Guest Post: Lego Quilt with Wee Wonderfuls

I think I can safely say that Wee Wonderfuls was one of the first craft blogs I ever laid eyes upon, and it was love at first sight. Hillary Lang is one of the craft-blogging pioneers (along with a few other amazing bloggers such as Amy Karol and Alicia Paulson) responsible for fueling my love for sewing blogs back when I was just starting to understand what a blog even was. It’s hard to remember back that far. Maybe you guys can remember when that happened to you. Hillary has amazing illustration, design, and sewing skills and she comes up with stuff like this awesome lego quilt that is so simple yet brilliant that it knocks your socks off.

At any rate I was over the moon when I asked Hillary if she’d like to play along for boy month and she said yes (and I got even more excited when she said her project was lego themed)! She made this fantastic lego quilt for her son Oscar and she’s shared it with us on her blog.

Here’s Hillary:

Alright, let’s celebrate the Oscar! When Rae asked if I wanted to participate in this year’s Celebrate the Boy series on her blog I hopped on board because it’s been about a year that I’ve had a pile of fabric set aside for a lego themed quilt for Oscar and I thought this would be a kick in the pants to get it done. The boy is no stranger to themed quilts. He started out life driving cars on his racetrack quilt. Then I cut up all his baby clothes and made them into the wonkiest but one of my, along with Phoebe’s, most cherished quilts. When we moved into our house we painted his room green and I made him a new vehicle themed quilt to go in his big boy room (shown below). This quilt has been off the bed for a year or so and I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit.

Oscar’s room + camper quilt

Click here to go to Hillary’s Lego Quilt post

Thanks for joining us in Celebrating the Boy, Hillary! 


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7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Lego Quilt with Wee Wonderfuls

  1. Our home is filled with Boys, Legos, cars (now big and small), and everything in between. Oh, did I mention, fridges & freezers loaded with food for them, friends, friends of friends.
    You have captured several darling stages of boy-dom. How fun for him and for us. Well done!

  2. wee wonderfuls was one of the first crafting blogs i found back when i was just learning was a blog was also! thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is an amazing project. I so want to make it for my boy…except there is the small problem of never having sewn a quilt before…

  4. Well, the first one is such a wonderful. It seems like comedy show. I like your blog too much, good to share with us, it is valuable for me.

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