Guest Tutorial: Hermes Sneakers with Roubidou

Today Sophie from Roubidou shares her tutorial on how to transform ordinary lace-up shoes into winged Hermes shoes. I love how clever and cute this is:

Hermes was the little inventor, thief, and messenger god. He had shoes with wings on them so he could fly between the mortal and immortal world, delivering messages to mortals from Mount Olympus. 

Here’s Sophie:

 ‘This tutorial combines two things that are not conventionally associated with boys: shoes and accessories. The idea for it came to me standing in the National Gallery in front of a painting with Hermes and I thought how I wish I could get away with wearing winged shoes. But of course I can’t pull it off – in contrast to the little ones. The basic idea is easy to adapt. You can use almost any material you want; you could for instance print out two paper-wings and let your kid colour and decorate them. If you are looking for something more durable any fabric will do. Thanks for stopping by my fledgling blog and thank you ever so much, Rae for letting me participate in your marvelous boy month.’

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Thanks Sophie for helping us Celebrate the Boy!

4 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Hermes Sneakers with Roubidou

  1. awesome! my eight year old is totally into mythology right now, as is his cousin. they would love these to play gods with!

  2. Everything is soo cute! I wish those type of sneakers fit my sons foot. He wears a 10 extra wide at the ripe old age of 2 1/2.

  3. I JUST bought little Vincent his first ever pair of Converse low-tops. I'm kinda shocked at myself he is almost two and it is his first pair. I feel like i've failed my rockstar child. Hahah.

    Anyway, I AM SO DOING THIS!

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