Serenity now *does deep breathing*

I’m taking this post down because (I’m not sure I mentioned this yet or not…oh WAIT! I did! Hee…) but I truly am super busy packing and really don’t have the time to deal with this right now and I think it’s best if we just move on. Thanks so much to those of you who left supportive comments! I appreciate it!  🙂

UPDATED 3/30: I’ve posted a little more about this on my Facebook page if you’re curious about the situation. Sorry to have left some of you wondering what was going on, I know that always makes me a little crazy.

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  1. Can you report it to blogger (I see that's where they blog) under the copyright infringement section. I clicked on 'report blog' but you have to be the owner of the copyrighted property (you) to report abuse. Not sure if that will help. That does stink.

  2. oh I'm sorry! that is so maddening!! Someday they will get theirs, just keep on doing what you do..

  3. Why are people so rude?!?! I think you have started in the right place, by posting all over the internet that they stole it. I would also contact them letting them know that you are aware of what they are doing. From there, I have no suggestions. Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. I'm so sorry, Rae. That is super lame (with a super mad face). I'm trying my best to remember my (real) French so I can send a note as well and hopefully if enough people do she'll get the message.

  5. ugh, this is AWFUL, rae!! i do not understand why people do this. give credit where credit is due!!! i can't figure out how to email or comment on her site (since it is in french, ha!) let me know if you need some email support – i've got your back!

  6. Translation of the side bar. They appear to be idiots. I'm sorry 🙁 They don't link back, to make the blog easier to navigate? Twits. My sister speaks French (no, the OTHER sister) just in case…

    We travel the world to find you DIY original creations. They come in for most of them, the United States, Australia, Britain and Japan. We test and we will provide. This gives you free DIY projects in French and tested especially by us who have a particular concern for the accuracy and clarity of things. For the sake of offering a blog easy to navigate, we avoid ties and reject any advertising. But behind each creation, there is a creator and you want to know his name – often our own but also foreign designers – please send us an email, we will be delighted to let you know. We also offer sewing patterns for PDF which we call 1 EURO. Tissues and other items you find on creating our blog also come from abroad. Our team is always there to answer your questions on a technical point or to a special request. The customer service is a priority. At any time, please contact us at http://www.lacreationdujour @

  7. People like that really get me angry. If they want to sell your patterns – be it in French or whatever- then the polite thing to do is ASK you first. I don't understand french terribly well but it looks to me like they are passing these patterns off as their own designs – I would be pissed too! There must be something that we can do surely!

  8. How rude! Your pattern, all your patterns are amazing!
    Good luck, hope they get the hint quickly.

  9. I have seen a bag from Rebeka Lambert on the page, too, which is normaly a free download called "Phoebe bag". Good luck!!!

  10. I am not trying to say that it is right but she does say in her sidebar that most of these patterns are NOT hers and she is not selling the pattern but the translation to french. This doesn't make it correct but it is not like she is selling the patterns. She says she took free patterns in english, tested them, translated them, put in instructions where there weren't any and is now asking for a donation for her service of translation.
    Again, I am not justifying what Monic is doing and I hate the idea that she is making money with someone else's creations but I wanted to let you know that she at least doesn't claim those patterns to be hers.
    And I recognize a lot of other popular patterns among those, I think one of them is from Elizabeth Hartmann and one from Rebeka Lambert (but I might be wrong on those). So you are not alone in this!

  11. I recognize the third one down as the Margaret bag from Oh, Fransson – Elizabeth Hartman's blog.

  12. When Lisa had that issue she contacted them directly in a very curt "shame on you" manner. The patterns came down, and I do believe the seller was removed from whatever venue they were at (hopefully shamefaced). Sometimes, people just plain suck. I'm off to email the seller that the jig (gig? what IS that saying, anyway?) is up 🙂

  13. Needless to say, this totally sucks. I have to correct the translation that Myrnie provided. The sidebar states "We test and we translate." If they wanted to provide a French translation of your pattern, they certainly should get your permission!! It is very suspicious when a blog doesn't provide *any* information about the creator…

  14. Bleck! I'm so sorry. I know this happens often, and I wonder why. On the bright side, your buttercup bag is easily identifiable as yours, so I hope people don't get tricked into buying ANYTHING from this site. Oy. I feel for you, and I'm grateful for your generosity even if people take advantage of it. Hang in there!

