Guest Tutorial + Pattern: Shortalls by LiEr

Today LiEr of Ikatbag is here to share a tutorial for these cute little boy shortalls that can be embellished with piping or made without for an even simpler project! She’s also got a free pattern for you on her blog to make it even easier to put together! You may remember LiEr from last year’s amazing Fold-up Cuff Pant Tutorial. As usual, LiEr engineers her tutorials with the greatest care and produces a high quality result. If you don’t keep up with Ikatbag, do yourself a favor and spend some time looking through her archives. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn; LiEr’s creativity and generosity with her ideas are astounding.

Here’s LiEr:

Hello all – I am thrilled to be back again on Celebrate The Boy! I am a mother of three girls, aged 6, 4 and almost-3, and NO boys. We do a lot of boy-and-girl crafts in our house because too much princess and not enough NASA make for a very skewed childhood. Also, I used to teach high school Physics in my wilder, pre-kid days and we want our girls to feel just as home tinkering with LEDs and alligator clips as crafting with adhesive jewels and floral cotton.

As far as clothes go, though, I’m afraid it’s all GIRL in our house. So I made boy clothes, just for you, see? (Pretend my little Katie is a boy, OK?)

I’m sharing a tutorial today on my blog to make these shortalls. If you look past the fancy pockets and piping, it is a simple, classic design for little boys. With no zippers, button plackets or elastic, it’s easy to put together, so it’s perfect for beginners. There’s a free pattern and instructions for making the basic shortalls, as well as the option to add all those details to make it pop. I drafted these short because I’m desperately looking forward to the warm days ahead, but you can adapt them to the longer version for the cool season.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! And thank you, Rae, for letting me join in the fun!


Here’s some other stuff you shouldn’t miss while you’re over at Ikatbag! First, take a look at some of LiEr’s boy-friendly crafts from the year past (clicking on each photo will take you back to the original posts):


Second, if you’ve ever thought you’d like to make your own patterns from kids’ body measurements, be sure to read LiEr’s series on drafting slopers for children.

And finally, be sure to check out the Pocket Tutorial series with over 20 different kinds of pockets; you might find something to jazz up those boy pants, jacket, or shirts!

Thanks so much LiEr for helping us celebrate the boy!!!

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    These are adorbs! I've been looking for a cute rad pair of overalls to make! Vince has ONE PAIR and I need more because he's going through this stage of taking his nappy + pants off every ten seconds. Duct tape around his nappy and overalls work, but oh my goodness trying to change a nappy at the shops when there is tape around it? Yikes.

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