Guest Tutorials: Angry Birds Softies by Obsessively Stitching

 Our guest today is Care of Obsessively Stitching, who is a Boy Tutorial Queen with two boys of her own and a blog full of thoughtful, creative ideas for boys (she’s also got plenty of non-boy stuff as well). Care joined us last year with an army bunker play tent tutorial as part of her Tent Week tutorial seriesToday Care is sharing her series of tutorials to make a set of plush Angry Birds for the boy in your life, big or small. 

For those who don’t know, the game 
Angry Birds is a fun little puzzle game for mobile phones that has really taken off lately. It started out as a video game for iPhone, and then moved to other types of phones and now has what seems like bajillions of products and spinoffs. Last week it was announced that Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. The game itself is simple and fun, you can see a video clip here if you want to take a look. I personally love that it’s simple enough for little kids to play so Elliot really enjoys it. That also means it’s easy enough for me (I’m about a 4 year-old level skill when it comes to video games), so it’s hard for me to watch him play without wanting to yank the phone away from him. Don’t worry, I restrain myself. 

Anyway, I love the idea of playing Angry Birds in real life, and these tutorials are brilliant and adorable.

Here’s Care:

I am thrilled to be here, joining in the celebration going on this month!  With two boys of my own, and a personal drive to CREATE, my boys and I have been creating things together for years.  They seem to be convinced that their mom can make ANYTHING they request – which, as I’m sure you can imagine, does get me into trouble from time to time!  I’m pleased to say that, like me, they love and embrace creating, too.  We have a great time creating and playing together!
In the set of Angry Birds tutorials on my blog you’ll find  free patterns for the six different “breeds” of Angry Birds, as well as two sizes of their evil antagonists – the pigs.  These little softies are so much fun to toss around, and are perfect for playing a hands-on version of the video game.  There is so much potential for creative play in setting up your own “levels” to conquer!

While you’re over there, be sure to check out Care’s latest boy-friendly tutorials:

And here’s the stuff we rounded up in Care’s post last year; you can click on any of the images below to go to more great tutorials for boys:

Thanks so much for helping us Celebrate the Boy Care!!!
I also couldn’t help but notice these cute Angry Birds crochet softies that turned up in the Celebrate the Boy photo pool:
These crochet patterns are available for sale (with one freebie) from Itsy Bitsy Spider. CUTE!

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  1. Ok, I have felt so out of the loop because I had no idea what angry birds are…no wonder I don't have a fancy pants phone! Thanks for the explanation. 🙂 Care's creations are fabulous.

  2. Thanks so much for letting me come play, Rae — and for your kind words! :o)

    YAY for boys!!!

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