Boy Quilt Bonanza!

I thought after the lego quilt from Hillary this morning we should take a look at some of the awesome quilts that have been popping up in the Celebrate the Boy photo pool:

1. Patchwork Play Mat for Boys, 2. Sawtooth Pinwheel Baby Quilt, 3. boyquilt2, 4. party2, 5. Charlie D. quilt, 6. A on Quilt, 7. mini for Cooper, 8. quiltfront, 9. maze quilt :: top, 3, 10. Organic Nap Mat, Teal Scooters, 11. Finally Finished!!, 12. 070409655, 13. Simple patchwork for the toddler 2, 14. All Around the Town Quilt, 15. Jack’s jungle quilt, 16. Stacked Coin Quilt

Totally cool. Now I really want to go make a quilt!

I really need to thank Carolyn of Sycamore Corner, who has been helping me by assembling these mosaics. Thanks Carolyn!

8 thoughts on “Boy Quilt Bonanza!

  1. Those are some fantastically wonderful quilts! I have a boy's quilt all laid out in my head in case I ever have a boy. Actually i have the fabric too – I bought it over six years ago before I was even married!

  2. Well, it is such a fantastic and too much attractive, it is best usage of old clothes.

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