SE Michigan Crafter Meetup – March 10

I’m taking a little breather here mid-way through our Celebration of Boys to remind those of you who live in the area that we’re having another SE Michigan Crafters Meetup in Livonia on Thursday March 10 from 7-10 PM. Someone recently mentioned to me that the term “meetup” made them a little nervous so let me clarify just in case it sounds terrifying to you: we bring our own projects/machines to work on and a snack to share and just hang out in a big room with tables and work for the evening. No pressure. You don’t even have to be social; some people just come to make progress on their projects. But it’s some serious fun, so join us if you can! We’ve still got plenty of room.

Here’s the reservation site where you can sign up so we know who’s coming (it’s free!):
A map and more event details can be found at that site.
You can see pictures from two of our past meetups here:

2 thoughts on “SE Michigan Crafter Meetup – March 10

  1. Serious bummer! I was going to make a point of making the next one of these, but my husband is out of town that week. When's the next next one??

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