  15. Oh, I'm so sorry to see this, I hate it when people play dirty. Is there any way to stop her from doing this?

  16. You absolutely need to fill out the Blogger complaint form, link found in the top sidebar by the Follow etc stuff. Then you need to get everyone to share this so that everyone effected can do the same and everyone else knows what's going on.

  17. ok, I see from the other comments (and from live translate) that she is selling the french translation of the patterns, but still, just translating it and selling it with no permission from the designer is totally mental and obviously wrong.

  18. was trying to give a rough translation of the sidebar but it's been done by people who probably have better french than I do, mine is super rough. But yeah, if they want to charge for the translating service… they should be contacting the original creators to ask permission first.

  19. Oh no! I hate that! I am sorry. Please don't stop with the free downloads though. My daughters LOVE their buttercup purses they got for Christmas. If I could help I would. I am like you, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

    We love your stuff, keep doing what you do!

  20. this person is also stealing from other blogs, like how about oracle's tutorial on making a paper rose – pictures and words stolen.

  21. You can report abuse on blogger that's about copyright violations. I would reach out to Elizabeth and have her do it too… good luck!

  22. What do you think your bag is that original. They didn't "steal" ANYTHING! Tell me honestly, WHAT did they take from you…NOTHING! It's not your photo, you don't OWN anything. YOU CAN'T OWN AN IDEA! Nothing in this is wrong. You can't "steal" a pattern. Are 100% of your ideas 100% yours or do you get inspiration from others? Suck it up, they are NOT taking anything at all from you. Please post this, not just the pitty comments from your friends. Both sides need to be heard. You're an adult, act like it.

  23. UGH!!! That makes me mad and I'm not the creator of your fantastic buttercup bag.

    I was also going to suggest that you report her to blogspot since that's the blog site she uses. There's a link to report abuse.

    I'm not sure if you see the same blog links that we do if your not a blogspot user.

    Good luck!

  24. Please report them to blogger. As I started scrolling back through the tutorials….NONE of them are their own. I found quite a few tutorials from How about Orange and several other big name bloggers. I emailed the ones that I recognized to tell them. BUT THEY NEED TO BE REPORTED.

  25. I just received an email from them. She said they are selling the translations which we now know. But if you haven't given permission for this then it IS stealing (helloooo??? copyright???). It's known as intellectual property, Heather.

  26. Just to let "Heather" know….they did steal plenty of photos in their tutorial section. Start checking and you will find most of them stolen……

    You can't post other people's content or photos without their permission….even blogger says so.

  27. My name is Monic and I am responsible for this blog you are all talking about. Thank you all for campaign! It worked and we are closing the blog tonight. You were very agressive with me and my team. I can understand some of your concerns but it is not because you don't see the name of the creator on my internet page that we are stealing anyone.

    We did that blog to show all of our creations and some coming from your country. Every time that we receive a mail as specified in the right column, asking for the name of the creator, we did provide it.

    However, we did not do a blog to receive so much hate from you. So I suppose everybody will sleep well tonight. And if someone is asking for how much I receive since I open the blog for all the pattern I sold at 1 euro, please tell them that it was less than 30 euros. You can agree that it was not the money that was keeping us going.
    Good night and please you really should moderate your comments because it hurts so much.


  28. Me for the last time (sorry)–they are not just selling translations because the names of the bags have been changed. I believe one of them is actually from Martha Stewart. Maybe we should sic her on this site. It'll get fixed quick 😉

  29. I also just recognized a pattern and picture from another blog Artsy Crafty Babe. So not only is the site selling free patterns but also using pictures from the original website.

    I sent an anonymous email to them indicating that they were going to be reported to blogspot and that it is wrong selling free patterns that others have created.

    Yes I sent it in French…and English. Not sure if it will do anything but at least let them know they have been found out.

  30. Monic,

    GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! PERIOD. And don't charge money for free patterns. Most of us do our blogs for free. It's not a new concept. Sorry that you were hurt by the comments, but it wasn't right.

  31. Oh that's totally sucky. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. I dealt with that kind of stuff when I was designing digital scrapbook kits. Not fun!! And oh so wrong!
    Good luck to you!

    @ Heather…wow, you really need to educate yourself on the difference between ideas and patterns.

  32. Wow, you managed to get the blog removed. Way to share and share alike. All Monic was attempting to do was bring yours, hers, and other designs to a people who may not be able to normally access it in their own language. And now they can't. and was she hiding who did it and claiming it as her own? Nope. Way to go.

