Guest Tutorial: Snack Bandolier

The ever-hilarious Deborah of Whipstitch is here today with a tutorial for a handy and clever snack bandolier, inspired by a Chewbacca bandolier owned by her husband when he was young (hee!) Her adorable son models it for us here:

As you can see, the snack bandolier is not only handy for snacks, it can carry toys and and many other fun things. Sky’s the limit here, whatever your child can stuff in one of those holsters becomes fair game (playdough cannisters! raisin boxes! thomas the train!)

If you are anything like me, you also thought “sweet shirt!” when you looked at the pictures above. When I inquired about the shirt, Deborah said that it was one of the patterns that is included in her Sewing for Kids eCourse (that’s a class you take online, through blog posts and video lessons and chats and such) and mentioned that she still has some spots open if anyone is interested, so I said I’d let you guys know. Here’s the description:

Sewing Kids’ Clothing is an e-course designed to teach you foundational skills for sewing clothing using a learn-as-you-sew style and eight user-friendly patterns. Spend the next five weeks stitching up super-cute clothes for the girls and boys in your life. (Yes, for boys, too!) We’ll sew eight original Whipstitch patterns over the course of five weeks, each pattern with lots of variations and options for embellishment so you can use them again and again and make each iteration totally unique. Master sewing a skirt, button-up shirt, reversible dress, jacket, pants, overalls, apron-style pinafore and more! If you’ve been putting your toes in the water of sewing clothing, now’s the time to take the plunge. See the details and register online here–early bird discount for registrations by March 5!:

OK I just went over there to read the full description and had to peel my fingers off the keyboard to stop myself from registering (note to self: you’re MOVING this month, Rae! durr). It sounds like so much fun, and seriously, Deborah is one of the most funny and down-to-earth people I know (virtually, that is), you’ll have such a wonderful teacher. And if you’re a little nervous about what an “e-course” even means, read the full description to get a better idea.

In honor of Celebrate the Boy month, Deborah’s also giving away boy fabrics over HERE. You have until Friday night to pick your favorite boy fabrics from the Whipstitch shop and tell us about them for your chance to WIN them!


And head over to MADE to see this awesome retro duffle bag from Saltwater Kids!

10 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Snack Bandolier

  1. The snack bandolier is fantastic. My boy is the eclectic sort, I really think he'll flip out over this sort of thing. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I thought the exact same thing about the shirt! And bummer that I'm moving this month, too. I hope she offers another course in the future.

  3. That is adorable and I could see my son digging it but does everything really stay in place? If so, I'm totally making one.


    This is aweosme. Sooo damn awesome. Ohhhh wow.

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