Guest Tutorial: Make a designer-styled boys jacket with lili ash!

This month is so much fun for me! Day after day I get blown away by the preview pictures our guest contributors send over for the projects they’ll be posting. And I pretty much died of cute when I saw these.

The lovely and sweet Lindsay of lili ash has put together a tutorial for you that will show you how to make a basic boys jacket and have you digging frantically through your fabric pile for navy twill. Each of the jackets pictured here was made from a garment that already fit (like another jacket, a sweatshirt) and were based off of the same basic idea, just with slightly different alterations. Lindsay walks us through the basics of making a basic jacket pattern and constructing the jacket, and in addition she’ll show us how to embellish it to make a miniature peacoat! So. cute.

with a shorter collar and aviator details
with a hood and single row of buttons
you can even use this tutorial to create a men’s jacket!

Here’s Lindsay:

“I really love stylish little boys, and I think that coats are nice staples that can really elevate a little boys wardrobe. Most stores carry sizes too bulky for my little guy, so I like to tailor these jackets to fit my son by sizing it from a jacket that I know fits him and going from there. I find that little details like sharp collars, faux cuffs, and fun buttons can completely transform a jacket, and once I understood the basic construction of jackets, it was pretty easy to throw together.”

While you’re over there, be sure to kick around lili ash for a little while, check out Lindsay’s handmade goods shop for quilts and bags: edababe, and add her to your blogroll. Lindsay’s blog is an absolute delight. Here’s a few pictures to give you an idea:

And I know this veers out of boy-territory, but I just love the stuff she makes for herself. This girl has mad style (and some of you may remember that she was also a Spring Top Week champion last year):

And finally (we’ve completely left Boy Land for now, sorry ’bout that), here’s a refashion project from Lindsay that’s been on My List for what seems like forever; I need to make this for Clementine this summer:

Thanks so much for helping us Celebrate the Boy, Lindsay!


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9 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Make a designer-styled boys jacket with lili ash!

  1. I love the coats- cute cute cute! It always seems like I end up buying 20 coats for every different occassion (okay-slight exaggeration)b/c I can't find just one or two that can handle our crazy changing weather. Sad thing is they all end up piled in the back of my car- we call it the coat closet, whatever your need there is a coat for you. Anyhow- this will be handy b/c I can make my own now & customize them for multiple weather situations. Great tutorial!

  2. Those jackets look awesome ! I'll check that. Thank you for your celebrating the boy series, I love it. I did last year, too, and it was hard for me when it stopped, actually, I missed it ! The tops and dress look great, too, and those boys have sisters and moms, so…

  3. Oh my goodness – I am loving those cute coats! And making one without even to have to buy a pattern! AWESOME!!!
    Heading over now! Thanks so much for this awesome contribution!!!!

  4. omg that is AWESOME!

    sometimes i doubt my sewing and pattern drafting abilities but I shouldn't! This looks doable! If she can do it, so can i!

    Ohh vince needs a trench coat so bad, like a little detective.

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