Guest Tutorial: Scavenger Bag by Steffanie

Here’s another fantastic bag for boys that I know you’ll love! Steffanie from sew grown is here today with a great scavenger bag tutorial for all those little boys who love to collect trinkets and treasures. I love the piping detail on this bag and know my little guy could come up with all sorts of treasures to put in it!

Here’s Steffanie:

Hi everyone, I’m Steffanie from sew grown.  I’m so glad to be here sharing this super fun tutorial with you and participating in Celebrate the Boy!  I have 2 boys of my own so this month is dear to my heart!

I’m a homeschooling mom to 3 small children and love to sew for my boys any chance I get.  It’s always more challenging but I’ve found that every project is more original and rewarding!  Today I will be sharing the Scavenger Bag tutorial with you.  I’m so glad to pass this one on!  It’s easy and my boys LOVE their Scavenger Bags!  My boys, like most, love to collect trinkets and explore the backyard for treasures.  This bag gives them the perfect place to store their goodies while keeping their hands free.  It also makes a great library bag!  I hope you enjoy and thanks Rae for another awesome month dedicated to our little guys!

Steffanie also has a number of other great tutorials for boys over at sew grown, so be sure to check these out too:

Thanks so much for helping us Celebrate the boy Steffanie!

7 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Scavenger Bag by Steffanie

  1. I have been trying to make a plush rocket for Luke but kept getting stuck on the bottom! I'm so excited that she has a tute for one! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful month dedicated to making stuff for the little boys in our lives! I love it! My sister just introduced me to your blog and I have had so much fun reading your entries and tutorials. You are awesome. Thanks for all of this!

  3. Oh no how many bags does my son need?! A LOT OBVIOUSLY! this means I'm going to have to start sewing for his gang now too so we don't drown in stuff from this celebration.


  4. thank you for your tutorial! I have made three scavenger bags so far and intend to make more as gifts!

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