Your pictures: Boy Pants!!!

big butt baby pants 003, 2. hose nº2, 3. New pants with back pockets., 4. fancy pants, 5. schip ahoi-2, 6. Dragon pants – modeled by the boy, 7. A Dapper Boy!, 8. Ottobre 1/2009 #21, 9. Red Ticking Pants – Back, 10. board shorts, 11. Slumber Party Jammies, 12. Farbenmix Hose Mika, 13. patch pants in action, 14. dancin pants, 15. Ottobre pants, nr. 6 from 1-2006, 16. Upcycled sweater pants and hat.

All photos can be seen in our Celebrate the Boy photo pool. Thanks again to Carolyn for her help assembling these mosaics.

One thought on “Your pictures: Boy Pants!!!

  1. Thank you for showing a pant I made so many years ago, and loved so much. (nr. 15 in the last mosaik).I haven't stopped sewing since, just love to make clothes for my boy and this month is once again so inspirational! I'm so eager to make some of the stuff you shared. (Especially the tunic).
    Thank you so much for the initiative.

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