Guest Post: Embroidery Patterns for boys from September House

Corinne of September House has designed a special embroidery pattern for boys as part of our celebration! 

Isn’t this adorable? I love the details on the vest and the cricket. It’s called “Real Live Boy.”

She’s even making it available as a FREE PDF pattern download!  Here’s Corinne:

“I decided to design a pattern from the fairy/folk tale Pinocchio. I’ve always thought it seemed like a perfect story for boys and I love the message it sends to kids about doing the right thing, following your heart and what being a boy is really all about. Plus, I happen to adore puppets so this story has been calling my name for quite some time. 

This pattern is designed to fit inside an eight-inch embroidery hoop. You can vary the size according to your needs by adjusting the printout size on your printer or by making these adjustments on a copy machine. Hang it right in the hoop or consider incorporating it into a mini quilt wall hanging. This would also make a cute pillow or could be stitched up as a quilt square in a fairy tale themed quilt. Fabric storage like drawstring bags or fabric boxes could be embellished with this or other embroidery patterns as well.”

Corinne also took the time to put together a collection of some of her favorite embroidery patterns that are available online right now. Some are freebies and some are available for purchase from various sellers. What a neat roundup!!

Row One:
My Bed is a Boat by Follow the White Bunny

Vintage Dogs from Doe-C-Doe
Bicycles from Polka and Bloom

Row Two:
Sunburst Lion from Bees Knees Activities

Little Tiger’s Orangey Celebration from Joeysdreamgarden
V is for Viper from Penguin and Fish

Row Three:
Robotics from the flossbox
Bat Boy from Andrea Zuill
Dinosaur Rock Band from WaterPenny
Row Four:
Fly High from motherwifeartist

Robot Rock from Urban Threads
The Solar System Set from Wild Olive

You can see more of Corinne’s work at her blog, So September, or in her shop, September House. Thanks for the lovely free pattern and for helping us Celebrate the Boy, Corinne!!!

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Embroidery Patterns for boys from September House

  1. Just found out my sister is having a boy in July, 1st boy in my family (I have 2 girls). I will have to go back through the boy posts to get ideas on what to make her. So Excited!!

  2. Thank you for this! This is so amazing. I've visited Corinne's shop and now I'm just trying to decide which pattern to buy! I think I'll go with the Scandinavian one..

  3. I don't embroider, I just don't have the patience, but holy bajoly that pinocchio is the coolest thing I've seen! Better learn!

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