Introducing: My Boy!

Since many of you are new here this month I realized you might not know who my little boy is! So here’s a few pics to introduce you to my little guy, Elliot, who will be four in March. This month you’ll get to see all the stuff I’ve been making for him! [and most of you know this already, but I’m a little sensitive about this so I’ll repeat it: Please do not copy/repost any pictures of Elliot. Thanks!]

He’s a little comedian
and a complete ham for the camera
he loves to be outside

 these ooga booga pajamas are one of his favorites (and finally fit!)
he always wants to know what’s going on
and he wears the sweaters his auntie makes him!

and his mother thinks he’s the cutest little guy in the universe (no bias here!)

As you’ll see in a few upcoming posts, that glorious hair got cut off again about a month ago. Don’t worry, it will grow back by next month!

29 thoughts on “Introducing: My Boy!

  1. He is adorable…and tell that auntie of his that us knitters miss her blogging, and the sweater turned out wonderfully!

  2. He is such a beautiful little boy! He reminds me of boys in the vintage books I love so much. Thanks for sharing him with us!

  3. He reminds me of my friend's little boy, he's got a glorious mane of white-blonde hair as well, and it grows like nobody's business! Is it wrong to be envious of little boys' hair? D:

  4. Ahhh! He is so stinking cute! I love the corduroy suit. Can't wait to see him showing off all kinds of celebratory boy-ness!

  5. Such a little stinker…and so cute!! SJ has some adorable (store-bought) sweaters, but I never pull them out – he gets EVERYTHING filthy, and I'd hate to ruin a sweater. Heh

  6. He is precious! Mine has similar hair but not quite as light. I trimmed his bangs but I'm holding out on the rest. He's the baby of 4 boys, so my husband doesn't fight me too much, yet.

  7. He's perfect! And I'm loving the first picture because I'm pretty sure that's the suit I got both of my boys for Easter. From Target, right? What a great little boy!

  8. These shot of E are so fantastic! The first one totally looks like he belongs in an Owen Wilson comedy, lol!

  9. I'm new to your blog but I'm loving it! Thanks for the tribute to the boys! Your little man is stinkin cute…love the long hair!

  10. Yes, I have to agree with you and the other readers, that hair is beautiful! (so is the boy…) he looks like a ball of fun! I especially love the pics of him in the sweater… I also posted about this event on my blog, just lettin' ya know.

  11. OH My goodness! What a cute little guy! I love the photos and the creative examples and Ideas. I think that I am your newwest fan! YAY! A new place to draw inspiration from!
    (Thanks to dana-made-it, i found you!)

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