Guest Tutorial: Boxer Briefs by Sew a Straight Line

I just love boxer briefs for boys. So in addition to highlighting Bonnie’s sewing pattern this morning, I wanted to feature another way to make boxer briefs, upcycled from tshirts! Our second guest is Sabra from Sew a Straight Line and she’s got a tutorial for you on how to turn tshirts into boxer briefs. 

Here’s Sabra:

Hello, Made-By-Rae readers and boy celebrators.  I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome party of all things boy!   I have three little boys of my own who are always coming up with fun new ideas of things they want me to make them. These days, I sew almost daily and like to use materials I have on hand as much as I can.  With three little boys and a hard-playing husband, we go through a lot of clothing around here.  I keep a stack of clothing that is stained, has holes, or isn’t worn much, but has interesting fabric, to use for my projects.   The inspiration for the boxer briefs I’m going to show you today was a pile of t shirts that just weren’t getting any use, but were in otherwise good shape.  It also helped that the first time I made these, all the shirts just happened to have images commonly used as euphemisms for the male anatomy.  Inspiration comes in all forms, right?  The tutorial I share includes the homemade pattern I use, but the same idea of upcycling a knit t-shirt into something else can be applied to commercial patterns, as well.  That’s so much of the fun of sewing: transforming fabric, whether on the bolt or an item tossed aside, into something completely new.  I love that process.  And when a project doesn’t turn out like I’d hoped, it lands right back on the pile to be made into something else…sometimes even underwear.

While you’re over at Sew a Straight Line, you can also check out Sabra’s other projects for boys:

Thanks for helping us Celebrate the Boy Sabra!!!

7 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Boxer Briefs by Sew a Straight Line

  1. Did she really put a picture of a nut or bolt, or whatever that screwy thing is called, on her kids boxers?! That is HYSTERICAL! Need to check out her site for that reason alone! Lol

  2. Just happened upon your blog! Awesome boy stuff! As a mom of four boys (and one girl) I appreciate it when I come across something to make for my boys. Sewing patterns for boys are few and far between!
    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  3. Yes, Jessica & Emily, I did. And my husband and I had quite the discussion on whether it should go on the front or the back. In the end (ha!), the graphic was too wide for the front.

    And Dana, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the original shirt, too! Good eye.

    Thank you, Rae, for letting me tag along with this post. It was so fun.

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