    Intellectual property aside – copying isn't theft, it's copying. Theft deprives you of your property, copying just copies your property, much like when I state yet another asinine movie quote in conversation – your actions are inane and aggressive. She was hurting no one, she benefited some french speakers, and you shut her down.

  33. I just thought of something. If they say they're just selling the translations and not the pattern…how are the ones buying the translation getting the pattern to go with the translated instructions if there is no link back and they have no idea where the pattern came from? They must be including the pattern too, wouldn't you think?
    Also..want to add that even though they state these patterns are not theirs it still doesn't give them the right to resell them…especially when the copyright information and terms are included in the pattern.

    From the buttercup bag pattern:"Copyright 2009 Rae Hoekstra. All rights reserved. For personal use only.
    You may not sell this pattern or purses made from this pattern."
    So there ya have it.

  34. Wow Rae screwed another creative person trying to share ideas. Congrats. I guess it's more important for Rae's followers to have access to "her ideas" than for her to network. I hope your happy putting someone else down and ruining their blog. You really impress me with your whinning.

  35. Copying/theft–pure semantics in this isntance. The issue was NOT necessarily that she was providing a translation–I don't think that's a bad idea in and of itself. You have to ASK for the designer via email. And many of these patterns are free–and she is charging. Yes, a pittance, but she is charging for them. ALso–not one of the designers was ever asked if it was ok if she provided this service with their work. THAT's the issue.

  36. Rae, if this shows up again, email me. My firm has an army of copyright lawyers who would love to do a little pro bono work. Despite some odd comments on this thread, it's obviously copyright infringement and illegal under U.S. and French law.


  37. Sigh. Re: john's comment. There is no 'intellectual property aside'. That's the entire point. It's still property. French people can use Google translate if they need instructions in French, or a French blog can contact the pattern writer, ask for permission to translate into French, and CITE the designer PROPERLY. A guest post would work. The Blogger is clearly bilingual, so there's NO excuse there. It's not ethical or even remotely acceptable to charge a euro for a translation with no permission. Full stop.

  38. glad that all got resolved. I personally feel pretty icky when people only post stuff from other people's blogs (pictures, info, etc even if they do link to the tutorial itself.) you just can't tell if someone gave them permission to use the pics etc. My (tiny tiny unknown) blog was linked up on some turkish crafting blog and it just made me feel weird knowing they didnt' ask me to use my links when they've got all sorts of advertising going on (and I don't). I would be really ticked if it was a pattern I actually published! Thanks for keeping us aware!

  39. monic, heather, john:
    it's nice for people to have access to the patterns in french, but monic should have asked rae (and the other creators) for their permission before she did so. this is the sensible thing to do and might have helped to avoid any misunderstanding.

    john: you can't put intellectual property aside because intellectual property is what we are talking about.

    heather: it's "pity" not "pitty"; "whining" not "whinning."

  40. The blog was taken down because they know they were wrong to have it up in the first place and they got caught. If it was merely a translation issue they could have contacted the designers and gotten permission to translate and given appropriate credit on the blog. If they were planning on selling the translations then they are obligated to pay royalties. End. Of. Story. Heather, John, Monic seriously get some perspective. If it's true that a Martha Stewart design was up there they should consider themselves lucky if they aren't sued. All these blogs very clearly state that the content is under intellectual copyright. They also usually say that they are happy if you link to their blogs to share information (rather than stealing it, renaming it, and selling it for a profit).

  41. I cannot believe there are actually people DEFENDING this thief!
    YES – patterns CAN be stolen – and each and every single photograph shown on the blog was stolen from the original artist. The blogger did not take one of the photos herself. I know because I reviewed every photo and contacted every single bag, embroidery, transfer and plush designer featured.
    Oh she was only charging for the French translation services? Then how come she is charging 1 Euro for patterns being sold for $8 US dollars by the original designers (or offered for free in many cases!). I would think that the artist deserves to be paid for her work, not some random French chick looking to make a profit off the back of others.
    Admitting in the sidebar that the work is stolen (call it what you want, its theft) does not make it ok. Also, the sidebar indicates that the work is often their own – WHICH one of those designs do they claim as their own? As I stated, I went through each one and contacted the original designer. There was not a single design that did not belong to an outside source.
    This makes me ill.
    Poor Monic gets to pout now.

  42. I say your blog posting 2 hours after you posted it and clicked on the link and their site is shut down. How awesome is that, thet they are gone within 2 hours.

  43. Go after them legally – you will win. Take plenty of screenshots before this person takes everything down.

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