Negroni Shirt for Mr Rae

There’s just one more project I want to show you before we officially close up Celebrate the Boy this afternoon, the one item of clothing I managed to complete for the other “boy” in my life, Mr Rae:


I alluded to the fact that I had started on this shirt at the beginning of the month when it’s designer Sarai of Colette Patterns was here as a guest and I’ve nearly had it finished for the last couple of weeks. I finished it yesterday just in time to let it slide in for Boy month. It’s the Negroni Shirt by Colette Patterns and I really like this pattern. Alot. This version was meant to be the test version, and if you look closely you’ll see that it’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly adequate for Mr Rae and I’m glad I made one with this shirting before busting into the more expensive Lightning Bug Dots I originally intended for the final version. Here you can get a nice view of those flat-felled sleeve seams:


This pattern has many nice features, but I think the best thing is that this really is a manageable project for the intermediate sewist. I prefer to “western” up my shirts a little and put the pearl snaps on there because I think taking the buttonhole step out (the most loathesome step in my opinion when constructing a mens’ shirt) is laudable any way it can be managed. If snaps hadn’t been invented you know I’d be putting a zipper or a nice long strip of velcro in there. Kidding (sortof).


{Ok, so I lied. It’s not completely finished. I am waiting on two pearl snap tops for the cuff yet.}

a closeup of the fabric: the flowers are a pale pink; overall color is a cream/natural shade, accents are brown

For those who are still intimidated, let me give you a rough time breakdown and then you can either subtract time if you’re a non-distracted type (unlike daydreamer me), or add time if you’re new to sewing or just plain slow:

  • Tracing and cutting out pieces took me a couple hours (maybe 2)
  • Assembling the basic shirt (including sleeves, collar, front placket) took a few hours one evening (maybe 3)
  • Adding cuffs, hemming, putting on the snaps, sewing on the pockets took a couple more hours (maybe 2 at most)

Does that sound like alot? See to me that’s not too bad. I think that’s a perfectly manageable largish sewing project, and if you really really love the person you’re making it for, totally worth it. But my advice would be to never spend this much time on a jerk boyfriend.

UPDATED: I totally forgot to mention that I did read through Peter‘s Men’s Shirt Sewalong before I made this shirt and would definitely recommend if you’re thinking of attempting this or any other men’s shirt! Thanks Tiphaine for the reminder!

30 thoughts on “Negroni Shirt for Mr Rae

  1. I love the fabric! I really, really do!

    Great job in getting the shirt done before the end of Celebrate the Boy! πŸ™‚

  2. I was following along on MPB with his sew along for these. I think yours may be one of my very favorites. I love western style shirts. My husband won't wear them b/c where we live "there are too many cowboys and I don't want people to think I'm one!" sigh.

  3. Love it! I really need to start sewing more clothing. I guess I just need to get started on it. I'm really wanting to do a few shirts for myself I can wear during the summer.

  4. LOVE this shirt. Great style & fabric. Thank you also for sharing a timeline because it's helpful too. I've always felt that I was too slow at sewing but it seems I'm not THAT bad… this shirt would still take me a bit longer to do than you but like you said, manageable. Maybe I'll start now for Father's day πŸ˜‰

  5. Love it! My husband would love that exact shirt!
    & boyfriend sewing never works out….what's that saying something about if you sew for your boyfriend you never end up staying together? I waited until I was married. Now my list is never-ending with his ideas of what I should make for him and his brothers.

  6. Wow, Rae! That's a totally cool shirt. I love the snaps. I think if somehow I created something like that even my sewing-resistant husband would wear it. Maybe.

    I wonder if there's a ladies fit version, with some darts or whatever? Because me? I'd *totally* wear it.

  7. I love it–and cannot find anything wrong with it! My husband would totally wear this–we live where Sabra does and he comes from one of those cowboy families ;).

  8. I love the shirt! I have been doodling with the idea of making the same shirt for Da Man but I'm too chicken? He's very tolerant of the stuff I make for the girlies and he loves the idea of recycling his old t-shirts for their dresses. I have never asked but I wonder if he would draw the line at a shirt for him?

  9. I really want to make this shirt and I love the fabric you picked, and the snaps even more so. I've been wanting to try out snaps but can't decide on what kind of snap tool to buy. Any suggestions?

  10. Dude, awesome shirt. I love sewing for my wee boys, but it honestly hadn't occurred to me to sew for my husband until you trotted this idea out a few weeks ago. Now, seeing the finished product, I'm all about it. And thanks for the time line, I will add a few hours, because I'm a daydreamer AND just plain slow πŸ™‚

  11. I just bought the pattern but was still pondering fabric choices — this gives me one more option. Lovely work!

  12. Great shirt! I think this shows off the pattern really well. I will someday get to the point of making a shirt. Your notes really help break it down into some manageable-sounding chunks that I think I could handle.

  13. I cannot WAIT to make one for Peter. He loves having his shirts "westerned" up, too, but seriously? I love buttonholes now that I have my magic Bernina πŸ™‚ come do your buttonholes and sew on your buttons over here πŸ™‚

    I love this shirt. LOVE it.

  14. I have this pattern, and can't wait to make it! Just having a hard time deciding on fabric. How was the fit?

  15. Beautiful! It's execution is stunning, and the fabric is great. I am totally inspired to try out the patten after seeing your version.

  16. OK and some of you are emailing and asking about the pearl snaps.

    This etsy shop has them in COLORS!!! (geeking out a little bit)

    Obviously the best place to pick these up would be at your local fabric store, but my Joann also carries them in size 15 and 16 (the larger size is shown in this post)

  17. I like that the shirt has a western feel, which I think it very masculine, but doesn't scream COWBOY!

  18. Hm, at risk of starting a big virtual blog fight (I'm scrawny, but I don't fight fair – consider yourself duly forewarned) I'm going to have to say that you are totally wrong about those snaps. My machine does buttonholes like cake. But the other day I was going to use my wrench-looking snap attacher dealie (Ironically, I was attempting to make your sunsuit) and it totally didn't work. I went through every single snap I had and none of them connected correctly and they totally ate up my fabric. Ever had that happen? I've checked to make sure that the two clampy things are lined up right. I'd love anyone's suggestions…

    ps: your shirt is rad

  19. Wow, the shirt looks fab! I finally got this pattern the other day, and i've been working up to cutting into the practice shirting I bought ever since. I'm planning on making my fiance's wedding shirt out of Liberty print if it goes well πŸ™‚

  20. Ohhh, this turned out so great! I personally love this print and think Mr. Rae will look fab. But I definitely can't wait to see the lightening bugs versions too!

  21. I love it! The fabric is great…I made the short sleeved version as part of Peter's sew-along. My husband is delighted with his. I love your westerned up version. I may try that next time.

  22. waay cool shirt! I wish my husband liked cool clothes, instead he likes really dorky ones. ha. Love the pearl snaps and thanks for breaking down the time frame on using this pattern, lots of work went into this shirt!

  23. you did such a great job on this shirt. It looks so professional and i really love that fabric! SERIOUSLY, outstanding Rae!

  24. Ooooh Rae! I like it! I love pearl snaps on men's clothing it…great choice! I would love to make a mini one for my Noah…he'd look uber cute in it!!

    And by the by, I just wanted to let you know I love when you do pattern reviews. You usually choose patterns that I am on the fence about buying! It's great to find someone in blogland that shares my similar taste!


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