Guest post: A boy fabric roundup by see kate sew!

One of the biggest barriers to sewing for boys is that frankly, most fabric prints are designed for girls. It makes sense since people who sew are most often female, but it can be frustrating when it comes time to sew for the boy. While I realize that everyone has a slightly different idea of what “boy” means when it comes to fabric selection, let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible to take a large floral print fabric and turn it into a convincing boys garment. The fabric industry seems to have come around recently; I love that so many recent fabric collections have been intentionally designed for boys clothing or quilts. Even so, there’s SO many fabrics out there that work for boys, sometimes you just need someone to point them all out for you! With that in mind, let me introduce today’s guest contributor:

Kate from see kate sew is here today to present her “beyond blue broadcloth” roundup of fun fabrics for us that are both fun and appropriate for boys! When she mentioned she was interested in doing a boys fabric roundup, I was so excited! This is something I’ve wanted to see since we started Celebrating the Boy LAST year; a collection of great boys fabrics all in one place. And as Kate puts it: “no ruffles, no pinks, no flowers, and no boring solids!”

Here’s Kate:
“Hi everyone! I’m Kate from see kate sew! I love to sew and I definitely love BOYS! I had my first baby boy last summer so I am thrilled to be a part of the celebration this month! I’m ashamed to say I was a little disappointed when I found out that I was having a boy. All I could think about were ruffles and dresses. “What am I going to sew for this kid?” is all I could think! I am naturally drawn to fun flowery fabrics in bright pinks and yellows. But, based on family history, there is a good chance I will have a few more boys! So I’m training myself to find projects that work for boys. And I’m finding out that boys are way fun to sew for!”

Click here to see Kate’s Boy Fabric Roundup

What do you guys like for boy fabrics? Do you have a favorite print or collection or color? I’m in love with the Melody Miller print on the top right (among many, many other things). But I’ll admit didn’t even think of it as a boy print until Kate put it here. Fantastic!

You can see more of Kate (and that adorable baby) over at her blog, see kate sew or check out her shops: the brand new Hello Sunshine or her other shop see kate sew. Kate’s also got some great tutorials, including this adorable onesie onesie tutorial that she made for her son. Perfect for celebrating the boy! Thanks Kate for putting this great fabric roundup together for us!


This entire month of THE BOY is a collaboration between myself and Dana of MADE! Head on over to see what Dana’s up to today:

4 thoughts on “Guest post: A boy fabric roundup by see kate sew!

  1. This couldn't have come at a better time… see we have 3 boys! All teenagers or tweens!!! And this has been their biggest complaint! Now I can start on the much needed mallet bag marimba boy has been asking for! And the elder can finally have his foot quilt in cool fabrics "like Pottery Barn teen stuff"

    Thanks a million!!!!

  2. i wish retailers had the same thoughts and infused their boy clothes with more colour like orange and teal, and cooler prints instead of the old dino and football standbys… thank goodness I can sew!! Off to make those wonderful pants by dana!!

  3. I love that you showcased some good boy fabrics! These are all awesome… I've been eying some of them for quite awhile now.

  4. What a great idea! I'm just in the process of ordering some fabric for a spring wardrobe for the boy toddler, so this has come at the perfect moment.

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