Guest Tutorial: Lego Table by Piccoli Piselli

Well you know we like legos around here. We’ve featured a lego quilt, lego toy sacks, and then there’s our boy month graphics. There’s a reason for that: BOYS love legos (OK, and girls too, but give us a break, we’ve got two days left of our Boy Month so just let us revel in it). And today we have a special tutorial for you from Sascha of Piccoli Piselli to show you how to make the mother of all crafts, the lego table. This particular creation can keep kids occupied for hours and has other parents seething with jealousy (or trying to play with it) when they come over for playdates. Isn’t this spectacular?

Oh yes, you read that right: it’s reversible. Legos on one side, chalkboard on the other. Sweeeet. 

And it goes perfectly with the Peekaboo Lego Sack that Sascha made from Toni’s tutorial (featured earlier this month). Love it!

Here’s Sascha:

Well hello, I’m Sascha of Piccoli Piselli. Some of you already have been introduced to my family but for those of you who are seeing us for the first time, here we are (minus me. I’m always the photographer). There’s Chef, Luca, Rocco (yup, he’s blind), and Vincenzo on our recent trip skiing.

My favorite time of year in blogland is Celebrate the Boy month. I frantically bookmark projects that I will hopefully get around to before my little munchkins are in college.  I tend to procrastinate. A lot! I’m happy to say I was able to overcome my procrastination for this project to create the reversible Lego play table. I have two boys and a girl that I love creating for. Usually I’m sewing things but not today… break out the power tools! For this project I wanted to come up with something that the entire family could enjoy. The project I have for you is something everyone can play with (my husband is more excited than the kids about this one!). Since we are going to visit Legoland in San Diego next month for Spring Break it’s perfect timing to create a reversible Lego play table for my “boy” project this month.

OK, let’s grab the drill and some paint and head over to Piccoli Piselli to make a lego table!

If you haven’t been to Piccoli Piselli before, you will love Sascha’s hilarious writing and fantastic sewing skill. Here’s some other boy loveliness you can find over on Piccoli Piselli:
And tons more fun stuff to peruse:
Thanks so much Sascha for helping us Celebrate the BOY! I can’t wait to see the other lego tables turning up in the photo pool!

6 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Lego Table by Piccoli Piselli

  1. This is awesome. Okay, Rae, we may need to stop at Home Depot, instead of the fabric store on our next shopping trip.

  2. Yippee Sascha (and yippee Rae)! This is such an awesome, awesome idea. Perhaps I'll conquer my fear of power tools and give this one a whirl.

  3. That is so cool! Might have to share it with my husband and see if one appears in our house.

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