creativity it sparks within me… or your creativity that I can copy! Happy trails in Boston, I'm from Portland Oregon! Bri

  23. Hooray! I'm definitely adding some of my projects to the pool. And I drew up a post with all your links to spread the word. Can't wait for the boy projects to start rolling!

    LOVE the Lego, by the way. πŸ™‚

  24. I just put up a post today to play along with this! It is my top 10 Boy Birthday Parties!

    Love this month of boy!!


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