Guest Tutorial: Messenger Bag by Vanessa

I know you’ll love this tutorial for a messenger bag from Vanessa of Punkin Patterns! The grommet and stitching details really make this bag look professional and I think this bag would work for boys of ALL ages!

Here’s Vanessa:

Hi there I’m Vanessa of Punkin Patterns!  I’m so pleased to be a part of Celebrate the BOY month. Being a mother to both a son and a daughter, I know how easy it is to sew for girls and how it seems that boys are left behind.  I love sewing and making things for my son.  He’s still at the age where he’s excited about things I make him and about how it’s made.  He’s always eager to test it out or to wear it as soon as it’s done. For quite some time I’ve had an idea for this bag in my head.  I went through many variations and options before I finally came up with this:

My son is my inspiration for this bag so I’ve named it after him – Connor’s Messenger Bag.  He loves camping and he needed a great little bag to take on hikes or walks with easy access to his notepad and pencil, compass, camera and binoculars. 

Grommets, carabiner clips, and simple contrasting thread details give the bag a unique style.  This messenger bag is fit for any rugged little boy. Connor’s messenger bag is perfect to stash all of your cars, pencils, paper, books, leaves and twigs and whatever else your little boy can think of.  

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Thanks for this wonderful tutorial, Vanessa! I’m so glad you could help us Celebrate the Boy!

12 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Messenger Bag by Vanessa

  1. Goodness that is cute. But not too cute, which makes it perfect for an older boy! Can't wait to try this one out…

  2. My first thought is that this is FANTASTIC. I just love it! My second thought is "hmmm…do I have what it takes to be able to sew this?" I'm going to sit myself down and give myself a peptalk so that I can give this a try – thanks for sharing!

  3. Seriously adorable, Vanessa! I wish I had seen this when my sons were small, but maybe there is an enlarged version in their futures! They are now 31 and 23!

    Great pattern/tutorial!


  4. I really like that bag. I have seen a lot of messenger bags but this may be the one that finally inspires me to make one. Thanks!

  5. My "little brother" (okay, he's 25) always bugs me to make HIM something…I'm going to see if I can make this pattern a bit bigger and give it to a BIG boy! THANK YOU!!! What a great post!

  6. Oh thanks for sharing this tutorial. It's always hard to make something for my nephews. This looks like it will be in the queue for my next sewing project. Keep sharing sewing ideas to give to boys.

  7. That is one amazing bag! It looks so pro! Like some little Asian children in a sweatshop somewhere made it!! I wanna give it a go!

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